A nostalgic and vibrant image of AI 90s yearbook for 50 plus folks.

AI 90s Yearbook: Picture Nostalgia for 50+ Folks

Ah, the 90s! A time when our biggest worry was whether our Tamagotchi had been fed, and our yearbook photos were as permanent as our love for boy bands. But what if I told you that thanks to the latest trend in AI technology, you can now relive those glorious (and sometimes cringe-worthy) yearbook days? Welcome to the world of AI-generated yearbook photos, where nostalgia meets the marvels of modern tech.

The New Trend Taking Social Media by Storm

Recently, a new trend has emerged on social media platforms, captivating users of all ages, especially those over 50 who long for a blast from the past. The Epik AI app, available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, has introduced an AI yearbook feature that’s all the rage. It’s like a time machine for your face, powered by AI filters that can transport you back to your high school days.

How Does it Work?

It’s simpler than figuring out TikTok (no offense, TikTok). The Epik AI photo editor app uses artificial intelligence to generate different images of a person in various 90s styles. Think big hair, questionable fashion choices, and that unmistakable 90s aura. The app offers a standard option and a pro option for those who can’t wait to see their retro alter-ego.

AI 90's picture look on Tic Tok

The Epik Experience: Step-by-Step

Getting your AI-generated yearbook photo is a breeze. First, you download the free app from your respective store (yes, it’s available for both Android devices and iPhones). Then, you can choose to make in-app purchases for more styles or stick with the free version. 


Now of course the free stuff is very limited. Upload your photo (no personal information needed, thank goodness), choose your desired decade, and voila! The app does its thing, offering you a variety of AI images that might make you say, “IDK y I ever wore that!”

older black women compared to her 90's picture in an afro.
The Viral AI Yearbook Trend

Celebrities like Keke Palmer, Bretman Rock, and Megan Young have joined in, posting their AI-generated photos on their social media feed, causing a rapid increase in the app’s popularity. Even NBC News got in on the action, showcasing how these AI avatars are bringing back the good, the bad, and the ‘what were we thinking?’ of 90s fashion.

Why Are 50+ Folks Loving It?

For those of us who remember the early 2000s or even the 90s firsthand, this trend is more than just a novelty.


 It’s a bridge to our younger selves, a chance to see what we’d look like in the yearbook if we had known about K-idol filters or had AI headshots. Plus, it’s a great way to share laughs with friends or shock the kids by showing them what mom or dad looked like back in high school.

I enjoyed using it to apply makeup and make a cartoon version of myself(below). 

A Closer Look at the Features

The Epik AI app doesn’t just stop at yearbook images. It offers an array of different styles, from AI-generated collages to AI avatars. You can experiment with different angles and filters, creating a variety of looks that span the entire decade. The best results come from playing around with the features – because let’s face it, the 90s were all about experimentation.

How I used the Epike AI

I didn’t want to use the pro version which offers more features, so I didn’t do the yearbook AI.  Instead I played around with the free stuff. 

Before picture using the The Epik AI

After downloading the app, I clicked on ‘create’. The app offered features that transformed my face, applying makeup, and altering the shape, contour, and chin, among other things, to craft a whole new look.

picture after editing using the The Epik AI

The Epike did a remarkable makeover, with expertly applied makeup emphasizing longer lashes and a smoother complexion and hazel eyes. 

App's Free Features: Still Fun!

I really enjoyed playing with the cartoon feature. It’s super user-friendly – just a few taps and you’re there. Start on the home page, hit ‘create’, pick your photo, swipe over to the AI filter, and tap on ‘cartoon’. Voilà!

cartoon picture using Epik AI photo editor

This image captures a heartwarming moment between me and my grandson in a stylized cartoon filter, giving it an artistic and playful twist. The soft lines and pastel tones lend a cheerful and light-hearted ambiance to the scene. Both of us are portrayed with a clear sense of joy. 

I love how the digital image shows how my smile is broad and infectious, and my grandson’s focused expression adds a sweet seriousness to the mix. The background is difficult to see that this was a Christmas event. It looks like a casual, everyday setting. I love how this cartoon effect elevates the moment, turning an ordinary snapshot into a piece of cherished digital art.

cartoon picture using Epik AI photo editor

In Conclusion

So, whether you’re a social media user who’s just discovered this latest AI yearbook photo trend or you’re someone who wants to take a trip down memory lane, the Epik AI app is your ticket to the past. It’s more than just an AI generator; it’s a nostalgia machine that brings back the beloved (and sometimes dreaded) high school yearbook snaps in a fun, new way. Remember, it’s not just about looking back; it’s about seeing the past through the lens of the present. And who knows, you might just become the popular kid in the comments section!

In a world where AI technology constantly surprises us, this trip down memory lane is a welcome addition. So go ahead, give it a try, and let your social media feed be a testament to the fact that some trends, like the 90s yearbook, are just too good to be left in the past. And it’s not just about the nostalgia; the app’s other free features offer a playground of creativity. Whether it’s transforming today’s selfies into cartoon classics or experimenting with different AI filters, the possibilities are as fun as they are endless. Engage with these tools to add a splash of innovation to your digital memories.

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4 thoughts on “AI 90s Yearbook: Picture Nostalgia for 50+ Folks”

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! It’s a mixture of fun and scary how AI is progressing but I think if used for a bit of fun, it can be really interesting to see what the end pictures look like!

  2. I love AI software. This year, I didn’t have the time to dress up for my Christmas photoshoot. So my husband used the app with a picture of a couple of weeks ago, dressed me up in a Christmas jumper, and voilà. We had a picture for the Christmas cards. This technology is great!

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