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Prolific Review: Make Money Online as a Survey Participant

In an era where the hustle for extra money never ends, finding a side hustle that’s both rewarding and flexible is like striking gold. Enter Prolific, a platform that has emerged as one of the most popular survey sites for those looking to make a bit of extra cash in their spare time. This Prolific review will dive into how you can become a member of Prolific and earn money by participating in academic research and scientific studies—all from the comfort of your home or on-the-go using mobile devices.

Getting Started

The journey begins by signing up on the Prolific website, a portal that welcomes new participants with open arms. The process is as simple as pie: start with your e-mail address—a gateway to your new side hustle.

Signing up

The sign-up form is your next step, where you’ll share just a sprinkle of your basic personal information—nothing too invasive, just enough to get you started. Sometimes, they might ask for a phone number, a safeguard for account recovery, ensuring that you’re never locked out of potential earnings.

After breezing through the setup, it’s time to link a PayPal account, the bridge to your earnings.

Secure Transfer

This essential step, non-negotiable for good reason, guarantees your hard-earned cash moves smoothly and securely straight into your wallet. The Prolific team prioritizes your privacy and security, treating your personal information with unparalleled respect and confidentiality. They recognize the importance of trust in an online realm rife with uncertainties.

You may be placed on a waitlist. I was when I first signed up but within days, I was taken off and accepted. 

Once your account is up and running, you’re not just another face in the crowd; you become a valued member of the Prolific community. The platform is built on the foundation of respect and transparency, aiming to ensure that every participant feels secure and valued. Your personal details are stored with care, shielded from prying eyes, ensuring that your participation is both rewarding and worry-free.

The Next Step

The initial phase transcends mere formalities—it launches you into a journey filled with discovery, learning, and earning. Joining Prolific means more than enrolling in just another survey site. You’re embracing a community that cherishes your opinions and compensates you accordingly. 

Dive in, complete the sign-up form, and begin an adventure rich in both financial gains and the fulfillment that comes from advancing meaningful academic research. Welcome to Prolific, a place where your insights fuel the future of science and knowledge.

There’s a personal profile section that I strongly suggest filling out. It might feel like a bit of a hassle, but it helps them understand who you are and which surveys are a good match for you.

Why Prolific Stands Out

What really stands out to me about their surveys is how unique they are, unlike anything I’ve participated in before. They’re genuinely enjoyable because there’s always a surprise waiting with each new survey. Their surveys are more to the point and less repetitive. 

For example, I can respond to questions based on scenarios. These scenarios are quite unique and often address real-life issues. Additionally, I appreciate that their surveys are usually brief.

This company not only appreciates my input but also offers good compensation. Within just a few months, I’ve earned over sixty dollars, and that’s without taking surveys consistently—imagine the potential earnings if I participated more often. Moreover, they provide bonuses for some surveys.

Academic Insight

This specialization in academic surveys, especially from esteemed institutions like the University of Oxford, underscores Prolific’s role in contributing to scientific knowledge. These aren’t just any surveys; they’re gateways to understanding the complexities of human behavior, psychology, and various socio-economic factors that influence our world.

On Prolific, you’ll find all kinds of questions. They might ask about your everyday habits, how you make decisions, or what you think about big issues around the world. This mix of topics means you’re not just making money when you take part; you’re also getting the chance to think and learn. It’s a place where your curiosity and researchers’ questions come together, helping to push forward knowledge in lots of areas.

Smart Variety

Moreover, Prolific’s academic focus provides an unparalleled variety for its users. Instead of the monotonous consumer preference surveys that dominate many online platforms, participants get to engage with materials that challenge their thinking, offer new perspectives, and sometimes even change their outlook on certain topics. 


cash using knowledge

By participating in these studies, you’re not just earning a bit of extra cash; you’re contributing to a larger body of knowledge, helping to answer some of the most intriguing questions of our time.

Earning Money

So, how much does Prolific pay? Indeed, the curiosity about the pay rate is always at the forefront for anyone looking to make some extra cash online. 

Prolific is known for setting itself apart from the crowd with its high paying surveys, making it an attractive option for those seeking to maximize their earnings in the realm of online surveys.

Fair Compensation

While the pay rate for surveys on Prolific can vary widely depending on the length and complexity of the study, the platform consistently offers compensation that is competitive and often surpasses the minimum wage in many countries. 

This reputation for higher pay is not just a rumor; it’s a testament to Prolific’s commitment to ensuring participants are fairly compensated for their time and input.

Transparent Earnings

But what makes Prolific even more unique is its approach to compensation. Unlike other survey websites where the pay might feel like a mystery until the end, Prolific provides clear information upfront about how much you’ll earn from each survey. 

This transparency allows you to make informed decisions about how you spend your time, ensuring that you’re not just participating in surveys for the sake of it but are genuinely being rewarded for your contributions.

Bonus Rewards

Prolific sometimes rewards specific participants with bonus payments when their profiles perfectly match a study’s detailed requirements. This could mean extra earnings for you if you fit the bill. These bonuses recognize and appreciate your vital contribution to valuable academic research.

The total amount of money you can earn on Prolific is also influenced by how often you participate and the availability of surveys, which can fluctuate based on your demographic profile and the current demand for research participants. 

Since new surveys and studies are introduced regularly, active members who frequently check the platform—either through a handy browser extension or by keeping an eye on their email for notifications—stand a better chance of catching new opportunities as they arise.

Smart Participation

To maximize your earnings, it’s wise to be proactive. Completing your profile accurately and comprehensively can increase your chances of being selected for surveys that fit your demographics and interests. 

Regular participation and a keen eye for new surveys can turn Prolific into a lucrative part of your suite of side hustles, allowing you to earn a significant amount of extra money in your free time.


In essence, the potential to earn on Prolific is as dynamic as the research projects it hosts. By staying engaged, responsive, and selective about the surveys you participate in, you can optimize your earnings and enjoy the dual benefits of contributing to meaningful research while padding your wallet.

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The Experience

Participating in surveys on Prolific is not only straightforward but also designed with the participant’s experience in mind. 

Once you’re logged into the platform, navigating through the available studies is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive interface that highlights the essentials: the topic of the study, the estimated completion time, and, most importantly, the compensation you’ll receive.

This level of transparency ensures that you’re well-informed before you commit your time, allowing you to prioritize surveys that align with your interests and the time you have available.

Seamless Experience

Since I started taking surveys with this company, I’ve never been disqualified. With other companies, I often get disqualified after spending 5 or 10 minutes, which feels like a waste of time. 

But that’s not the case here. Their surveys are shorter but pay much better than most. After finishing a survey, you’re directed back to the homepage, where you can immediately start another one

Transparent Details

The platform doesn’t just offer transparency in surveys; it also provides detailed information about the research team and the academic or scientific objectives behind each study.

Support is where Prolific truly excels, differentiating itself from other survey platforms.

The Prolific support team is known for its quick response times and efficient problem-solving capabilities. 

Whether you’re encountering technical difficulties, have questions about your payment, or need clarification on survey instructions, the support team is just an email away

cheaters won't win
Cheaters Won't Win

Not all people who take surveys are trying to help companies; some just want fast money and don’t really read the questions, just clicking any answer. 

But this company checks answers so well, you can’t cheat. You need to read everything carefully because you never know when they’ll check your answers. I like this because it means only the honest people get through, not the cheaters.

Follow the Survey Guidelines

Most of the surveys I’ve finished were done on a desktop. Each survey specifies the preferred device for participation. For example, if it indicates a desktop is required, using a mobile device instead could result in disqualification. Therefore, adhering to their guidelines is crucial.

The Verdict

Is Prolific the best survey site out there? Many would say yes. The combination of interesting surveys, fair compensation, and support for real academic research makes it a fulfilling way to earn some pocket money. 

Whether you’re a student looking for a bit of extra cash, a data scientist seeking to contribute to academic work, or just someone with some free time and a curiosity about human behaviour, Prolific offers a unique opportunity to make money online.

Final Words

Being a member of Prolific is more than just about earning money; it’s about contributing to meaningful academic research from the comfort of your home or while using your mobile devices.

Insightful Earnings

With Prolific, turn your spare time into valuable insights for academic institutions and extra cash for yourself. Success in online surveys, Prolific included, hinges on consistency and patience.

So, whether you’re in South Africa, the UK, or any other part of the world, consider giving Prolific a try. It’s an easy way to earn some extra cash without the extra cost of time or effort typically associated with part-time jobs. And who knows?  You might just find yourself enjoying the surveys a lot more than you expected, turning this side hustle into one of your favourite survey sites.

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  1. This is so helpful! My fiancée and I are buying a house and planning a wedding so I’ve been looking for all the extra side hustle opportunities I can. I’ll definitely check out Prolific!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! I hadn’t heard of Prolific before. This came at a perfect time as I was looking into ways of making some extra cash from home over the summer.

  3. I’ve tried some survey companies in the past and always found them frustrating in so many ways. Prolific sounds great with a combination of good compensation and interesting surveys. I’m always up for trying something for some extra income. Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. I used to do surveys five years ago, and I earned about $2000 during two years. I had never heard about Prolific. I will check out this company. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I am so glad I came across this post! I have been searching for ways to make some extra cash. Thank you for your honesty and transparency.

    1. Most surveys take awhile to see any money in your accounts. Try some of mine. I try to stick with ones that has faster results. Even so, during surveys is some extra cash but will not replace a regular income.

  6. Prolific sounds like a great opportunity to do more than just earn an additional income, but I like it contributes to meaningful academic research. Thank you for introducing us to this great program.

  7. I’ve never heard of Prolific but it sounds really interesting! It’s always a good sign when companies actively avoid cheating, by this case by checking answers to make sure the asnwers are legit to make sure it’s fair! Will check this out, thank you!

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