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Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50: Flattering Swimwear

Diving into the world of swimsuits can often feel like navigating an ocean of endless choices, especially for women over 50.

However, the good news is that swimwear has evolved significantly in recent years, offering more flattering and stylish options than ever before.

Whether you’re in search of a one-piece swimsuit that offers full coverage or a tankini top that flatters in the right places, there’s something for everyone. 

This guide is here to help you find the perfect swimsuit that not only complements your body shape but also boosts your confidence for any water activities or sun-soaking sessions.

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Finding the Best Swimsuits

The journey to finding the best swimsuits for older women doesn’t have to be a daunting task. One-piece swimsuits are a great way to achieve a flattering look, offering features like tummy control and adjustable straps for extra support.

For those who prefer a little added coverage, tankini swimsuits with a long torso and high-waisted bottoms can be a perfect fit, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.


Two-piece swimsuits are no longer off-limits. With options like high neck styles and bikini tops with built-in underwire for those with a larger bust, there’s a two-piece out there for every body type. And let’s not forget about swim dresses and swim skirts, which are fantastic for providing full bottom coverage while still looking chic.

Swim Innovations

Each of these swimsuits brings something special to the table, whether it’s advanced fabric technology, unique design details, or exceptional comfort and support.

With such a variety of options, finding the right swimsuit that meets your needs for both function and fashion is easier than ever.

Miraclesuit Oceanus One-Piece

Known for its body-shaping technology, this one-piece offers tummy control and a flattering silhouette, making it a favorite for its slimming effect.

Land’s End Tugless Tank One-Piece Swimsuit

As the name suggests, this swimsuit stays in place, no matter the activity. It’s designed with a simple, elegant cut, wider straps for comfort, and comes in various sizes, including long torso options.

Speedo Endurance+ Shirred Tank One-Piece

Ideal for active swimmers, this suit is made from a durable, chlorine-resistant fabric. It features a modest cut, shirred sides for a slimming look, and built-in bust support.

Durable Swim Elegance

The Speedo Endurance+ Shirred Tank One-Piece is not only a testament to durability and design but also an excellent choice for those over 50 seeking comfort, functionality, and style in their swimwear. This swimsuit shines with its chlorine-resistant fabric, ensuring it stands up to countless swims without losing its shape or color, a crucial factor for regular swimmers who value longevity in their swimwear.

Moreover, its modest cut is thoughtfully designed to provide ample coverage while maintaining a stylish look, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more conservative appearance. The shirred sides of the swimsuit offer a visually slimming effect, enhancing the wearer’s natural curves without compromising on comfort.

This feature is especially appealing to women over 50, who may be looking for swimwear that flatters their figure with subtlety and elegance.

Supportive Swim Confidence

The built-in bust support is another key feature, providing additional comfort and security for a range of activities, from leisurely swims to water aerobics. This support, combined with the suit’s overall design, ensures that wearers can engage in their water activities with confidence, knowing they are well-supported.

Additionally, the Speedo Endurance+ line is known for its quick-drying technology, making the transition from water to land as comfortable as possible. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not want to stay in a wet swimsuit longer than necessary, providing a practical solution that doesn’t overlook comfort.

Swimwear for Active Seniors

In essence, the Speedo Endurance+ Shirred Tank One-Piece is an exemplary choice for women over 50. It melds the necessity of functional swimwear with the desire for a swimsuit that feels and looks good, making it a versatile option that addresses the unique needs and preferences of older swimmers. Its blend of durability, modesty, and supportive design details makes it a standout swimsuit that celebrates the active lifestyles of women in this age group.

High Neck Tankini

This tankini top offers sun protection, making it perfect for long days at the beach or pool. The high neck style and adjustable straps provide both coverage and a customized fit.

Coco Reef Contours Aura Ruffle One-Piece

 Featuring a ruffled neckline for a touch of femininity and removable cups for adjustable support, this swimsuit is both stylish and functional. It’s designed to accentuate curves while providing full coverage.

Easy Dry

Additionally, this swimsuit incorporates quick-drying fabric, ensuring comfort both in and out of the water.

This thoughtful feature minimizes the inconvenience of wearing a damp suit for prolonged periods, enhancing the overall swim experience. Its versatility is further highlighted by the inclusion of adjustable straps, allowing wearers to customize the fit to their liking, ensuring maximum comfort and security

 Whether lounging by the pool, engaging in water sports, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim, this swimsuit adapts to all scenarios, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a blend of style, functionality, and comfort.

COCOPEAR Women's One Piece Flounce

The COCOPEAR Women’s One Piece Flounce Swimsuit Off Shoulder Bathing Suit with Tummy Control Swimdress is designed with both style and functionality in mind, catering especially to those who seek a blend of contemporary fashion and comfort in their swimwear. Here are some key features and benefits of this swimsuit:

Flounce Design

The off-shoulder flounce design adds a touch of elegance and femininity, making it stand out as a fashionable choice for beach or poolside wear. The flounce layer not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers additional coverage around the shoulders and arms.

Tummy Control

This swimsuit is equipped with a tummy control panel that helps to smooth and shape the midsection, providing a flattering silhouette. It’s ideal for those who appreciate swimwear that enhances their natural shape while offering support where desired.

Swimdress Style

The swimdress cut offers more coverage than traditional one-piece swimsuits, making it a great option for those who prefer modest swimwear. The skirted bottom adds a playful touch while ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.

Adjustable and Removable Straps

To accommodate various body types and personal preferences, the COCOPEAR swimdress features adjustable and removable straps. This versatility allows for a customized fit and the option for a bandeau style, if preferred.

Material and Durability

Made from high-quality, quick-drying fabrics, this swimsuit is designed to maintain its shape and color over time, even with regular use in chlorinated water.

Suitable for Various Occasions

Whether it’s a day at the beach, a pool party, or water aerobics class, this swimdress is versatile enough to suit various activities while providing comfort and confidence.

Overall, the COCOPEAR Women’s One Piece Flounce Swimsuit Off Shoulder Bathing Suit Tummy Control Swimdress is a great choice for those looking for a stylish, flattering, and comfortable swimwear option.

Its unique design elements and functional features make it a popular choice among women seeking both fashion and practicality in their swim attire.

Magicsuit Solid Bianca Swim Romper

Offering the coverage of a swim dress with the convenience of a romper, this piece features a built-in underwire bra and adjustable straps. It’s perfect for those seeking a unique, playful style.

Romper Elegance

The Magicsuit Solid Bianca Swim Romper is a testament to innovative swimwear design, blending the elegance of a swim dress with the practicality and youthful spirit of a romper.

Notably, its built-in underwire bra provides exceptional support and lift, catering to a wide range of bust sizes and ensuring comfort without sacrificing style.

The adjustable straps further enhance the garment’s adaptability, allowing for a customized fit that accommodates various body types.

This swim romper is constructed from a fabric that not only flatters the figure but also holds up well to chlorine and sun exposure, ensuring longevity and fade resistance.

Ideal for active beachgoers or pool enthusiasts, the Bianca Swim Romper offers a seamless transition from water activities to casual beachside lounging, all while maintaining a chic and sophisticated appearance. 

Distinctive Swimwear

Its unique design stands out in a sea of traditional swimsuits, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a distinctive and fun swimwear option that doesn’t compromise on functionality or comfort.

Tommy Bahama Pearl Over-The-Shoulder One-Piece

This classic one-piece swimsuit features a timeless design with a twist-front bust and moderate rear coverage. Made with premium Italian microfiber, it ensures a smooth, luxurious feel.

Timeless Style

The Tommy Bahama Pearl Over-The-Shoulder One-Piece is particularly appealing to older individuals for its elegant, timeless design that offers a perfect blend of style and modesty.

The twist-front bust provides a flattering look that accentuates the silhouette, while the moderate rear coverage ensures comfort and confidence without being overly revealing.

The premium Italian microfiber fabric not only feels luxurious against the skin but also offers excellent durability and resistance to fading, making it a wise investment for those looking for quality swimwear that lasts.

This one-piece is a testament to classic style that transcends age, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate sophistication in their swim attire.

The Beautyin Women's One Piece Athletic Racerback

The beautyin Women’s One Piece Athletic Racerback Swimsuit is particularly well-suited for women over 50 for several reasons, aligning with the needs and preferences many in this age group may have:

Support and Comfort

With its built-in support features, such as shelf bras or soft cup inserts, this swimsuit offers the necessary bust support that can be a priority for older women, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during any activity.

Flattering Fit

The slimming aspects of the swimsuit are designed to enhance the silhouette, which can boost confidence and provide a flattering look.

It includes features like compression panels or strategic shirring, which can help to smooth the tummy area and accentuate the waist, catering to common concerns about body shape changes with age.

Increased Mobility

The racerback design not only contributes to the athletic aesthetic but also offers increased mobility and freedom of movement. 

Essential for active women over 50 who engage in swimming, water aerobics, or other water-based fitness activities, as it allows for unrestricted arm movement.

Versatile and Stylish

The modern, sleek design of this swimsuit ensures that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for functionality.

Its athletic yet feminine look is appropriate for a variety of settings, from the pool to the beach, making it a versatile choice for women over 50 who value both appearance and practicality.

Panache Anya Stripe Bandeau Tankini

A great option for those with a larger bust, this tankini provides excellent support with its underwire cups and adjustable sides for a custom fit.

The striped pattern adds a nautical, chic vibe.

Embrace Different Options

Swimsuit shopping is all about finding what works for you.

From swim skorts that cover up in style to Maddy bikini bottoms that highlight your best features, the array of choices means you can tailor your swimwear to your personal style and needs.

Swimwear Options

Consider a tankini swimsuit with wider straps for more support or a traditional one-piece in a solid color for a timeless look.

Flattering Styles

Different color swimsuits can complement your skin tone, with bright colors and slimming designs offering a flattering look for every size range.

And for those looking for modest swimsuits, options with removable cups or a shelf bra can provide the necessary comfort and sun protection.

Top Picks and Where to Find Them

When it comes to selecting the perfect swimsuit, consumer testers, online reviewers, and fashion experts recommend looking for top-performing brands like Land’s End, which is known for its flattering swimsuit options and wide size range. 

The Good Housekeeping Institute also highlights swimsuits with design details that offer a flattering fit for different body types, from miracle suits with slimming effects to tank tops that double as swimwear.

Final Words

Finding the perfect new bathing suit for the swim season doesn’t have to feel like a search for a needle in a haystack.

With different sizes, styles, and designs available, from modest tankinis to flattering one-piece suits, there’s a perfect swimsuit for every woman over 50.

Body Confidence

Remember, the most flattering bathing suits are those that make you feel great in your own skin.

So, embrace the different options, try on different styles, and discover the best swimwear that celebrates your shape and style.

And, perhaps consider browsing through affiliate links for easy access to some of the best suit selections and swimsuit finds.

Welcome the warm weather in the most flattering, confident way possible with your ideal swimwear choice! ☀️👙

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