Dollar General, The Best Place for Cheap Exercise Equipment

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The Dollar General is a great place to shop cheap, affordable exercise equipment. However, when it comes to exercise supplies, you’d be surprised at the amazing prices and quality.

You can find really affordable workout equipment. I just bought some weights, kettle balls, exercise balls and other fitness gear for just a single penny. For more information about penny shopping click here. You can get these items for 70% or more off the original price, but you will have to put in a lot of work to get them for a penny. Keep reading to see how to get cheap exercise products from DG.

Cheap Dollar General Exercise Products at the Remodel

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The best way to get gym equipment from DG is to go to the store when it remodels. DG is remodeling their stores and turning many into a NCI store, according to Drug Store News. This simply means they are getting rid of their hanging clothes, shoes and many other items. When the store remodels, a week before while the store is still open these items will be a penny. (Dollar General Remodel information)

If you are at the store earlier enough, you may be able to snag this equipment before someone else does! 

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Purchase Cheap Workout Equipment at DG Before the Remodel

If you don’t feel like getting up early in the morning waiting in line in hopes that you can get weights for a penny, just buy them at the sale prior to the remodel. I have seen Kettlebells and weights for as little as $2.50. Prior to the remodel, Dollar General will have the items that will penny at a reduced price. A lot of items will be 50-70% off. The prices drop as it moves closer to the remodel date. I rarely see people buy the exercise equipment doing the sale. So this is a great time to buy it cheap!

Visuals from the Dollar General Remodel

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment Dollar General penny at remodel
weight plates Dollar General penny remodel
Exercise balls and exercise equipment dollar General penny deals remodel

This is the receipt of items that I pay for a penny. As you can see the regular price and the actual cost from the Dollar General Remodel.

receipt dollar general remodel penny items

Either way, you can score cheap exercise supplies from Dollar General. Whether you try to score BIG and grab for a penny or get at a bargain during the sales as they prepare to remodel the store. You will find a lot of great deals for exercise at Dollar General.

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