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Penny Items I found at Dollar General

Oh, the thrill of the hunt! Penny items at Dollar General are like the hidden Easter eggs of the retail world. I’m talking about the stuff that’s so discounted, it’s practically free. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love practically free stuff?There are TONS of penny items out there at Dollar General. It takes a lot of patience and searching. If you are consistent enough, you will find items. 

So, you’ve decided you’re up for the challenge. Good for you! Buckle up, because you’re about to embark on the equivalent of a treasure hunt for grown-ups who still appreciate the joy of scoring a deal.

What Are Penny Items?

First off, let’s get this straight: penny items are products that have been heavily discounted, often because they’re seasonal, discontinued, or just not moving off the shelves fast enough. When you find them, they’re literally a penny. Yep, you read that right: one cent.

How to Find Them

Now, Dollar General doesn’t make it easy. No, sir. They’re not gonna hang a big sign saying “Hey, look, free stuff here!” Plus, penny items suppose to be pulled off the shelve. For more information on penny shopping click here. You have to dig for it. You’ll often find these gems tucked away on regular shelves, mingling with the full-priced items like they’re in disguise. It’s like “Where’s Waldo,” but with toiletries and canned goods.

The Hunt Begins

  1. Know the Tags: Look at the shelf tags closely. Some stores have a specific color for tags that denote penny items or see video here.

  2. The DG App: Get the Dollar General app and scan, scan, scan. If you’re lucky, it’ll pop up as $0.01.

  3. Follow Social Media Groups: There are entire communities out there that share insider info on where to find these hidden treasures. Join them, learn from them, be one with the penny item hunters.

  4. Never walk in the store asking where are the penny items. You will look like an idiot! Read and learn everything you can before you go on the penny hunt. 
  • DO NOT ASK THE STAFF: Okay, don’t go around announcing that you’re on a penny item treasure hunt, because you might ruffle some feathers. If the penny items are still on the floor, it’s fair game according to their policy. So, while you’re on this grown-up version of a treasure hunt, it’s best to fly under the radar. Instead of seeking staff help, put on your stealth mode. In other words, act casual, like you’re just another customer doing your regular shopping—because asking staff about penny items is a no-go.
  • Absolutely, no need to channel your inner James Bond when you’ve got the DG App on your side. Dollar General put that app out there for a reason, right? It’s your go-to tool for checking prices, so feel free to use it openly. No cloak-and-dagger stuff required. Just scan the items like you’re the captain of Team Practical, because, let’s be real, that’s exactly what the app is designed for—making smart shopping choices!

The items below are what I got for a penny!

I plan to post more items later. 


I got the candles and pen after Christmas. The kid’s books below I got recently. They were on an endcap.

children learning books

Dollar General reduce the price of clothing when the new season arrives. The final price is a penny! The curtains were a surprise penny.

curtains from dollar general
Fans on floor

Fans were a surprise penny item. These were 2017-2018 fans. I didn’t know the rugs were a penny until I scanned it. Sometimes just scanning at random pays off. 

rugs from dollar general
glass plates from dollar general

The glass plates were also a surprise penny. This means the store does not know to pull. The tea kettles below were also a surprise penny.

Tea Kettles and baby diapers
bathroom rugs dollar general

I periodically check rugs and to my surprise these were a penny. It did not have a dot attached to it. The items below are red and green dot items. Once the season is over these will turn to a penny.

pillow and picture frames dollar general g
coffee cups, basket and placemats, penny finds at Dollar General

The cups were another surprise penny and the placemats. I happen to find the basket and scanned at random. The app said, “see store for price” and it was a penny. The wallets below were an old year F20. The cashier had just put them on display.

Wallets and accessories dollar general

Penny bags that is yellow dot. Always check to see if items is last year. If it is more than likely it’s a penny!

yellow dot bags dollar general

The chocolate candy was a surprise penny. This items was at the front of the store near checkout line.

penny candy from dollar general
Christmas penny candles from Dollar general

The candles are from Christmas of 2023. 

Penny popcorn dollar general

Popcorn snacks. These were expired so it went to the chickens.

Penny Trucks decor from Dollar General green dot

I found 4 Trucks and gave two away. This is last year’s green dot.

Penny cheese Dollar General

Penny Cheese! This was a surprise penny.

9 thoughts on “Penny Items I found at Dollar General”

  1. Wow, those are some awesome penny deals. I must say I’m slightly envious. The tea kettles would have been a pleasant purchase for me. Thank you for sharing. Throw the penny into the wishing well that I also find some great deals 🙂

  2. Glad you were able to still find items. According to an article I read, DG is going to start throwing all that stuff away in an effort to clean up their very overstocked stores. So get as much as you can, while you can…lol.

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