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The Creation Museum in Kentucky

My Day at the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky

Our first stop, Deep in the heartland of the United States, the Creation Museum stands as a testament to the biblical view of the world’s genesis. This 75,000-square-foot museum, located in Petersburg, Kentucky, is an unexpected blend of a natural history museum, planetarium, petting zoo, and biblical theme park. It’s a great place for the whole family. 


On a recent trip, I was excited to see the various exhibits and I am eager to share my Creation Museum review, my favorite places, and tips. 

​Exploring the Creation Museum is a unique mix of learning and fun. It feels like a blend of a traditional natural history museum, a high-tech planetarium, a hands-on petting zoo, and a Bible-themed park. Every part of it is carefully planned to create a full, rich experience.

As good as Top Theme Parks

I felt the Creation Museum was just as impressive as big-name places like Disneyworld and Universal Studios. The attention to detail, immersive exhibits, and overall visitor experience are certainly on par with these esteemed amusement parks.

fax, white male, 3d model-1904646.jpg

The 3-Day Bouncer Pass and Ark Encounter

We started our journey using the 3-day Bouncer pass, allowing us to explore both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. Getting the 3-day Bouncer pass is the best way to say money. The Bouncer Pass allowed us to freely visit both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum as much as we wanted over three days within a week. If you are 60 and above ask about their senior discount. In addition to the senior discount, I highly recommend getting the parking pass. You will end up paying less and getting one day of free parking. Children 10 and under are free! See their site for the admission price here.

The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum is about 40 min from each other. 

The Ark Encounter, a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark built according to Biblical specifications, was an awe-inspiring sight. The colossal structure made the narrative of Noah’s family’s endeavor and the enormity of the Great Flood more tangible and immersive.

Tip #1

It’s a good idea to pick a hotel halfway between The Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum. We stayed near the airport in Florence, Kentucky, which was about 20 minutes from both sites. The area had lots of shopping and eating options, including restaurants, sandwich shops, and fast food. Some of the places nearby are: Some of the nearby places are: Potbelly Sandwich shop, Meijer grocery, Chick-fil-A, Cracker Barrell, McAlister’s, and Lornhorn and many more.

Hotel Hilton Florence Ky one of the rooms.

My Hotel Recommendation

The Hilton Garden Inn in Florence, KY gets my full recommendation. It’s a newer hotel, and it was extremely clean during my visit, thanks to their top-notch housekeeping.

The staff was especially welcoming, always kind, and dedicated to making our stay pleasant.

Besides, the hotel’s excellent location is a major plus. There are lots of shops and various dining options nearby, from different restaurants to sandwich shops. This offers guests many choices to try local food or do some shopping.

dinosaurs at the creation museum

Exploration of the Creation Museum

Our adventure at the Creation Museum began on a bright Thursday morning. Upon arrival, the first building is a bookstore store and this is where we purchased our tickets. It also has a quaint coffee shop, and an auditorium.

This auditorium has guest speakers on various topics, and live shows. Our visit in June brought us fairly pleasant weather; though the late afternoon heat was intense, the interior of the building offered a cool, comfortable retreat. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes

Green leaves and flowers at the creation museum

There were lots of beautiful plants, and sometimes a cool mist would float through them.

The place felt peaceful and friendly among the visitors. Fellow explorers were cordial, often waving, offering to capture a photo, or engaging in friendly conversation. The staff, too, echoed this warmth and friendliness.

The path toward the museum was exceptionally scenic, with several routes to choose from. One trail led us to a charming small zoo, while another took us by a serene lake and through a garden section teeming with beautiful blooms. Depending on your preference, you could either take a longer, more scenic route to the museum or opt for a quicker path. Maps and itineraries were conveniently provided to guide us.

Creation sign towards the creation museum.

The walk to the Creation Museum took about 5-10 minutes. For those who might find the walk challenging, such as the elderly, scooter rentals were available for added convenience. Make sure you have a good water bottle to hydrate. 

In the creation museum, the staff offers to take your picture. You can have a professional backdrop of your choosing. There is a cafe on the top level. It’s more cafeteria style and has both warm foods like hamburgers & fries and cold items like sandwiches, fruit, and lots of sweets, both fattening and healthy foods. We grabbed something to eat and ate outside. They have long screens so no need to worry about flying bugs, but you have the option to actually go outside of that area and be on the outside. There is a wonderful view of the lake. .

What's in the Main Museum?

This particular section of the museum houses the planetarium, a special effects theater, and several exhibits. Please note that the planetarium show isn’t included in the general admission ticket, but you can get a discount if you buy both showings. 

The 3D movie experiences is included with your ticket. With interactive chairs and 3D glasses, it felt a lot like being at Disney World. 

I thoroughly enjoyed these immersive shows and decided to also buy tickets for the planetarium. 

The Planetarium

This room features a massive circular screen, and as the film begins, you can recline in your seat and take in the show.  Just a word of caution though – the setting is so comfortable that I found myself nodding off a few times. I enjoyed the Special Effects Theater and Stargazer Planetarium. 

The theater’s special effects rival Universal Studios, offering an immersive experience of the biblical creation and the Great Flood. Meanwhile, the Stargazer Planetarium show is a journey into the cosmos from a creationist perspective. One of my favorite things was the Great Flood. In 3D mode, it’s like being there. 

Adam and Eve Creation museum

The Main Exhibit

The central exhibit guided us through Creation! This museum explores topics like evolution versus creation, prehistoric life, Adam and Eve, humanity’s fall, and world history. This museum is filled with a lot of information and lots of reading! If you are not a reader, no worries because they do have lots of books covering just about everything in the museum. The integration of creation science throughout these exhibits is a unique aspect of the museum..

Tip #2

All the bookstores have some things similar and some are not. So if you see something you really want it’s best to get it at the bookstore you saw it at. My favorite bookstore was in the first building where tickets are purchased. 

dinosaurs creation museum

Ground Floor of the Creation Exhibit

After exploring the creation exhibit, you’ll find yourself on the lower level and there’s still more to discover. Additional exhibits, such as the dinosaurs and life exhibit, await your attention. The life-size dinosaur skeleton was a particular highlight. Moreover, there are more dining options and another auditorium to check out. The presence of numerous staff members throughout the museum ensures guidance and suggestions are always within easy reach.

Outdoor Experiences and Beautiful Grounds

The museum grounds offer a refreshing change of pace from the indoor exhibits. You’ll find botanical gardens showcasing a diverse array of plants, exciting zip lines for those seeking a thrill, and a petting zoo filled with affable animals offering an enjoyable, relaxed experience. Although the zoo is not as extensive as the one at the Ark Encounter, it remains a delightful part of the visit. Be aware, though, that exploring all these attractions does entail a good deal of walking, so wearing comfortable shoes is highly recommended.

Waterfall at the creation museum

To further enhance your experience, the museum’s scenic trails invite you for leisurely strolls. A variety of beautifully landscaped paths wind through the property, each revealing a different facet of the museum’s extensive grounds.

If you’re interested in flora, you might want to take the path leading through the botanical gardens. The vibrant, meticulously maintained gardens are home to a wide array of plant species, and the presence of placards provides insightful information about the various plants you’ll encounter.

alpaca, camel, furry-4159879.jpg

And while the museum’s grounds are vast, necessitating a fair amount of walking, the beauty and diversity of the surroundings make the journey worthwhile.


The petting zoo, although smaller than its counterpart at the Ark Encounter, is a hit with both children and adults. The animals are well cared for, and you can interact with them up close, which is sure to bring smiles all around.

In short, the Creation Museum’s outdoor activities offer a fun mix of relaxation, learning, and adventure. They’re a nice balance to the indoor exhibits’ deeper learning.

hamburger, burger, barbeque-1238246.jpg

Culinary Experiences

The dining options within the Creation Museum’s premises offer a variety of flavors to cater to diverse taste buds. Alongside Noah’s Café, several other eateries serve a range of dishes, from classic American comfort food to more health-conscious options. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal, a quick snack, or a sweet treat, these establishments have got you covered.

Cafe Creation Museum

Noah's Café

Noah’s Café, in particular, is a standout. The menu includes a broad selection, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Furthermore, they pay special attention to dietary needs and restrictions, so everyone can enjoy a meal worry-free. I did buy the Uncle Leroy’s caramel corn and it was delicious!

Although we didn’t eat a full meal here, the food looked very good. The staff was very friendly. There was plenty of space both indoor and outdoor.  The staff is readily available to answer any queries, make recommendations based on your preferences, and ensure your dining needs are met. You’re charged for each item at the museum’s eateries. We chose to dine at places near our hotel due to its proximity, but we did buy a few snacks at the museum.

snack foods at creation museum

Clean Dining Area

What’s more, the dining areas themselves are clean and comfortable, with options for both indoor and outdoor seating. The overall atmosphere is inviting and relaxed, providing an excellent respite between exploring the various exhibits. We just had snacks since we wanted to wait to eat a full meal after we got back to the hotel. 


In essence, the Creation Museum not only provides an enlightening educational experience but also ensures visitors are well-fed and satisfied during their visit.

The Gift Shop

The gift shop at the Creation Museum is a treasure trove of souvenirs, educational materials, and apparel. Its diverse assortment ensures there’s something for everyone, making it a must-visit before concluding your trip. The Gift Shop located on the second level is the biggest. There are others around the facility but smaller. That being said you may not find every item in all bookstores. There was a particular book I wanted that was only at the bookstore where we purchased our tickets. The main bookstore does offer more toys. They even have bugs in a package that you can purchase to eat! 

gifts from creation museum

For those interested in delving deeper into the themes presented in the museum, a variety of books on creation science are available. These insightful texts offer a further exploration into the intersection of biblical accounts and scientific interpretation, providing valuable resources for continued learning.

Additionally, a range of souvenirs allows you to take a piece of the museum home. These keepsakes come in many forms, from themed keychains and magnets to models of dinosaurs and replicas of Noah’s Ark. Collectibles like these serve as tangible reminders of the memorable experiences had during your visit.

The gift shop also carries a selection of T-shirts, hats, and other apparel items, many of which feature unique designs inspired by the museum’s exhibits. Whether you’re looking for a casual reminder of your visit or a more distinct piece of memorabilia, the clothing options cater to different styles and preferences.

Furthermore, the gift shop staff is always ready to assist, whether you need help finding a specific item, advice on book selections, or just a friendly chat about your museum experience. Their dedication to visitor satisfaction enhances the overall shopping experience.

In summary, the Creation Museum’s gift shop is more than just a place to purchase souvenirs. It’s an extension of the museum experience itself, allowing you to continue your journey of discovery even after you leave the premises.

The Dragon Legends Exhibit

The Dragon Legends exhibit is a fascinating highlight of the Creation Museum. It artfully weaves tales of dragons from various cultures throughout history, exploring their potential connections to dinosaurs from a biblical perspective. This presentation offers a unique lens through which to view these mythic creatures, merging fantasy, history, and biblical interpretation.

The exhibit includes an array of artifacts and displays, each meticulously designed to enhance the experience. It offers detailed information, engaging visual aids, and thought-provoking questions that inspire visitors to ponder the existence of dragons and their possible link to the dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible.

What makes Dragon Legends particularly captivating is how it encourages visitors to view traditional mythologies in a new light. It subtly proposes that the legends of dragons we know from various cultures might be rooted in historical encounters with real creatures – perhaps even dinosaurs.

This exhibit is a perfect example of the museum’s broader mission to combine scientific understanding with biblical teachings. It’s a standout display that not only intrigues but also invites visitors to engage with history, mythology, and the Bible in a fresh way.

Whether you’re a fan of mythical creatures, interested in history, or keen to explore a unique perspective on biblical accounts, the Dragon Legends exhibit is a must-see during your visit to the Creation Museum. It is both an intellectual treat and a visual delight that leaves a lasting impression.

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The Crowds

When we first arrived on Thursday morning, it was a decent crowd but not overly crowded. As we went to the various attractions there were more people but not overwhelming. We left midday to get something to eat then returned around 4 pm. To our amazement, It was a much lighter crowd. We were able to look at more exhibits without a lot of people waiting for us to move on. We are readers so it’s just fun to take our time to read and take pictures. You can make it a day trip and see as much as you can if you get there when it first open. In my opinion, the Creature Museum has more things to view and this is why we did this place in two days and the Ark Encounter once. 


If you can go later, it was a better experience not having to deal with a lot of people. You will have more freedom to move about more slowly. The downside is there may not be as many food stands open if you want to grab a snack.

earth, blue planet, globe-2841056.jpg

The Creation Museum Experience

The Creation Museum offers a uniquely engaging and interactive experience. Regardless of your Christian faith or belief in creation science, you will find yourself considering different viewpoints and appreciating the passion behind this extraordinary museum. It is a good time for the entire family and certainly worth a visit. There were several groups on field trips that I had seen. This return visit to the Creation Museum was as enlightening as the first, presenting a narrative not just about the pages of the Bible, but also about the people who hold a deep faith in them. From Noah’s Ark to the Grand Canyon, this immersive journey through biblical history makes the Creation Museum a truly unique attraction.

Diving into Time, Science, and Faith: The Unique Journey at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum offers more than just exhibits; it presents an immersive journey through time, science, and faith that is truly one-of-a-kind. Regardless of your personal beliefs or level of familiarity with creation science or Christian faith, you’ll find the experience thought-provoking. It has a way of opening minds to new perspectives, all while appreciating the fervor and dedication that went into building this extraordinary establishment.

The museum creates an inclusive environment that caters to all ages, making it an excellent outing for families. The interactive exhibits are designed to engage children and adults alike, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to see groups of schoolchildren on field trips, further attesting to the educational value the museum provides.

Celebrating Faith: Beyond Biblical Narratives

The museum is more than a retelling of biblical stories; it’s a celebration of the enduring faith of those who believe in them.  

One performance was an engaging skit featuring a cast of highly skilled actors. This skit was located in the first building that sold tickets. 

What captivated me about this place was its accessible depiction of the creation story. It utilized a mix of skits, interactive exhibits, lectures, films, and other engaging methods to make the narrative easy to comprehend.


The journey it presents is wide-ranging, from the meticulous reconstruction of Noah’s Ark to the visually stunning exhibit on the Grand Canyon. These exhibits allow you to walk through biblical history, offering an interactive, immersive experience that is not available elsewhere.

Enhancing the Experience: Gardens, Dining, and Shopping

Beyond the exhibits, the museum’s beautiful grounds and facilities — including gardens, eateries, and a gift shop — contribute to a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the typical museum visit. Whether you’re exploring the botanical gardens, dining at Noah’s Café, or shopping for souvenirs, every part of your visit provides an opportunity to create lasting memories.

In conclusion, the Creation Museum offers an enriching, engaging, and inclusive experience that allows visitors to explore biblical history in a unique and immersive way. Whether you’re deeply religious, simply curious, or just seeking a novel, family-friendly activity, a visit to the Creation Museum is a journey worth undertaking.

Your Questions Answered: A Guide to the Creation Museum

Got questions about the Creation Museum? I’ve got answers. This guide gives you the quick lowdown on what to expect, from dino exhibits to how it lines up (or doesn’t) with regular science. Plus, some handy tips for your visit. No fluff, just the facts.

What is the Creation Museum?

It’s a museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, that presents a young Earth creationist perspective, interpreting the origins of the universe, life, mankind, and history according to the literal reading of the Book of Genesis.

How long does it take to visit the Creation Museum?

The time it takes to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, can vary depending on how thoroughly you want to explore the exhibits and participate in activities. Generally, visitors might spend anywhere from 2 to 4 hours touring the museum.

If you’re the kind who loves to read every informational plaque, engage deeply with the exhibits, and perhaps sit in on presentations or shows, you could easily spend the better part of your day there. On the other hand, if you’re more of a ‘glance-and-go’ visitor, you might move through more quickly.

My husband and I did the Bouncer Pass which is good for 3 days. We spent one day at The Ark Encounter, and 2 days at the Creation Museum. I felt there was a lot more to cover at the Creation Museum and we are readers. 

What kind of exhibits can I expect to see at the Creation Museum?

Look forward to seeing a cool mix of stuff at the museum – from classic dino bones and pretty gardens to scenes right out of the Bible, like the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Ark. Plus, there’s a neat 3D movie and a big-screen show in the Planetarium. Lots to see and do!

What If I am older and can't walk for long?
  1. Wheelchair Accessibility: The museum is wheelchair accessible, which can be a great help if walking long distances is tough. You might want to check if they offer wheelchair rentals or bring your own.

  2. Frequent Resting Spots: Look for benches or seating areas where you can take breaks. Museums often have these in exhibit areas.

  3. Plan Your Visit: Check out the museum map beforehand. This way, you can identify the exhibits you’re most interested in and plan a route that minimizes walking.

  4. Pacing Yourself: Take it easy and go at your own pace. There’s no rush to see everything all at once.

  5. Ask for Assistance: Don’t hesitate to ask museum staff for help or advice on the best way to navigate the museum with limited mobility.

Does the Creation Museum believe in dinosaurs, and if so, how do they fit into its narrative?

Yes, they do believe in dinosaurs. They present them as creatures that coexisted with humans and were present on Noah’s Ark.

How does the Creation Museum’s perspective differ from mainstream scientific views?

Mainstream science supports theories like evolution and an old Earth, while the Creation Museum advocates for a young Earth and denies evolution, aligning with a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Is the Creation Museum appropriate for children?

Yes, it’s designed to be family-friendly, with many exhibits specifically aimed at children.

Can you visit the Creation Museum and the nearby Ark Encounter on the same day?

Yeah, you could visit both in one day, but it’s pretty packed since there’s tons to see. I wouldn’t suggest cramming both into one day. Better to grab the 3-day pass or spend a full day at each park. Gives you more time to see everything without the rush.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on your age and the type of package you get. Kids 10 and under are free. For a detail list including the 3 day pass click here. 

Are there educational programs or resources available at the Creation Museum?

Yes, they offer various workshops, presentations, and educational materials, often with a focus on a Christian perspective. 

Remember, the Creation Museum is a unique blend of religion, science, and entertainment, and it’s a topic that often generates lively discussions and differing opinions! Any comments or questions, please write us below.

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