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Legit Focus Groups $50-$350.

Focus groups can provide valuable insights into how people perceive a particular product or concept, what motivates their behavior, and how they respond to different messaging and advertising strategies. The findings from focus groups can help inform product development, marketing strategies, and other business decisions.

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How Can I Be a Part of a Focus Group at Home?

Online focus groups are like the usual in-person groups, but they happen over the internet. Think video calls or chat rooms. To get in, you can either sign up directly with companies or get an invite while you’re doing regular surveys.

Here are a few ways you can participate in focus groups from home:

  1. Join an online focus group panel: There are a variety of websites that offer opportunities to participate in online focus groups. You can sign up for these websites, create a profile, and answer screening questions to be matched with relevant focus groups.

  2. Respond to market research surveys: Many market research companies send out surveys to gather data on consumer preferences and opinions. These surveys may also offer the opportunity to participate in a follow-up focus group.

  3. Check with local research firms: Research firms in your area may be conducting in-person or virtual focus groups and may be looking for participants. You can check their websites or social media pages to see if there are any current opportunities.

  4. Look at my list below. I am a part of several focus groups that pay well.

A list of Legit Focus Groups

Schlesinger Group

The Schlesinger Group is a legit online company. It is an open-ended platform where people discuss all of their opinions and viewpoints on a variety of topics. I have been with this company for many years and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit one of their branches in San Francisco. This company not only have paid surveys, but Focus groups. I have made $100-$300 in this platform.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a cool, trustworthy company that’s been around for ages. They pay for different stuff like face-to-face chats, phone talks, and even bigger projects, depending on what the study needs.

When you join, they’ll email you a survey. If they think you’re the right fit, they’ll ask you to come in for a chat and answer some more questions. Their projects usually pay at least $50.

Personally, I’ve made between $50 and $200 on their special projects.


20/20 Research is a company that specializes in qualitative research services, including focus groups. They offer a variety of research methodologies, including in-person, online, and mobile research offers a variety of focus groups that pays well.

Compensation for participation in 20/20 focus groups typically ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the length of the session and the topic being discussed. Payment can be by check or a gift card like Visa. 

Watch Lab

Watch Lab is on the top of my list as a high paying legit survey company. I have completed many projects for this company and if you qualify, they will call. They also interview and will have you answer pre-screening questions. They are really professional. I completed several projects and was paid within a few weeks.  I had a daughter who was scheduled to do a $100 project, but they overbooked the amount of people needed. In this case she still got paid just by being ready to start.


I do not get many invites from Fieldwork, but recently I had a Zoom meeting with them. They pay well and the survey questions are not long, so they take just 5 minutes or less to answer. If they think you are of good fit, they will contact you for one of their survey projects. They pay $100 or more since you’ll likely be pick for an online discussion

User Interviews

User Interviews is truly remarkable! It is one of the top consumer research platforms that reward people for expressing their opinions.

The amount of money you can earn from participating in studies will depend on their duration and type. Generally, you can count on anywhere from $50 to $400 per study. Specializing in a certain field or having a professional background may increase your chances of finding high-paying studies.

User Interviews give businesses a great opportunity to get insights from their desired audience that can be used to adjust and enhance their items before launch. 


You can also find Focus Groups along with special projects through regular survey companies. These type of companies you simply sign up and they will send surveys to your email account.  For money making surveys click here.

AOC Research

 AOC company only provides surveys in Charlotte and the surrounding area.

There is opportunity to do focus groups, one on one interviews, taste tests, product testing and even a visit in the home. This company will pay anywhere from $30 to $175. More incentives are offered depending on the type of project.


Intellizoom  is unique in that you will actually record your responses. In order to qualify for this company you take a recording test. The key thing is to be yourself, talk loud enough and just express your opinion. They will walk you through examples. Once qualified they send out a lot of surveys. It’s a great way to earn a nice amount of cash. Most surveys are $5 or $8 and only take about 10-20 minutes and some are shorter. 

Diablo Clinical Research

Diablo Clinical Research is a California-based company that specializes in clinical research. They are dedicated to helping patients with diseases such as diabetes, celiac, and migraines by providing medication testing services. Their experienced team of professionals works hard to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs they test, while providing a comfortable environment for their patients. By conducting rigorous tests on various medications, they help to bring innovative treatments to those suffering from chronic conditions. You can sign up to become a patient by visiting their website.

What I Recently Earn From Online Surveys

Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Legit Survey Sites to Make Money Online in 2023 payout
Wrapping Up: The Real Deal on Effective Focus Groups

The experience of being part of a focus group can vary depending on the topic being discussed, the group of participants, and the moderator’s style. Generally, it can be an enjoyable and engaging experience where you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and learn from others. In addition, you may receive compensation for your time and effort.

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