Dollar General Clearance Event and Walmart's Prices

In the world of retail, where customers are consistently on the hunt for the best deals and the lowest prices, it’s crucial to analyze the price structures of major market players. This article delves into the price comparisons between two retail giants – Dollar General and Walmart. We will take a closer look at Dollar General’s popular Clearance Event, analyzing how it stacks up against the consistently low prices offered by Walmart.

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What is a Dollar General Clearance Event?

A Dollar General Clearance Event is a periodic sale event where Dollar General significantly reduces the prices of certain items, often across multiple categories including household goods, clothing,  and more. These events usually take place several times a year, often coinciding with the change of seasons or holidays, as Dollar General tries to clear out old stock to make room for new merchandise.

During these events, shoppers can find some fantastic deals with merchandise often marked with orange clearance tags, indicating they are part of the sale. In some cases, Dollar General even offers an extra 50% off the already reduced clearance prices, leading to substantial savings. For more information click here.

By price comparisons two retail giants, Dollar General Clearance Event is an excellent opportunity for customers to find products at potentially lower prices than usual, making it a popular event for budget-conscious shoppers.

Extra 50% off During the Clearance Event

A distinctive feature of Dollar General is its tendency to provide additional discounts on already marked-down items. This strategy of clearing out merchandise not only makes space for new stock but also presents an exciting opportunity for budget-conscious shoppers. You will also be able to download coupons from the Dollar General App.

I have been able to buy items that were actually free after applying the coupon.


Clearance Delights: Discover Quality Items at Dollar General

At these clearance events, one can discover an array of high-quality and branded items. The vast product range includes popular name-brand detergents, toilet paper, paper towels, and hair products. Also on offer are housewares, bed linens such as sheets, blankets, pillows, kitchenware, and decorative items. The Dollar General clearance events thus serve as a treasure trove of value and quality, debunking the misconception that clearance items are mere castoffs.

How Walmart Keeps Prices Low Everyday

As we delve into price comparisons, it’s worth examining the approach of a retail giant like Walmart. Walmart follows a plan known as Everyday Low Price (EDLP), wherein they strive to maintain low prices on a wide range of items consistently. Instead of frequently changing sales, their focus is on offering competitive prices every day. This approach ensures that customers can expect to find good deals regardless of when they shop at Walmart.


Cost Savings through Large-Scale Purchasing

One of the reasons why Walmart can maintain low prices is due to their large-scale purchasing. By buying significant quantities of each product, they are able to negotiate better deals on the price. In turn, they pass on these savings to their customers, ensuring they benefit from the cost advantages.

By consistently offering low prices, Walmart can also manage their stock levels effectively, preventing excessive leftovers and minimizing costs. This strategic approach allows them to maintain a steady inventory while optimizing their expenses.

Walmart's Efficient Supply Chain, Lowering Prices

Plus, Walmart is good at getting products from the place they’re made to the store quickly and cheaply. This helps them cut down on costs even more, which means they can keep prices low for customers.

So, Walmart’s low prices aren’t random. They’re part of a plan to make sure customers get good deals every day.

Let's Price compare Walmart and Dollar General Clearance Event

The first chart illustrates the items I have purchased at Dollar General. In the second column, you can see the prices at the clearance price, showcasing the reduced rates during the Dollar General Clearance Event. Furthermore, the third column demonstrates a remarkable 50% reduction during this event. Specifically, the Dove men’s products exhibit both the 50% discount and the price when utilizing a coupon. This comprehensive breakdown highlights the significant savings potential during the Dollar General Clearance Event, especially when combined with additional coupons.



Clearance DG

Clearance Event

Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion

18 Fl Oz



Diabetics Lotion

13 Oz



Sunscreen studio sec.

8 oz



Microban odor spray

12.5 oz



Extra dry skin lotion

16 fl oz



St. Ives body wash

16 fl oz



Colgate Spark white

6.0 oz



Dove men care deodorant (with $1.00 off coupon on app)

3.0 oz



Dove men care deodorant (with $4 off 2 items)

3.0 oz


$0.55 each

Suave Luscious curls

16.5 oz



3 Blade disposable

8 pack



Always Maxi pad

32 count



Total Dollar General Regular Clearance: $48.35

Total Dollar General Event 50% off:          $23.70 (or less if coupons are used)

**Please note that markdowns and discounts can vary. Always check with your local Dollar General for current clearance prices and events.

Walmart Prices

Here is a chart of Walmart’s Everyday low prices. The items are a comparison of what you can buy at Dollar General for the same type, brand, and size. I obtained this from their website.

Product NameSizeCost at Walmart
Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion$12.00
Diabetics Lotion (Gold Bond)13 Oz$9.97
Sunscreen studio sec.8 oz$4.88
Microban odor spray12.5 oz$6.44
Extra dry skin lotion16 fl oz$9.98
St. Ives bodywash16 fl oz$10.00
Colgate Sparkwhite6.0 oz$8.13
Dove men care deodorant$6.97
SuaveLuscious curls16.5 oz$4.98
3 Blade disposable (Equate)8 pack$5.98
Always Maxi pad32 ct$16.35

Total Cost at Walmart before tax: $95.68

Side-by-Side Comparison of DG prices compared to Walmart

product NameSizeClearance DGClearance Event 50% offCost at Walmart
Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion18 Fl Oz$4.00$2.00$12.00
Diabetics Lotion13 Oz$5.40$2.20$9.97
Sunscreen studio sec.8 oz$5.85$2.93$4.88
Microban odor spray12.5 oz$5.40$2.70$6.44
Extra dry skin lotion16 fl oz$5.40$2.70$9.98
St. Ives bodywash16 fl oz$2.50$1.25$10.00
Colgate Sparkwhite6.0 oz$1.05$0.53$8.13
Dove men care deodorant3.0 oz$5.10$1.55/$0.55 each (with coupons)$6.97
SuaveLuscious curls16.5 oz$3.75$1.88$4.98
3 Blade disposable8 pack$4.75$2.38$5.98
Always Maxi pad32 count$5.15$2.58$16.35

Total Dollar General Regular Clearance: $48.35

Total Dollar General Event 50% off: $23.70 (or less if coupons are used)

Total Cost at Walmart before tax: $95.68

****Please note that prices can vary by location and available deals, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest prices at your local stores.


Total Savings at Dollar General

Dollar General Savings Compared to Walmart

Product NameSizeCost at WalmartClearance Event at DGSavings at DG
Dr. Teal’s Body Lotion18 Fl Oz$12.00$2.00$10.00
Diabetics Lotion13 Oz$9.97$2.20$7.77
Sunscreen studio sec.8 oz$4.88$2.93$1.95
Microban odor spray12.5 oz$6.44$2.70$3.74
Extra dry skin lotion16 fl oz$9.98$2.70$7.28
St. Ives bodywash16 fl oz$10.00$1.25$8.75
Colgate Sparkwhite6.0 oz$8.13$0.53$7.60
Dove men care deodorant3.0 oz$6.97$1.55/$0.55 each (with coupons)$5.42/$6.42
SuaveLuscious curls16.5 oz$4.98$1.88$3.10
3 Blade disposable8 pack$5.98$2.38$3.60
Always Maxi pad32 ct$16.35$2.58$13.77

Total Cost at Walmart before tax: $95.68

Total Dollar General Event 50% off: $23.70 (or less if coupons are used)

Total Savings at DG’s Clearance Event: $71.98 (or more if coupons are used)

***Please note that savings can vary by location and available deals, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest prices at your local stores.

This chart shows a price comparison of household products at Dollar General and Walmart.

As you may have noticed, Dollar General’s prices outperform Walmart’s everyday prices, and the cost-savings potential is even more amplified during Dollar General’s Clearance Events. As signified by the color red in our chart, clearance items certainly present considerable savings opportunities.

Moreover, as the color blue in our chart suggests, Dollar General’s Clearance Event prices offer even more substantial discounts. It’s evident that these Clearance Event sales present a win-win for budget-conscious shoppers, providing high-quality household products at a fraction of their regular prices.


Clearance Wins: Unlocking Consistent Savings at Dollar General

In essence, clearance sales offer significant savings: Dollar General Clearance prices are consistently lower than Regular Dollar General prices. This consistent trend clearly indicates that shoppers can achieve remarkable savings by purchasing items during these timely clearance events.

By utilizing such opportunities and timing their purchases strategically, consumers can reap the benefits of high-quality products at markedly reduced prices, thereby managing their household budgets effectively.

Let’s compare Household products

ProductSizeDG ClearanceClearance EventWalmart
Arm & Hammer detergent45 Fl oz$4.30$2.15$16.41
Snuggle super care9 oz$4.50$2.25$8.50
Snuggle scent booster18.3 oz$4.40$2.20$4.47
All Stain lifters13.4 oz$3.75$3.20$1.88
OxiClean30 Fl oz$3.35$1.68$13.58
bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance

I find overall Dollar General has the lowest price on most items. Initially, when I started shopping at Dollar General, I discovered great deals that were hard to pass up. One particular event that I utilize to stock up on personal and household items is the Dollar General Clearance event. Surprisingly, I find that I can get some items cheaper at Dollar General compared to stores like Dollar Tree. It’s evident that Dollar General offers competitive prices and exceptional value for various products.

Dollar General Inventory VS Walmart

Dollar General does not carry as much as Walmart. Most of them no longer carry hanging clothes. In addition, online orders are easy to do than Dollar General. Still, I can find items that I use on every day. Some stores will have clearance event items in the front of the store.

5 off 20 coupon dollar general

In addition to the clearance event, you can also use digital coupons which can be found on the DG app

When you shop at DG during the week this coupon will show on you receipt or you can just add it from your DG app. This coupon can only be used on Saturday. Purchase $25 worth of items, plug in your number (what you used to sign up) and $5 will come off. 

To learn more about the the Dollar General Clearance event, follow this link here.


Using DG weekly coupon

Moving forward with your shopping plans, it’s important to make the most of the available opportunities to maximize your savings. One way to do this is by using the Dollar General app, where you’ll find digital coupons for each item, allowing you to boost your savings even further.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the “$5 off of $25” deal, particularly during Saturday clearance events. These events can offer significant discounts, and it’s worth taking advantage of them. For more details on these events, you can click here for additional information.


Smart Strategy for Saving Money on Household Needs

Consider this: If your cart has houseware items worth $20.30, you can add a little more to reach the $25 threshold. Then, apply the “$5 off $25” coupon from the Dollar General app. This simple yet effective approach will help you save even more on your purchases.

By combining clearance sales, special event days, and digital coupons available through the Dollar General app, you can implement a smart strategy for saving money on your household needs.

products from dollar general clearance event

Balancing Cost, Quality, and Convenience: The Final Verdict on Household Shopping

In conclusion, shopping for household products can come with a range of price points depending on where you choose to shop. From our analysis, it is clear that Dollar General’s regular and clearance prices offer the most economical options compared to Walmart. Moreover, the total cost of these household products at Dollar General (regular price) is $20.30, while at the clearance event, it goes down even further to $11.48. In contrast, purchasing the same items at Walmart would cost $44.84, which is more than double the regular price at Dollar General. Therefore, it is evident that Dollar General provides a significant cost advantage over Walmart when it comes to these particular household products.

Considering Factors Beyond Cost in Purchasing Decisions

However, it’s essential to note that while the cost is a significant factor, it’s not the only one that should guide your purchasing decisions. Other considerations could include the convenience of the store location, the quality of the products, customer service, and personal preference. The size of the product should also be taken into consideration. For instance, the Arm & Hammer detergent has different volumes at Dollar General and Walmart.

Ultimately, smart shopping involves a balance of cost, quality, and convenience. This analysis provides a valuable baseline for comparing costs across stores, and shoppers can use this information to make more informed decisions that align with their needs and budgets.

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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