Guide to Dollar General Remodels and What They Mean

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The Meaning of a Dollar General Remodel.

Here is a quick guide to understanding a Dollar General remodel. A Dollar General remodel is when the store changes into a NCI (non-consumable initiative) store. They are getting rid of hanging clothes, some underwear, socks, personal items, kitchen items, shoes, hair supplies and a number of other things. According to Drug Store News, “The discounter also reiterated plans to open 1,050 stores in 2021 along with remodeling 1,750 locations. It will also relocate 100 stores.” This article was written in 2021 and as of 2022, they are still remodeling stores. 

How is the NCI store different from a regular Dollar General?

The Dollar General remodel is causing major changes to the stores. This discount store will no longer have hanging clothes, and most shoes will be removed. DG is refreshing its brand with new and complementary offerings in key categories such as home, domestics, housewares, and party items. You will normally see a DG Home sign and a middle section with lots of new home items. They are also creating stores called Pop Shelf and more market stores. Popshelf has home goods, party supplies and items that carry products from Dollar General’s private brands. Dollar General has recently opened a Popshelf store aimed at wealthier, suburban shoppers who enjoy convenience of shopping in their local neighborhood.

What happens during a Remodel?

If you have a store that still has hanging clothes more than likely it will remodel soon. Clothes will start to reduce in price. It may go from 50,70 and sometimes 85% off. As it gets closer to the remodel date, the clothes and shoes will decrease in price.  This also includes shoes, underwear, weights, and just about anything that will be removed.

The week before the remodel, all the items that will be removed (for the remodel) will be a penny. This is why people will line up as early as 4 am to stand in line waiting for the store to open to grab all the penny items. Some stores are good at removing all the penny items while others don’t have a clue. Some stores will get a list, but from my experienced everything is not on that list. In other words, the managers don’t know everything that will penny.

POG tag, Dollar general Clearance Event and remodels
How do you know when your store will remodel?

You can tell a store will remodel if they have lots of orange tags on the items I mentioned above. Some stores do not tag. You can also find out by:

  • The sales of the clothes and other items will be a penny.
  • The manager may mention the store is about to remodel.
  • If the manager talks about it or you ask, it’s ok to find out the remodel date.
  • It’s not ok to ask about pennies. Do not mention anything about pennies!
  • Finding out the remodel date will help you to know when the store will penny.

For example, If the manager says, the remodel date is October 9th. Then the items will be a penny the week before.

  • Some people have lists of stores that will be remodeled.
  • Items turn a penny on Sundays. It normally will remain a penny for a couple of weeks. This means you can go in the store and still find items but the best time is Sunday when the store opens since most people will find the majority of items then.
How to prepare for a remodel?

There are lots of resources to help you to prepare for a remodel. Visuals are a major key. There are a number of Facebook groups and Youtube videos that show remodel videos and what people got. Then it’s just a matter of going to the remodel early and standing in line. Most of the time people are friendly and are willing to share/trade what they find. You should also:

  • Bring big garbage bags or something heavy.
  • You may not get a cart if you are not early enough.
  • Bring someone to help.
  • Have the DG app on your phone so you can double check the prices. (DG APP info).
Dollar General can make your remodel easier with the help of a mobile app.

Once you know how to use the DG app, it’s good to save some of the UPC numbers that are found on the tags of the items or package. Having the UPC information saved and checking early in the morning (the week before the remodel date), will let you know for sure the store has remodel. For instance, if you have a list of the items saved on the DG app, check early in the morning. Sometimes an update can be anytime after midnight. I like to check around 3 a.m. If the app shows 0.00 or if you scan and it’s 0.00 or 0.01, then you know to be at the store before it opens. 

Have a few items saved in your list on the DG app and note the price a few days before or the day before. Some things to add (I have some below) are clothes, underwear, and shoes. 

Other Items to Add for the Remodel

If you can visit the store and it has the orange tags up, you can scan and add these items to the DG list. Then screenshot so you will know what remodel items are on your list and the current price.  Once you check on Sunday morning (week before the remodel date) and those items that had prices are now showing 0.00 or 0.01, then the items have pennied. Get to the store early. If you can’t get to the store some people post videos. 

Here is a list of UPC’s you can save. You can save on your DG App.

Go to DG app->click home–>the scanner is at the top. Scan item->click add to list. To see list go to account->shopping list. Check the list and add as many UPCs as you can of items that will turn a penny before the remodel date. You can also periodically check by just adding the UPC # in the barcode to check the price.


DG upc codes for remodel

Visual of kid shoes.

DG UPC number for kid shoes remodel
adult shoes dollar general upc tag remodel
Dollar General Remodel Pros and Cons


  • Nearly free stuff
  • Good way to give to those in need
  • Save a lot of money for gifts
  • Stocking up
  • Giving to family members
  • Could sale items and earn some extra cash
  • Store will miss a lot of items that are not on their list.


Getting up early in the morning

Traveling far if you know of one that is not near your home

Some people can be bullies

Waiting for hours

A bit stressful

  • Store pulling most things (this is what they are supposed to do).
  • Some items that use to penny at remodels no longer do.

In other words, scan everything. Items can also be a penny at one remodel and may not at another. 

my resources to other links

Finding penny items at Dollar General is not hard once you learn how.

There are TONS of penny items out there at Dollar General. It takes a lot of patience and searching. If you are consistent enough, you will find items.

Feeling like a failure when you don’t find pennies when you try and try can make you give up.

Two YouTubers that have excellent visuals for remodels:

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