Learn To Master Couponing At CVS Part Two

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Here is additional information on learning how to coupon on your own at CVS. I will answer questions in a Q & A format. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

How Do I Learn How to Coupon On My Own?

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There are certain items at CVS that are on sale all the time. Things like Tide, and other detergents, personal items like toothbrushes, paste, mouthwash, and personal items like lotions, bodywash, soap and makeup. They have sales on new items as well. They have many other items on sale. In my area, they no longer have the ad in the store so I have to look online. So I have to review it online. I go through the sale paper. When you first start you will have to spend some in order to start getting the extra care bucks. When you first sign up for the Carepass, they will automatically give you a $10 Extra Care reward (at least they did when I first joined). I start listing what I want and see what coupons are available to lessen the cost. I add up the items and click the coupons from the website that will be added to my card. I add up the total cost of the products and how many coupons I have including the extra care bucks. I also pay attention to what items have a reward attached to it. If a price is not in the ad, I go to their website and look for the product and the cost. 

For example, a lot of times CVS will offer spend $30 on certain products (listed in the ad) and you will get $10 back. So I will figure out a deal to do with those products.  Let’s say one of the deals this week is to spend $30 and get $10 back. In this sale it includes Tide @ 11.94 and cottonelle for 9.99. Most of the time they will offer coupons( a 3 off Tide detergent for both the pods and liquid). So it may look something like this:

Deal: Spend $30 on Tide and Cottonelle and get $10 in Extra Care bucks.


1 Tide @ 11.94 liquid (64 loads)

1 Tide @ 11.94 pods

1 Cottonelle 9.99

Total: 33.87

Say you clicked the coupons

$3 off Tide liquid (for the same size)

$3 off Tide pod (for the same size)

$4 off $20  say this coupon was online for you to click. 

$10 Carepass for the month

Total = $20 in coupons

33.87-20 = $13.87 plus you are getting back $10 in store credit (extracare bucks).

It’s like spending $3.87 for the products or $4 bucks on each product (from the $13.87)

However you look at it you are saving money! During the time of INFLATION  when everything costs so much, it’s a win/win!

How do you get the coupons?

You get coupons from CVS.com. The list of coupons is under the Extra Care tab. After you click the coupons to your card they are ready to be used.

There is also the CVS coupon machine. You can use your card # or phone # to get them to print out. I  like to print mine out. Even if you already clicked the coupons to your card, the printout will show all of them. I like seeing all of my coupons so if I see something else in the store and want to do another deal, I can know how much I am saving. 

CVS coupon machine learn how to coupon
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How does 4 off $20, 6 off $30 Work?

Sometimes you will get a high value coupon online in your account or in the mail from CVS  This coupon will be based on what you spend and how much you will get off. It may be buy $30 worth of products and get $6 off your total price. Read the coupon carefully. Some will just be whatever you buy. For example, if you spend $20, you will get $4 off no matter what you buy. Other times it says it does not include sale items. Meaning it won’t work if you try to buy products that are on sale. It’s pretty easy to distinguish the sale from the non-sale. For example, if the ad says Tide is on sale then it’s at a cheaper price. If the ad says, Buy X amount of Eurcerin and get $10 back (normally it’s buy $20 worth and get back $10 then the Eucerine is not on sale. It’s just if you buy a certain amount, you will get an extra care buck back. 

CVS Advisory Panel

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CVS has an advisory panel. All you have to do is sign up for it. Once a survey is available, it will be emailed to you. Most surveys that I have completed only take about 5 to 10 minutes. Once completed you will be given a link to get your reward. Your reward will be an extra care buck. You do need a printer to print it out. I have received rewards ranging from $2-$15 in reward bucks. Sometimes if you don’t qualify for a survey, you will still get a reward just for trying. Not only can you express your opinion but get store credit to save on in store purchases. Click here to sign up to become a CVS Advisory Panelist. 

CVS and Ordering Online

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You can use your coupons and extra care bucks online. This is a transaction I did.

I added to my cart 3 Total Home toilet paper @ 6.99 each = $20.97

Your extra care bucks will show with the icon Apply.


Coupons shown in my account

$10 Extra Care (my monthly amt from Carepass) 

$10 Extra Care from another transaction 

$6 Extra Care buck from another transaction 

20% off CVS product (being part of Carepass)

.14 cents reward

I applied the $10, $6, 20% and .14 = $20.14

$20.97-$20.14 in coupons = .83 cents.

The good news is if I was able to pick up at the store my cost would be .83 cents plus tax. Unfortunately, my store was out of this product so I am ordering from CVS. 

My actual total was $5 for shipping plus tax.

Still a great deal paying $7 instead of $20.97.

Coupons and extra care bucks added to your card will show online separately. You just click what you want to use.