How to Shop at the Dollar General Clearance Event

You know, there’s just something thrilling about nabbing a great deal, isn’t there? It’s like an adrenaline rush, without the skydiving or bungee jumping. If you’re a fan of that good stuff – and by ‘good stuff’, I mean snagging top-notch deals on items you need (or, let’s be honest, items you don’t actually need but simply must have), then this is the article for you. As an older person, I love saving money. I know this benefits the young and old. We’re about to embark on a treasure hunt through the winding aisles of Dollar General, and your weapon of choice is the DG App, a lifesaver for price checks and digital coupons. Get ready for your first-time experience and happy shopping!

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First thing's first, you gotta get the DG APP

Download the App

You can’t embark on this journey without the right tools. The Dollar General App is the compass to your treasure hunt, loaded with digital coupons and a nifty price check feature.  With features like digital coupons that practically rain discounts, and a sharp as a tack price check tool, you’d be in command of your own shopping destiny. If you’re a tech whiz, you’ll breeze through it. 

If you’re technologically challenged, fret not, my friend. It’s user-friendly, even Grandma (me!) could navigate it. See my link to give you details on how to download the app. For the short version, just go to Google Play and look for Dollar General app and download. 

Download the Coupons

Okay, let’s break this down. You’ve got a list of coupons on your screen. See the plus sign? Click on it and your coupons get added to your app. At the cash register, just punch in your phone number and press ‘enter.’ That’s it! If you are not sure where, the cashier will help you.  This picture shows that I selected the coupons by clicking on the box and the check symbol appears.

List of DG coupons clicked

Check this out. When you scan a product with the app, it’ll display the product’s name and its current price. Sometimes, it might also show the regular price. And where’s the scanner, you ask? It’s right up there, at the top right corner of your screen. Simple, right?  Check this out. When you scan a product with the app, it’ll display the product’s name and its current price. Sometimes, it might also show the regular price. And where’s the scanner, you ask? It’s right up there, at the top right corner of your screen. Simple, right?

Suave clearance price during dollar general clearance event.

Using Coupons at the Dollar Clearance Event

After scanning you should be able to see the new clearance price. Prices on the on product clearance tag will be the regular clearance price. During the Dollar General Clearance event, it will be 50% off that tag price.  For instance, if the price on the orange is $5.00, your app should now show $2.50. If it doesn’t, let the cashier know and they will adjust it. 

This shows St. Ives 50% off from the regular clearance price. 

ST. Ives clearance product at Dollar General

Scanned St. Ives on the app and got a 75 cent coupon! You only need to buy one. So instead of $1.25, you’ll get it for 50 cents off. Nice, right? Always read the coupon on the app to see how many of the product you need to buy to get the deal. But, don’t forget to click on the coupon to apply it! So, the final price? Just 50 cents! Remember to punch in your number at the register to apply the coupon. That’s how you score a bargain!

St. Ives coupon on DG app

What if your coupon’s worth more than the item’s price? Like, you could get the thing for free and even have some change left over. Now, you can’t really get cash back from it, but the leftover can be used to lower the price of something else you’re buying.

Issues You Might Face at the Dollar General Clearance Sale

Items in the clearance without an orange tag

Sometimes, you’ll find items in the clearance section without an orange tag. Maybe someone left it there by mistake, or it just didn’t get labeled. Even if you scan it and it shows the regular price, take it to the register anyway. For instance, I picked up some Downy without a tag and it scanned at full price. But guess what? The manager scanned it and voila, it was on clearance! I scored it for 50% off. Worth a shot, right?

Clearance Items Everywhere

Clearance items can be found all over the place – on regular aisles, on tables at the front of the store, and of course, the clearance section. Want a secret weapon? Keep an eye on social media like Facebook groups or YouTube videos. Folks post about products and list items on clearance. But remember, every store is different. It helps to take photos or make notes, especially if there aren’t signs posted in the store. That’s your little clearance treasure map!

Watched the Register

Keep an eye on the register when you check out. Some cashiers are great at spotting if a discount isn’t applied. Once, I paid the full price for an item that was supposed to be 50% off because I didn’t catch the mistake. So, keep a sharp eye out!

App not Working

You can go to your connection-look for Dollar General and sign on using their service. Also make sure you are at the right store by locating the address on your app. In my area once you start trying to scan it will ask do you want to update your store. If it’s still not working try to restart your phone. These simple tips have helped me. 

Clearance items at Dollar General.

Make a Bee-Line for Clearance

The clearance aisle is like your personal yellow brick road to the land of super savings.  I would head there first unless they have a table out with all the clearance items. Most people will check this area first, so you want to as well to snag something you really want. Check out this article for more details on the Dollar Clearance Event. 

POG tag, Dollar general Clearance Event and remodels

Extra Savings

Next, I would check on items that have the pog tag. It’s an orange sticker that can be found all around the store. It can be 10,20,25% or more  on particular items. This means you are getting an extra savings. This would be the list price that is (50% off + the pog amount).

So let’s say, hypothetically, you spot a snazzy lamp that’s marked 50% off. Now, this isn’t your average half-off deal. This lamp has a POG tag that says an extra 20% off. So, it’s like your savings have just had an energy drink and are going full throttle. The price you pay is the discounted 50% off price, and then you take another 20% off that reduced price. So if the lamp was originally $20, the 50% off makes it $10. Then, take off the extra POG discount of 20% which equals $2. So, you end up paying just $8 for a lamp that started at $20. Now, isn’t that a bright deal?

Find Hidden Treasures on Regular Shelves

Next, say you saw on social media that Dove Body Wash is on clearance for the next DG event. I would not only look in the clearance section, but in the regular ailse. I have found many bodywash and other personal items on the regular shelf that a lot of people miss. 

Surprise Penny Item!

dial soap clearance
dial soap show a penny at dollar general

Scanning things at random is another good way of finding other cheap items. For one, the price may be lower than the tag. Secondly, you may snag a penny item! I have found several penny items doing this. The scan will read 0.00, .01 or see store price.

Orange Is Your New Favorite Color

When you spot an orange clearance tag or sticker, jump on it! It’s like a bat-signal for a clearance sale – maybe on cool home decor or seasonal items. But don’t just watch out for orange, keep an eye out for green, purple, brown tags too! They’re all waving the ‘bargain’ flag.

Sometimes at the Dollar General Clearance Event, other color dots will start to go down in price and you can get deals. For example, some items will also have a % off. Sometime you can buy one and get one free. Again people on social media who get lists will informed you. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Here’s a tip: Keep your eyes on the prize – the clearance stuff. It’s like you’re on a treasure hunt, and those orange stickers are your map. Try hitting up more than one store for the best finds. Better yet, scope out the stores before the clearance event. That way, you’ll know which ones have the stuff you want. Some stores are like a gold mine of deals, while others might be more like a desert. Knowing which is which can save you a lot of time!

Look for Penny Items

Yes, you heard right! Penny items are products that are practically given away. Spotting them is like finding the golden ticket in a chocolate bar. Some stores have so much inventory that it’s easy for them to miss pulling penny items. You can’t walk in asking where they are because they are suppose to pull them. For more information about penny items click here. 

Handle a Rude Manager with Grace

Hey, not everyone has their best day every day, right? If you encounter a less-than-friendly manager, don’t let it sour your shopping experience. Kill ’em with kindness, I always say.

Most times, I meet friendly cashiers and managers. If there’s an issue, they usually help sort it out. Once, I had an item with a clearance tag that wasn’t supposed to be there. It was a clear mix-up. But the manager was cool about it and gave me the discount anyway.

More than What you Bargain for

Some stores toss extra stuff into the clearance to clear out overstock. I’ve found cool things like a 6-pack of paper towels for $1.50, blankets, dishes, you name it, all super cheap. So, check out the DG’s in your area. You never know what you might find!

Finally, Have Fun!

Remember, this is happy shopping. You’re on a treasure hunt, and every great deal you bag is a win.  It’s also a great way to meet other deal shoppers. You can share your experience or share items. Many are loving people. We are all in the same family and that is shopping experts for great deals!

There you have it, folks. Armed with these tips, you’re all set for your first, but definitely not last, adventure at Dollar General. So grab your smartphone, get that DG App, and plunge into the world of digital coupons, clearance items, and orange stickers. Remember, it’s not just about the thrill of the hunt, but the joy of the find. Happy shopping, and may the best deals be yours!

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