Flea Market Second Time

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My daughter and I sold products at the Flea Market again. It took us a couple of days to round up everything we wanted to sell and this time we decided to label using a dot system. We had a big board showing the cost of the products. For instance, kid’s educational books were $1 and a red dot. So the board woud show All red dots is a 1.00. 


The problem with the board is that most people did not look at it. Most people who were interested in an item went straight for that item and the price tag. Now I sell a lot of new items and leave the price tag on. It’s my method to show people what the cost was versus what I am charging them.  So I think the board system wasn’t effective for our clientele. I decided at the flea market to just put the price on the dots of the items instead. 

Flea market selling items

We also had cute little mini stands that can be marked on with prices. So we place those little signs with certain products. Say our group of hats had the mini sign that showed $2 per hat. As the day went on I went down on some of my prices and offered bundles.

Some items I really want to get rid of, especially those that are not selling as well.

I noticed that we had all sorts of people at the flea market. Some people are just not going to be interested in our products because they are not here for my particular items. I was surprised that certain items were not selling, but then we had a few people come along and were ecstatic over the products that everyone else could care less about. 

I also observed that some people are vocal in what they are looking for. I make a note of that so I can be sure that if I have that product on hand to bring it the next time. Or since I bargain shop, to make sure I am looking for items people want to buy. 


Visiting Other Tables

It’s very educational for me to visit other sellers. I take special note if they are selling the same products that I am. I ask what the price is. This way I know if I need to go down on my price to draw more people my way or to simply learn about their tactic. 


Being Prepared

I guess I got a bit cocky since I had one flea market sale under my belt. We got there and realized we forgot tape, bags, scissors, cloth for the table and more color dots. We also got there late. I forgot Saturday all the sellers are up at the crack of dawn. We roll in close to 7 am and most of the spots are taken. At this flea market, it’s first come/first serve. What I like about this one is that you can park your car right behind the table you are renting. So I had to drive around and some areas were just too crowded to even drive through to find a spot. So we finally went to an area that was ok, but not the spot we wanted to be in. My daughter was trying to put the sign up and the wind kept knocking it down. If we remembered the tape, that would have been an easy fix. So, we were a bit frustrated trying to make things work. So, I highly recommend keeping a To Bring List.

My daughter and I decided to keep all the bags and other essentials in a place in her room and label it for resale. I still plan to do a TO Bring List to go over just to make sure nothing is left behind.


Overall, we did good at the flea market. Like anything else, it’s a process. We tried new things and if it doesn’t work, try something else. 


My First Flea Market