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What Is A Dollar General Clearance Event?

A Dollar General Clearance event is a sale at their store that happens 4-5 times a year. 

What Happens at This Special Sale


Certain items at Dollar General will be marked down 50% or more. These items can be found in their clearance section, POG (orange tagged products), and sometimes seasonal products.  Items may be placed on a front table when you walk in, some items may be on end caps. During this sale, I have found Tide and other detergents that range from .45 cents to $2 after the 50% deduction.

What is a POG?

POG tag, Dollar general Clearance Event and remodels

The full term is plan-o-gram. You will see orange stickers on certain items in the store. They can be anywhere in the store. Some of these tags may have 10%, 25% etc. During a clearance event, this special tag will be additional 50% off. For example, if an item with 10% off  shown on this orange label and that item costs $1.00, the item will actually be .45 cents(1.00 -10%-50%) at the clearance event. 

What Items are Discounted?

It really depends. But I have purchased personal care items like razors, bath items and lotions. I have got detergent for dishes and clothes, toilet paper, hair products, even electronics. If your store still sell clothes, they can also be discounted. For example, if clothes are 50% off then this event will take off an additional 50%.  These items are very cheap. With high inflation, who wants to pay regular prices? What is good about these events is that you can get cheap items without trying to coupon. But, you can use coupons too and get an even greater deal! If you have the DG app, they have a section that you can click coupons on it. Once you go up to pay, use your phone # (or whatever you used to sign up for your account) to get the discount. 

When Is It?

Social media is a good way to keep up with the latest clearance events, such as those by Dollar General. There are specific Youtubers who discuss these topics.

Somehow, they get verification of the dates. This usually happens from Friday to Sunday. The best day for bargain shoppers is Friday because you have the best selection. Most stores run out of cheaper items by Sunday.

Another way to find out is to call or ask the manager in the store. The manager should have a list when one is about to occur. 

Update on current Dollar General Clearance event

The NEXT Dollar General Clearance event is March 3rd, 4th and 5th. This one includes the items in the clearance section and anywhere you see POG (orange stickers). 

How Can You Prepare for the Dollar General Clearance Event?

I would visit several stores in your area to see what type of items they have in the clearance section. Some stores have a lot of good, useful things. Some stores don’t have a clearance section at all or it’s very skimpy. You want to be prepared to go to the stores with the items you are most interested in.

Here are some more ways to prepare for the DG Clearance Event.

Step 1: Research the Products You Want Before the Sale Starts

You can research what products are available in your area by visiting your local store. Some Dollar General stores have more inventory than others. I know one store in my area barely has anything in their clearance section, so I want to avoid that store. You can also scope out items that you want to get a discount price on. This will help you to know which store to go to first and be able to purchase items that you really want before others do.

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Step 2: Get the Visuals

Watch many videos! Many people put out Youtube videos or pictures in Facebook groups. It’s very important so you can know what is a part of clearance. Some items are actually clearance, but it is on the regular shelf. For instance, I have purchased several body bath products really cheap because I saw visuals of this from social media. You can know exactly which items are part of clearance so it can save you from scanning every item. Some of the pog items are not labeled in every store so you need to know where to find those items too.

list, notebook
Step 3: Make a list

I like to make a list of the items that I am most interested in. This helps me so that when I get in the store, I am not overwhelmed. It helps me to stay focus as I look for what I want. You can also just take pictures from what you saw online and use that as a guide. If the store is not tagged or items are not in the clearance, a list of products written helps me to remember. You will be amazed at just how many discounted products are all over the store!

Step 4: Use Coupons

You can use coupons during the Dollar General Clearance Event. For example, in the clearance section if an item has a yellow tag marked $4.00, during the clearance event, it will be 50% off. If you had a coupon for that item, it will be less.  Dollar General has coupons that you and attach to your app. You simply go to coupons on the app and click to add.

Step 5: Watch Out for Errors

Make sure to keep an eye on the register when you are shopping during a clearance event as some items may not be marked with the 50% discount. Most cashiers will notice this and would be able to mark it down for you.

Generous Managers


In an effort to reduce the store’s inventory, some managers are offering up additional items as part of a clearance sale. This offers potential customers a great opportunity to benefit from discounts on their favorite items. I have been able to get huge savings on items like 8 rolls of paper towels for $1.50, kitchenware for under a dollar, and pots and pans super cheap. So you never know what other gems you will find!

Other Items that are Reduced in Price
How do I know the price of the item without doing all the math?

This is a good time to check out the [DG] stores around. Some of them have a great clearance selection, others not so much – so check them all and go first thing on Friday morning. That way you can get what you want before everyone else.

Save More Money: Use Dollar General 5/25 Coupon

This special coupon is offered for Saturday shoppers. You can get it from your Dollar General App by clicking on it in the coupon section or if you buy something prior to Saturday, it can be found on the receipt. When you buy $25 worth of items, $5 will come off after giving them the coupon or it will come off from your digital coupon from the DG app.

In addition, when you create your DG account, your phone number used to set up the account is the same one you will plug in at the counter when you purchase.

Click on Explore Digital Coupons.

Dollar general home page app dollar general clearance event

Explore coupons will take you to the coupon page on the app.

dollar general coupon page app DG clearance event

What if there are no orange tags or posters in the store?

Sometimes the store just will not put them up, so it may be harder to find. Other stores may not be aware of the sale or are just too busy. So going into a store and not knowing what is 50% off is frustrating, but also a blessing. I say blessing, because if you know what is on clearance and other people do not then you will score big!

Clearance items are often announced on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for announcements, and you’ll find yourself sifting through less items for the best deals!

One of my favorites is Alicia Savings on YouTube. 

Below are pictures of things I got from clearance events. This is a good time to stockpile. I rather buy lots of items for cheap than just a few and then have to buy at the regular price. I stock up on personal items and do not have to buy these items for 6 plus months. It’s also great for sharing with my family.

The yellow tags on the picture is the price before the 50% off. For example, the big bottle of Ajax dish detergent is $2 but at the clearance event, It will be $1.  If you have coupons and/or use the DG app, the price can be dropped lower. 

Yellow Stickers

These stickers are placed on items in the clearance section. On the day of the Clearance Event, the already discounted price will be an additional 50% off.

Sometimes products are located in the regular aisle. I have seen clearance items on the endcaps, regular aisles or put in the front of the store on a display table.

I remember one year, this store had on the endcap a huge amount of detergent with the yellow clearance tag. I scored a lot of detergent that day. Brands like Tide, All, and Gain products. Most of the items were marked on clearance $5-6 dollars making it on $2.50 -$3.

I got enough product to last for months

 Dollar General Clearance Visuals.  The huge bottles of detergent was just 4 bucks! We were also able to get a 9 pack of Sparkle paper towels for $3.

bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance
bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance
bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance

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