Focus Groups, Communities, Special projects Within Survey Companies. 

There are plenty of ways to earn money in Focus Groups and other communities. Being a part of regular survey companies can open doors to focus groups, communities and special projects. I am on a few special projects that basically are passive income. One of my projects I have made over $1,000 and I only have been with this company for just over a year. I do nothing but allow a meter to run in my home. 

Survey companies are a gateway to communities. Communities are message boards. The company selects like minded people. It may be a group that will be discussing getting older, or a store group like Macy’s. They will pay $5 or $10 monthly. It does not seem like a lot but that’s $60 or $120 a year from one company. Imagine what you can make if you are in several communities or in several survey companies. Some offer bonuses and special projects within the special group. For example, in the community they may schedule a special chat and pay $50 for your participation; or send you a product to test.  It is not a day job, but a nice supplemental income. I have used my money to cover Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. I have also received some nice everyday products for free!

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Types of products I received.

Laundry products, coffee makers, Food, snacks, a weight loss program with food, personal products for my hair and body, oral products, clothes, Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, makeup, bathroom products, seeds/veggie plants, organic pesticides and free groceries delivered to my home.


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The Pros About Survey Companies:
  • Getting paid for your opinion
  • Easy to do
  • Can do surveys on your own time
  • Being a part of making changes in products and services
  • Meeting new people
  • Free products.
The Cons About Survey Companies
    • It may take time to build up money. 

    This is why it’s so important to belong with the right companies. Keep a record of what you are making with each company. Keeping a record will help you to determine which ones to drop and keep.

    • Not having the patience to wait

    It takes time to build up enough money to cash out. For instance, one company may offer points and you can’t cash out until you reach 5000 points equivalent to $50. If you are doing several surveys that should not matter much because while you are building points in one, you may be cashing out in another. 

    • Expecting a lot of money quickly

    I have referred people to do surveys and they give up because they are not making what I do. People only see the big checks or products I get,  but don’t realize that it takes work and consistency. If you need a lot of money quickly then this is not for you.

    • Some surveys are long

    Most surveys will be 10 to 15 minutes, but some are crazy long. I do the long ones only if it pays well and is from a company that I know is good. You are not obligated. Some have been so long that I just decided to leave it. Remember, some surveys will lead to product testing.