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What are new Popshelf Stores at Dollar General?

Last year, Dollar General made headlines with the launch of its new Popshelf concept, and let me tell you, it’s shaking up the dollar store game! For years, we’ve known Dollar General for its small stores in rural areas, offering everything from fresh produce to home goods at low prices. But Popshelf? That’s a whole new ball game designed to attract suburban shoppers, including those with higher incomes.

The Popshelf Concept

popshelf store inside

The Popshelf concept diverges from traditional Dollar General stores in quite a few ways. First off, these new stores span around 9,000 square feet, offering a broader range of products. We’re talking home decor, beauty products, party goods, and even seasonal products that elevate your home and life without breaking the bank. Popshelf also have their own brand of products.

What sets Popshelf apart is its focus on discretionary goods and “treasure hunt experiences.” Forget the basics; this is about catering to suburban women and wealthier customers looking for specialty items. The stores are designed to enhance customers’ shopping experiences, offering unique in-store experiences that go beyond your run-of-the-mill dollar stores.

The store is super tidy and well-arranged, a noticeable step up from many traditional Dollar General locations. It’s getting comparisons to Target and Five Below, so you know it’s got that cool, upscale vibe. From what I’ve seen, the prices are pretty fair. One customer even mentioned it’s the perfect spot to load up on essentials if you’ve just moved into a new apartment.

Penny Shopping, Anyone? Let's Dive Deeper!

If you’re sitting there wondering, “Penny shopping? That’s gotta be a joke,” hold onto your wallet, because this is as real as it gets. Penny shopping at Popshelf is like the ultimate treasure hunt, and it’s quickly becoming one of the store’s most buzzed-about features. Picture this: you walk into the store, past the seasonal products and home décor, and there it is—a golden opportunity to snag items for literally one cent.

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Now, you might be asking, “How does this even work?” Well, the basic idea is that certain items get marked down to a penny to clear out inventory. These are often products that are being discontinued or replaced. They’re usually not advertised, so finding them really does feel like striking gold. It’s all about timing, a keen eye, and a sprinkle of penny vision!

Clearance Comforts

This shopping strategy attracts a unique crowd, from budget-conscious shoppers who are feeling the financial strain to thrill-seekers who get a kick out of finding an incredible deal. The cool part? These penny items aren’t just generic, no-name brands. You can find Dollar General’s private brands and even some brand-name items marked down to a penny.

Penny Perks

If you’re familiar with how Dollar General does clearance, then you’ll feel right at home at Popshelf. Just like the OG Dollar General, items get super discounted, some even down to 90% off. Then, by the next week, they might become those coveted penny items. Technically, those penny items should be off the shelf, but if you find one, it’s fair game and yours to buy!

Social Savvy

Popshelf is still pretty new, so everyone’s still figuring out the best ways to shop there. One helpful trick is to keep an eye on social media sites that post about big discounts at Popshelf. Websites like Roll Out Savings are good starting points, but there are plenty more out there. So whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, social media can be a gold mine for deals!

Can You Price-Scan at Popshelf Like You Can at Dollar General?

According to the coupon guru at Crazy for Couponing, Sure, you can scan prices at Popshelf by simply tweaking your app settings. Here’s how it works:

To set up your app for a Dollar General Market + Popshelf combo store, first open your app. Then, change your store location to 2907 US-31W, White House, TN 37188. Use the zip code to search for a local store and then select this specific address. Doing so will tell your app you’re at a hybrid store, allowing you to scan Popshelf labels. For a more detailed guide, head on over to the Crazy for Couponing website. 

So, the next time you’re at a Popshelf store, don’t just bypass those seemingly random, out-of-place items. Take a second look; you might just find a gem for a penny! Happy hunting!

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Location, Location, Location

The first Popshelf stores opened their doors in suburban areas of South Carolina, but the company has plans to rapidly expand the number of stores. I read that they are planning to open up 1,000 stores. To see if you have a store near you visit the Popshelf website or click here which will take you direction to the search button. I was quite surprise that there were places in my area. 

How Does It Compare?

You might be wondering how Popshelf stacks up against competitors like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Five Below. Well, Popshelf aims to attract a broader demographic, from low-to-middle-income customers familiar with Dollar General to newer, wealthier customers looking for a more curated shopping experience.

My Observations and Potential Issues to Consider

Penny Peculiarities

Popshelf seems to offer quite a few penny items, but they become penny-priced at different times compared to traditional Dollar General stores. I’ve also noticed some massive clearance deals and other low-priced items from time to time. Unlike other stores, Popshelf operates on a self-checkout system.

Staff Skepticism

My main concern is around the store staff. How will they react if you’re snapping up items for just a penny? The store layout is usually clean and organized, which is a stark contrast to other places where penny deals are easier to spot amid the clutter. So, how can you be sure an item is priced at a penny? And what if you run into scanning issues at the self-checkout?

As more Popshelf locations open and people share their experiences on social media, only time will tell how these concerns will play out.

Final Thoughts

As Dollar General looks to expand its brand and attract new customers, Popshelf is more than just a new store format; it’s a significant pivot that addresses the specific needs and wants of a wider demographic. From home décor and party supplies to  limited-time items, Popshelf aims to offer something for everyone.

So, whether you’re looking for party items for your kid’s birthday or a nice vase to spruce up your living room, Popshelf might just be your next go-to shopping destination. Keep an eye out for new store locations opening near you.

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  1. I’ve never even heard of popshelf! I’m going to have to google to see if there’s one close by would love to check this out! I’m not great at couponing so not sure what you mean by penny items shouldn’t be on the shelf (although I have heard a lot about the elusive penny items at DG) but I’m excited to see what it’s all about!

    1. Thanks for reading my post! Dollar General employees suppose to pull items and remove them so people cannot buy them. Often they are too busy to do this. According to the Dollar General policy if an item is still out on the floor, shelve etc, the customer is entitled to it. If you have any more questions, I will be happy to answer!

  2. Penny shopping sounds like a fun addition to already great prices! Unsure if we do anything like this in the UK but wil keep an eye out as they maybe do and I’ve maybe just always missed them!

  3. I haven’t been to a Dollar General in a long time, but this sounds exciting. It’s bringing out the adventurer in me to find those penny bargains! Going to look for a pop shelf store near me today!

  4. We tend to shop at the dollar general stores for certain items, because they are so much cheaper than the average grocery store. These popshelf stores sound interesting, especially if the inventory is expanding to other areas of the home. Thanks for sharing…will be keeping an eye out 🙂

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