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How to prepare for Dollar General Clearance event

Hey there, fellow bargain hunters! It’s time to mark your calendars because the next Dollar General Clearance Event is just around the corner. I’m here to walk you through how to get the most bang for your buck, and who knows, maybe we’ll find some hidden gems together. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the treasure hunt, shall we?

Dollar General Clearance Events are posted on social media

The first weekend of March 2024 is shaping up to be a goldmine for deal seekers, with Dollar General’s clearance event poised to offer some jaw-dropping bargains. If you thought our initial guide was handy, here are a few more nuggets of wisdom to ensure you’re fully equipped to make the most of this shopping extravaganza. The Dollar General Clearance Event isn’t just a March thing, they hold them multiple times throughout the year.

A true bargain hunter knows the importance of reconnaissance. Googling “next Dollar General Clearance Event” can give you a head start, revealing specific dates, potential sneak peeks at items on sale, and even strategies from fellow shoppers. Social media platforms, especially TikTok and Instagram, are bustling with communities eager to share their finds and tips. Following hashtags related to Dollar General sales could lead you to unexpected deals and advice from seasoned clearance event veterans.

Get Tech-Savvy: The DG App

Before you embark on your shopping adventure, make sure you’ve got the Dollar General app downloaded. This digital buddy is your ticket to instant savings with digital coupons and updates on special sales. And hey, why not dive into TikTok for a bit? You’ll find a treasure trove of tips and haul videos that’ll make you a clearance event pro in no time. When using the app, make sure you are logged into the current store that you are in. 

Know Your Battle Ground: Clearance Aisle and Seasonal Section

When you hit up Dollar General, you’ve gotta head straight for two spots – the clearance aisle and the seasonal section. There are some original items that has started its celarance cycle that may also be discounted.  You can find anything from everyday items to holiday decorations.This is where all the good stuff hides. You’ll see things with those bright orange sticker and, if it’s your day, stuff that’s basically a steal for just a penny.  There are times when some items are located in the regular aisles. This is another good reason to watch videos of what people are showing. It can be overwhelming going into a store trying to remember everything so I like to make a list of things that I really want to purchase. 

Here’s a pro tip: Try to swing by your local Dollar Generals on Monday or the weekend before the big event. Why? Well, each store is a little different. Some might be overflowing with clearance goodies, while others might have just what you’re looking for. For example, I’m on the hunt for another clock, and I found one store that’s got a bunch of them marked down. If I wait for the clearance event, the price is going to drop even more since it’s already on clearance. Plus, I’m keeping an eye out for body wash and deodorant, so I’m checking out which stores have a good stock. It’s all about knowing where to go for what you want.

Standout Sales

Some stores are on it because they have what I call a standout sale. They set up tables with all of their clearance items, making it easy to find the deals. Other stores seem to not realize a sale is going on. Again, this is why it’s so important to know the items and to scan using the dollar general app.

digital coupons

Max Savings by using the App & Coupons

Let’s keep it super straightforward about using the Dollar General App, alright? Once you’ve got the app on your phone using valid u.s. phone number go ahead and tap on all the digital coupon that catch your eye. This little trick can slash the price of clearance items by 50% and sometimes even more with those coupons. When you’re cruising through the store, whip out your phone and scan the barcode of whatever goodies you’ve found. If there’s a coupon that matches, it’ll pop up right then and there. Didn’t clip it earlier? No sweat, you can clip it on the spot. Then, when you’re ready to check out, just punch in the phone number you used to sign up for the app. Boom! Watch those prices drop like magic. You may even find some penny items. To understand more about penny shopping click here. 

Keep Your Options Open

While diving into those clearance aisles, remember that stock items can vary by zip code, so what’s available in one store might not be in the new store down the street. I can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to scout out the stores before the sale starts. You want the first store you hit to have everything you’re looking for. Honestly, I get pretty lazy and hate the idea of making extra trips. That’s why I’m always peeking at the clearance section and keeping tabs on what goodies my favorite stores are adding there. And hey, when it’s time to pay, have your money or card ready. A quick checkout gives you more time to dig for deals! Plus, a lot of Dollar Generals have self-checkout, which is super handy.

After the Hunt and Customer Care

After scoring those deep discounts make sure it adds up correctly at the register. Most of the time the cashiers are kind. Often  you won’t get a rude manager and they are excited to get all the extra items out of their store. They are willing to work with you and make sure you get the right cost. I personally have not had any issues with the staff. They are already aware that sometimes the system is off and did not change everything to 50% off. I watch them ring up everything and when I see something that didn’t drop, I let them know. 

Wrapping It Up: The Joy of the Hunt

Preparing for the Dollar General seasonal clearance event isn’t just about snagging deals; it’s about the thrill of the hunt. From using the DG app to navigating the clearance aisle, each step is part of the adventure. So, here’s to finding those amazing clearance sales, having a good customer care team, and maybe scoring some hidden penny items.. Happy hunting, and may the clearance odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. I love a good deal! Looking forward to using these amazing tips at my local Dollar General clearance event. Thanks for sharing the insider info with us!

  2. This sounds like it’s an amazing event to keep an eye out for! I wish we had those stores here as our equivalent stores in the UK don’t have these sorts of sales events on as far as I’m aware! I’m curious as to what bargains you find when you go!

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