The Dollar General App Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the App and How It Works

Dollar General app

What is a Dollar General App?

The Dollar General App is the store’s app that can be used to scan items in the store. It’s a great way to see the exact price you are paying before you take the items up to the cashier. Another neat thing about the app is that you can scan items from home. Say you are watching a particular item that you know is on sale but want to see if the price dropped. If you have the UPC number, you can scan to see without being in the store. The Dollar General App is free on Google Play. The app requires Android 5.1 or higher and iOS 11.0 or higher to use it. 

I use the Dollar General App all the time when I shop. 

  • It helps me to know what the prices are before I go up to the cash register

  • Helps me to know if an item is on sale

  • Helps me to know if an item is on clearance

  • Helps me to check the clearance section in the store to see if the price has dropped

  • Helps me to find penny items (see penny article)

How to Use the Dollar General App?

The Dollar General App is a mobile application that lets you shop for all your favorite items.

It’s easy to use, and it’s available for both Android and iPhone.

Step 1

Go to google play and download the app to your phone. Sign up and create a password.

Step 2

The page will look like this. On the front of the page to the right at the top you will see change. Click on this and you can type the address of the store in the search bar at the top or use the yellow dots and click on to locate your store. Another way to find your store is to look up on Google. If you type in Dollar General a list of store should pop up near your area. 

Dollar General app

Step 3

After you locate your store, the “make this my store” will appear. Click on the button. Now this is your store. When you visit the store, anything you scan will give you the correct price for that particular store. If you decide to visit another Dollar General, you have to repeat step 2. Go back to change and type in the new store address.

Dollar General app make this my store

The screen now shows this address as your store. 

Dollar general app my store

Click on the checked yellow bubble.  If there is a check by the bubble this is the store you picked. The other yellow dots show you the other Dollar Generals in your area. I use this map if I want to go to other Dollar Generals nearby. When you click another yellow dot, the address will show. You can plug it into your GPS and off you go to the next location. Make sure you make the new location your store. Their app also will connect to google maps to take you there. 

Dollar General map locations on app

You can also use the change button on the app to change the store location. 

change button on dollar general app to change store location

Scanning Items on the DG App

Step 5

To scan items, go to the top of the home page and you will see a scan buttom. Click on it and you are ready to scan. If for some reason the scanner isn’t working, then you can use the enter barcode number. If you are scanning clothes and there is no tag, this is a great way to see the price by typing in the tag. Tags on clothes can be found on the item of the clothes. It can be on the front of the garment, the side of pants or just about anywhere. 

scanner on dollar general app, everything you need to know about DG app
dollar general scanner

Items Going Down In Price

Always be on the lookout for seasonal items. Some of the items are summer toys (pink square), Lawn and garden items, Spring stationary, green dot home, wipeout wipes, hand sanitizers.

Summer items, lawn, summer clothes, certain color code dots like green dots, pink squares, Yellow and White dots (mainly on hanging clothes and shoes), red and green square (mainly on summer shoes like sandals. To get more visuals  and to learn more about color codes click here. These items are seasonal so Dollar General is having sales.

Some stores will put everything on display on a big table near the front of the store. Check weekly or on social media for price drops. Most of the time, the price keeps dropping each week 25, 50,70, 90% until they reach a penny! (see penny blog here). The store suppose to pull before then, but that’s another article. Please don’t ask them about when the items will penny. It’s just something you look for. I get into more detailed on my penny blog.

Other seasonal items dropping right now are:

Yellow and White dot, Blue dot (that says F21 which is Fall 21) This is mainly seen if the store still has hanging clothes. It will be on shirts, tops, pants, jackets, t-shirts. The yellow and white dots are now 50% off. 

Why are these items on clearance? 

This is the normal trend of Dollar General with the exception of F21(fall 2021) is winter of last year. It should have been reduced as low as 90% and removed when it reached a penny. Maybe because of shipping issues during the pandemic they decided to keep it around. Right now it’s 50% off. Yellow and white dot are summer items is also 50% off.

Have you ever picked up something from DG and noticed a dot, square, diamond etc?

These are codes that DG use because these items are considered seasonal. For instance, pink square, green dot and purple dot are seasonal. As well as the yellow and white dot. Yellow and White dot appears on the clothing. If you still have hanging clothes in your store, this is a great time to buy.

Clothes and Shoes are Leaving Dollar General

Dollar General is getting rid of their hanging clothes and shoes. If your store still carry these items, you can scan to see if the prices dropped in your store. There will be a price drop if

  • Dollar General is also marking down hanging clothes and shoes because they are planning to no longer carry them
  • The store is about to remodel. A price reduction will also be on hanging clothes, underwear, socks and shoes.  

Here is what you can do. To make it easy, if you know your DG has hanging clothes, scan the items. You can do this at home using the DG app. I have UPCs listed below. If you are not sure, just call the store to see if they still carry hanging clothes. 

Here are some UPC numbers:

430001508302 FW21 clothing (Fall 2021)-blue dot

691466296085 SS22 clothing (Spring Summer 2022)-yellow dot

430001447755 SS21 clothing (Spring/Summer 2021)-green dot

The Blue dot reg. price $10 scanned $1.50

The Yellow dot reg. price $5 scanned $1.50

The green dot reg. price $4 scanned .60 cents

For more UPC numbers go to

Dollar General color codes, symbols and what they mean.


More Clothing Items at Dollar General

Yellow dot is found on hanging clothes, shoes, accessories, hats, and caps. Right now yellow dot clothing is 50% off. If you scan and it’s less than that, the store may be changing over (remodel) and will soon get rid of their clothes. A store near me scans for $1.50 for this item. 

Yellow dot tag dollar general

Fall21 clothes are now 50% off at Dollar General stores that still have hanging clothes. If the store is about to remodel, this will be only $1.87.

If you have your Dollar General app, you can scan this right now. 

Blue dot gag dollar general
blue dot tag with cheaper price dollar general
black jacket dollar general

This blue dot jacket was $15. The UPC is 868386001956. If you scan, it should ring up for $7.50 or $2.25 if your store is about to remodel.

black jacket dollar general

More Items to Scan and View

The green star is 50%  off at stores that still have hanging clothes. It’s .90 cents at stores about to remodel.

Green star dollar general

The duffel bag is also part of the yellow and white dot 50% off. My store sold it to me for $1.50. They are about to remodel and she is trying to move her products out quickly.

smartphone, touchscreen-1894723.jpg Using cell phone use for Dscout surveys

The Dollar General app is a revolutionary shopping experience. With the app, you can find the exact price and the great low prices.  You can keep your eye out for prices dropping and may be able to catch a few penny items while you are shopping in the store. Now all of that is just a tap away on your phone!

To keep up with Clearance and Seasonal items see Alicia Savings page

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