10 Things To Do After 50

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Visit a place you always wanted to go.

My favorite place to travel is a quiet bed and breakfast near the beach. There are plenty of bed and breakfast places in Carmel By The Sea. Having been to many, there is one that always stands out as my favorite. It’s called the Sand Piper Inn and it had everything I’m looking for in a vacation spot: it’s quiet, relaxing and close to the beach.

What a great hotel. When we arrived, the staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms were spacious and it’s only a few blocks from the beach.

A big breakfast is served every morning. In the evening we were able to go to the dining area and grab some snacks at night after a long day.

It felt so safe when we were there. My daughter lost her I phone on the beach and a kind person turned it into the police and it was returned to her. There is plenty to do from walking, sightseeing, plenty of unique shops and delicious food. 

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Plan a girl’s night out

Planning a fun trip with my friends is still on my bucket list. I had a friend who recently took a trip with a group of women at her church and she enjoyed it immensely.

I am finally talking to some of my friends who are interested in taking a group vacation. I think it would be a great experience with them, they’re all very close to me and I enjoy spending time with them. It sounds like a great idea!

It is important to continue to build relationships with women who know you and are in the same season of life because these are the ones that will understand what you’re going through and provide lifelong support. You can’t really build relationships with those who don’t know you or are in a different season of life because they don’t have your best interests at heart.

Plan to visit old friends

A dear member at my church retired from her job, and served faithfully at church. She would visit her girlfriends several times within the year. They would meet in a different state and enjoy the scenery, touring and shopping. Before she passed away her last trip was a trip to the Smithsonian and The Bible museum in Washinton, D.C. That trip is also on my Bucklet list!

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Call people

Keep up with your friends! There are plenty of people out there who face the challenge of being an empty nester. Don’t let them be all alone – keep in touch with these remarkable people!

 I stopped communicating with one of my friends and sadly she passed away. I had another friend who feared going to the doctor when she had a lump in her breast.

After conversing with and encouraging my best friend to seek treatment for her symptoms, it was decided that she would take action and get it checked out. The doctors informed her that she had cancer, but because they caught it early and removed it, she is now on the path to a full recovery.


For those who are retired and don’t have many time constraints, this is a great opportunity to volunteer and have the flexibility to serve. Volunteering is a way to fill the time that is left over in retirement. It gives people something to do and helps them feel like they are giving back to the community. It’s easy to volunteer with a variety of organizations because there are so many out there. For those who don’t have many obligations, this is a great opportunity to serve others while still having some flexibility in their day-to- day life.

 I serve at my local church going into the community with food and clothes. I use to visit the Nursing homes and worked in the hospital. I know of people who help in the soup lines. It helps to make a difference in the community since our time is more flexible than say someone who is still raising kids. 

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Learn a new skill

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not so. With advanced technology and so many ways to learn (for free) that is no excuse. YouTube videos have helped me to learn how to take care of my own hair instead of paying hundreds of dollars to a beautician, how to avoid paying a medical bill that was incorrect, how to make money, save money and the list goes on. 

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Start a diary or an about you book

A friend of mine gave me a journal called, Mom, I want to hear your story. It is a journal that asks a series of questions about your life from early childhood to present. I value this book because it enables me to leave behind my story for my children.

For many children, one of the hardest things to do is to ask their parents about their lives. This journal gives children the opportunity to ask their parents all the questions they may want answers for.

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Share your experience

We are all skilled at something and this is a great time to share that knowledge with the world. We can be our own best teachers through videos and blogs, or we can teach others who want to learn from us. The world is ready for more knowledge on any subject and it’s more important than ever to share your expertise with them.

Sale off items you no longer need

I am trying to declutter my home and give a lot of things away to local charities. It’s also good to sell some things that you might not need anymore so that you can earn extra money. Your old item might be someone else’s treasure.

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Work on improving your body

I believe exercise is so important since getting older comes with new aches and pain. We can’t move like we used to. I have aches and pains I never had before. This is also a time when new disease can creep up.

The senior population is steadily growing, with the elderly now accounting for about 14% of the world’s population. It is only natural then that more and more people are starting to experience older age-related conditions such as arthritis. As we age, our joints start to wear out and become loose, and eventually we cannot move like we used to. The onset of arthritis is often first seen in the large weight-bearing joints, such as the hips, spine, and knees.

My mom was diagnosed with diabetes in her late 50’s. It’s time to change our diets more than ever to enjoy our mid-years and later years.

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After 50, life changes. You have to take care of your body, your mind, and your relationships. It’s also a time to start thinking about the future and plan for what’s ahead. Whether you’re just starting to consider these ideas or have experienced some of them already. I hope this article was helpful in giving you 10 things you can do after 50 that will help you live well.