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Empty Nesters' Guide For Perfect Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas and a toast to the new year, dear empty nesters! It’s that time of year again, where the aroma of Christmas cookies fills the air, and the sound of our favorite songs of festive anthems becomes our daily soundtrack. But wait, before you pour yourself that well-deserved glass of eggnog and indulge in the newfound freedom of your quieter home, let’s talk gifts.

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Empty Nesters' Guide

As new empty nesters, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your young adult kids who are now navigating college life or their new careers can be as challenging as figuring out the three-line menu on the latest smartphone. Fret not! You’re in the right place. From heartfelt to hilarious, we’ve curated great gift ideas that promise extra time on the top of the home page of your family’s cherished memories. Say goodbye to feelings of sadness and hello to a labor of love that fills your empty nest with good times and merry laughter.

Empty Nest Holiday Gifts

The holiday season brings a flurry of emotions, especially when the nest has recently emptied. But there’s no better way to warm those quiet halls than with the thought of your college kids or young adult children unwrapping the perfect gift on Christmas Day. These are not just gifts; they are messages in a bottle, cast from the family home, across miles, landing on the shores of their new lives to deliver a very special ‘Merry Christmas‘.

When the family home feels a bit too silent, and the Christmas list seems shorter than you remember, it’s a sign: you’re part of the sandwich generation, now proud parents of adult children. But this season brings good news – you now have more time and energy to select a well-chosen gift that reflects the special bond you share with your not-so-little ones. Let’s explore some thoughtful gifts that echo the good old family traditions and will be treasured well into the new year.

For the College Kids

Your college students may be braving their first Christmas away from the family home. Send them a piece of heart with a family photo ornament for their dorm. It’s a simple gift, yet a tangible way to keep family close. And the best part? Most online stores offer free shipping, so your labor of love can reach them no matter the delivery times.

Additionally, why not toss in a little taste of holiday cheer with a care package filled with Christmas morning delights? Picture them, waking up on Christmas day, far from the family home, but not from its warmth. Include some homemade Christmas cookies, and maybe even a funny Christmas sweater for that optimal mix of embarrassment and nostalgia. 

These small comforts can make all the difference, reminding them that the spirit of the family is never more than a heartbeat away. It’s these little touches that will have them feeling merry and connected, despite the miles—a simple yet profound joy wrapped with a bow.

Young Adults Starting New Lives

Whether it’s their first Christmas in a new city or they’re celebrating with friends, a curated gift guide full of empty nest gifts could include an airline gift card for a surprise visit home or a Visa gift card for stocking their pantry. It’s a thoughtful way to support their independence while giving them the chance to create their own Christmas traditions.

Empty Nesters' Picks: Tailored Subscriptions for Grown-Up Kids

In this season of giving, consider also including something that caters to their personal interests or hobbies, which speaks volumes of your support for their individuality. How about an entertainment subscription or a meal kit service, ensuring they not only have the essentials but can also explore their culinary skills? Or perhaps a membership to a local museum or art gallery in their new city, encouraging them to embrace new experiences and create memories they’ll share with you throughout the year.

These gifts aren’t just items; they’re your way of saying, “I’m here with you, in spirit, cheering you on as you craft this exciting chapter of your life.” It’s these kinds of thoughtful gestures that reinforce the joy and connection of family, no matter where life takes them.

For the New Empty Nest Mom

Empty nest syndrome can tug at the heartstrings, especially during the holidays. If you’re a mother experiencing this, or you know one, consider a gift that celebrates this new chapter. How about a new book from the Empty Nest Blessed Amazon page, or an inscription of the family name on a bird nest necklace? These thoughtful gifts bring comfort and joy, echoing the message of ‘You are not alone.’

Embracing this new stage in life can also be a time for rediscovery and self-care. Why not add to that thoughtful book or necklace a spa day voucher or a subscription to an exercise class. It’s a wonderful way to encourage the new empty nest mom to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation.

After years of putting others first, this gift serves as a gentle nudge to put herself on top of her priority list. It’s a caring and supportive reminder that while the nest may be empty, the days can now be filled with activities that refuel her spirit and bring her peace—a beautiful affirmation of her worth and a celebration of her new journey.

For the Christmas Dinner Connoisseurs

For those who love hosting, a new set of elegant dinner glasses could be just the ticket to elevate their table setting. But let’s take it a step further for the caffeine enthusiasts. Pair those glasses with a gourmet coffee subscription service, offering them a world tour of premium blends and single-origin coffees. It’s like a coffee connoisseur’s advent calendar, but instead of counting down to Christmas, it counts throughout the year, warming their mornings with rich, freshly-brewed delights.

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Coffee Memories

This thoughtful pairing guarantees a warm remembrance of your gesture with each steamy sip, securing not just a spot at their festive gatherings but a place in their daily routine of savoring life’s simple pleasures. With this gift, you’re not just bringing joy to their Christmas dinner, but also ensuring a daily dose of happiness with each cup they brew.

Mug Artistry

To further indulge their passion for coffee, why not include a set of unique, hand-crafted coffee mugs? Each one can be as individual as the members of their gatherings, doubling as conversation starters and personal touches to their hosting repertoire.

These aren’t just mugs; they’re little pieces of art that guests can cradle in their hands, feeling the warmth not just from the coffee but also from the thoughtfulness behind each chosen design. It’s a way to add character to their collection and an intimate touch to every sip—because after all, every host knows that the beauty is in the details.

Sweet Accents

Lastly, consider gifting an assortment of gourmet biscotti or chocolate spoons that melt lusciously into each cup, transforming their coffee into a decadent treat. The combination of fine coffee with a sweet companion is an invitation for guests to linger a little longer at the table, sharing stories and making memories. 

It’s these little luxuries that can turn their coffee break into a festive ritual, a moment of pure enjoyment amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. This isn’t just gifting; it’s crafting an experience that echoes the warmth and richness of the season in every detail.

For Those Cherishing Privacy

With the kids out forging their own paths, your empty nester friends might be reveling in their extra time and privacy. Consider a gift that acknowledges this season in life. Perhaps a “Do Not Disturb” sign with a humorous twist or a new decoration that signifies this new era. Only decorations for a good laugh, and good times.

Final Words

As the year winds down, let’s not forget the joy of giving. A well-selected Christmas gift can be a testament to the loving labor that went into raising your children. Whether you’re experiencing your first Christmas as empty nesters or your seasoned pros, remember that every gift, no matter how simple, is a gesture of love that will be cherished by your family member.

So, whether it’s through a stocking stuffer, a family event ticket, or a tangible piece of home, these gifts are sure to be a hit. Now, go ahead, deck the halls, check off that gift list, and let’s have a very Merry Christmas and a festive holiday season!

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  1. These are all such great gift ideas for empty nesters. My niece is off to college and I love the idea of a photo ornament for her. I know she’ll love it for the holidays.

  2. Great ideas for when you’re stumped on what to buy for those on your gift list. My favorites are gift cards and a spa day voucher. My adult kids are always thrilled to get them and so am I when I’m on the receiving end of them!

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