Survey Fatigue

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In all honesty, I use to suffer survey burnout doing many surveys, but not anymore! I feel you can only answer so many questions and some of them are overly repetitive. When I first started, I would try to do a lot just to earn quickly. After all, the more you do the more money you get. I read people claiming you can work $10 an hour doing surveys, but who wants to work all day long on surveys that pay .10-.50 cents or less? I have better things to do with my time.

1. Only sign up for companies that pay you real money for your hard work.

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As a matter of fact, survey fatigue can occur when you have to do many questionnaires that pay you pennies or under a dollar. First of all, check out a company FAQ to see how much they pay to see if it’s worth your time signing up. The companies I list pays well. I aim to show only the ones I find to be reliable and of good quality, based on my own experience.

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Secondly, any company that takes over a year to earn $20 is a total WASTE of your time and value. Furthermore, any survey that takes months should also be avoided. There are several that pays well.  For example, Intellizoom pays $5-10 per survey and the length of time to complete is 20 minutes long or less. They recently increased the amount you can earn. See the regular surveys page by clicking here.

2. Multitask completing surveys.

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Additionally, you can decrease survey burn by multitasking. Unless it specifies that you have to stay on the page to complete, you can do several at one time. I put up 4 to 5  at one time. This way I can go back and forth to complete them. This saves me so much time. Doing more than one at a time decreases burnout. It’s like killing multiple birds with one stone. 

3. Stop when……..

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In fact, you should stop and take a break when you get tired. You’re clearly not getting any enjoyment from the process anymore, so it might be worth focusing on something else. If not, you might be tempted to hurry through the remaining questions and not answer them honestly.

The survey can cancel if you choose the wrong answer and you may get banned from future participation. For instance, answering “Yes I’ve been to the moon.”

4. Keep a record of what you make

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Fourthly, to avoid survey fatigue is to keep a list of the survey companies and how much you got paid. I love that this is so easy to do. It can show you how much you made as well as determine if the company is worth continuing with.

In fact, keeping a good record and actually seeing your progress will keep you motivated when you feel discouraged. I have been a part of research companies for years and it has paid off for me. It’s free and easy, I can do it right from my home, and have made a nice piece of cash to help provide for my family. 

5. Check what people are saying on Survey Police.

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Survey Police (see link here) is a great resource to avoid burnout with the wrong business. It also helps to see if it is worth signing up with certain companies.

When I had problems with survey sites, I would go check here. Most of the time, people are having the same issues. Yes, this is very common. Some companies are so close to going out of business and shutdown that they will want free work in order to keep their doors open. One company I was with (One Opinion) used to be great, but then I started to have issues. I checked out the reviews of Survey Police and others were having the same problems. I was with them long enough to cash out then closed my account.


Two Months of Surveys Chart Below


Special Projects  $560

Intellizoom    $80

Erewards        $200

Focus Group  $110

Survey Savvy  $155

 EPOL                 $10

Total: $1,165


Explaining the Chart Above

The chart above is just from what I received and does not include money in my current accounts that I have yet to cash out.

Most surveys you will earn via points/cash that will grow in your account until you are ready to cash out. 

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Special Projects

The Special Projects label above are from two companies. For instance, a special project will earn you more money. You get into these by doing regular surveys and then an offer is made. For example, If I did a survey about skin care, I may be offered to do a special project about it. This may be a special community board that pays $10-15 a month or a 3-day board that pays $150. In the last couple of months, I did a couple of projects and above is the total. You get into those by participation in regular survey companies. You may also be chosen to be in a long or short term project. 

Benefits of Special Projects

Some of these special projects may pay monthly. Earning extra money from survey companies is a great way to save for Christmas gifts or birthdays. Some companies will only offer gifts cards or items. I like to build up my Amazon account from my surveys so by the end of the year, I have enough money to shop. If the company offers points only this can be converted to gift cards, gifts, or whatever they offer on their site. For more information see my regular surveys link here or click here for more survey information.

In conclusion, completing surveys is a great way to earn extra income. For me they are fun to do. I feel more confident that my time is no longer being wasted since I dropped the energy zapper companies that want a lot of my time without decent compensation. 

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