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Making Money Doing Surveys Online

Looking to make some extra money from home? Online surveys are a hot pick. Thanks to tech, it’s super easy to share your opinions and get paid for it. So, in this article, we’re diving into how you can earn cash with online surveys. Simple as that!

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Why Do Companies Need Surveys?

So, here’s how it works. Survey companies collect info by doing surveys for other businesses. These clients want to know what people like you think so they can make better stuff. Some stores even use customer reviews to come up with new and improved products. Because of this, taking part in surveys can actually help make products better. All in all, your voice matters, so why not get in on the action?

Find Legitimate Survey Sites

So, you’re keen on cashing in with online surveys, huh? Well, first off, you gotta find the legit sites. Steer clear of any that ask for your hard-earned money just to take their surveys. Trust me, the reputable ones won’t charge you a cent. Instead, they’ll give you the lowdown on how to jump in and start earning rewards. Moreover, I’ve been vibing with some really good survey sites for years, and I’ll list them for you below. All in all, it’s as simple as that!

So, some companies really value your time and energy. To give you a heads-up, this chart shows what the good ones typically pay. There you have it!

Survey DurationPayment
3 min$2.50
10 min$1.00
15 min$2.25
20 min$1 to $5.00
20-30 min$8.00
40 min (video)1000 points ($10.00)

Create a profile to Complete Online Surveys

Alright, so you’ve found some legit survey sites. Next up, you’ll wanna set up a profile. Just fill in some basic stuff like your age, gender, and where you live. The more you share, the better your chances of getting picked for surveys. Plus, some sites might ask for extra details like your job or how much you make to match you with the right surveys. And there you go, you’re all set to start!

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Check for Available Surveys

Okay, so you’ve got your profile ready. What comes next? Keep an eye on your email, ’cause most sites will let you know when they’ve got new surveys up for grabs. Or, you could just log in and see what’s available right on the site. Now, here’s the kicker: act fast. Some surveys have only a few spots, so speed is key. And the more you do, the more you can rake in those rewards. And just like that, you’re on your way!

Fill out surveys truthfully and carefully.

So, when you’re taking surveys, it’s super important to be honest and accurate. Why? Because these sites use your answers to get useful info about all sorts of things, like products or services. If you give fake or sloppy answers, it messes up the data, and you might miss out on rewards. So make sure to read each question well and answer as best you can. Just like that, you’re helping out and getting rewarded for it!

Cash in your rewards.

So, you take surveys and you get rewards—things like cash, gift cards, or points you can swap for goodies. Make sure to check out how each site’s reward system works and what the minimum amount is you need to cash out. When it comes to actually getting your rewards, it can differ from site to site. Some might use PayPal, others could send you a check, or even do a direct deposit. And there you have it, you’re ready to enjoy your rewards!

Participate in Focus Groups

In addition to taking online surveys, you can participate in focus groups, which involve small groups of people providing feedback on specific products, services, or marketing strategies. Focus groups usually provide higher rewards than online surveys but require more time and effort. Click below for a list of focus groups.

Survey Company List

Taking surveys not only lets you pocket some extra cash but also helps companies ensure they’re on the right track in meeting customer needs. Furthermore, surveys offer a glimpse into what customers expect and prefer. So, when you participate in surveys, you’re essentially getting paid for sharing your valuable opinions.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy sends a nice about of surveys and most are $1 to $2 per survey. They also offer special projects that can earn you $50 plus.

Product Report Card

Product Report Card  is one of my favorites companies to work with. When I first started with this company, I was placed in a $125 project.

This company has enabled me to take part in several tester products for valuable compensation.

Lifepoints Panel

Lifepoints Panel took over Mysurvey and  Globalmarket (which was one of my favorites). They have also been around for years. I can vouch that it’s a good company although I have not scored as many points since the merger. It could be because I don’t do a lot of surveys like I used to with them. They have projects within their surveys that will allow you to earn more money. 


EPOL has some very interesting surveys. I don’t receive a lot of emails from them, but they offer big points per survey. Points are converted to gift cards, gifts, cash, and a list of various products. I notice that their surveys can be time sensitive meaning if they fill up with their quota you will not be able to complete. It’s best to do surveys right away from this company. 


I-Say is another one I have been with for many years. They send out a lot of surveys. Of course the more you do, the more money you will make. The number of points required to redeem rewards also varies, but generally, you can redeem 500 points for a $5 gift card or $5 PayPal payment. You can get into big projects that will enable you to earn more. 


E-Rewards rewards has improved over the years. You also make points which can be converted to the list of items offered on their website. In the United States, members can redeem e-Rewards currency for gift cards to retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Target, as well as for airline miles, hotel points, and magazine subscriptions.

Viewpoint Forum

Viewpoint Forum is a survey company that I don’t get many surveys from them, but they are pretty good. This is another company that may offer special projects that involves testing of products in which you can earn more money.

You will be alerted via email when there is a survey that requires your response. 

Spring Board America

Spring Board This is one of my favorite survey companies. They offer high value money per survey. They also have exciting projects that you may have an opportunity to do. Once you reach 5000 points, you will be able to cash out or choose from a list of items from their website. 


E-Search  do not send out many surveys, but they do they offer a high value amount per survey and opportunity for higher paid projects. E-search pays through PayPal so make sure you have an account set-up. Each survey may be 1-2 dollars or more.



So, here’s the deal with Intellizoom. First up, it’s different because you record your answers. Yep, you heard right! To get started, you take a recording test. Just be yourself, speak clearly, and share your thoughts. They even show you examples to guide you.


Earnings Galore

Next, once you pass, they send a ton of surveys your way. Now, the money part: your earnings vary based on the project, where you’re located, and who you are. Generally, you can make $5 to $20 per survey. But sometimes, you might hit the jackpot with surveys worth $30 or more. All in all, Intellizoom offers a unique and potentially lucrative survey experience.

American Consumer Opinion Panel

ACOP is another good company with projects. This company has been around for many years. I love during surveys for them because they are never too long and an open door for special projects. Once you are accepted into special projects, you earn more money.

To be able to redeem Points, your account must have a minimum balance of 1,000 Points.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute

So, this survey company hooks you up with $2-5 for each survey you finish. Nice, right? They send the cash straight to your PayPal account. I get a pretty good number of surveys from them, I gotta say. Now, not all will be a perfect match for you. Some you’ll qualify for, others not so much. But hey, the screening quiz is super quick.


Solid Pay

I really like doing their surveys. The pay rate is solid. Sure, some questions might make you think a bit, but as long as you read carefully and answer honestly, you’ll do just fine. And that’s the lowdown!


When I first signed up for DScout I made $75. I was able to complete mini-surveys for $5 that took a few minutes. For more information about Dscout click here.

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Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research sounds like a pretty big deal in the survey game! So, first of all, let’s talk pedigree. Link to the sign up page here.

Peacock Pedigree

So, being part of the Nielsen group is a big deal. I mean, Nielsen is like a rock star in the data world. They’ve been around for ages. Pinecone Research being in that family? That’s like instant cool points. It gives them real credibility from the get-go. And that’s why people trust ’em.

Survey LeBron

Alright, let’s talk about them being a top dog in the industry. That’s huge! Being called one of America’s most trusted survey companies, and by a big name like Roper ASW no less, is a big win. It’s like being the LeBron James of surveys: always on point and you can count on them. So yeah, they’re the real deal.

Trustworthy Sundae

So, as if all that wasn’t enough, they’ve got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s like the cherry on a sundae of trustworthiness. An A+ rating is basically like getting a gold star back in school. It shows they’re playing by the rules and doing everything right. So, another reason to trust ’em!

Premium Earnings

Alright, let’s switch it up and talk money. Earning $3-5 for each survey? Not too shabby. That’s basically your morning coffee covered with just a few clicks. 

VIP Experience

And let’s be clear, this isn’t some basic survey site. Nah, Pinecone Research is the VIP of survey gigs. Think of it like scoring front-row tickets instead of sitting in the nosebleeds. So yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Not Easy to Get In

However, there’s a small catch, and it’s a bit like a secret society: it’s invite-only. But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? If you keep an eye out, they do advertise from time to time, giving folks a golden ticket to join their panel. So, it’s not as elusive as, say, finding a unicorn, but you do have to be on the lookout. If you’re into surveys, bookmarking this page sounds like a no-brainer. When the doors open, you’ll want to be first in line. 🎟️

Great Experience

So, all in all, if surveys are your jam, Pinecone Research seems like it’s well worth your time. It’s got pedigree, credibility, and a bit of an exclusive vibe—all the ingredients for a top-notch survey experience.

National Consumer Panel (NCP)

The National Consumer Panel

Alright, so here’s the deal. This company is rock solid, backed by two big names: Nielsen IQ and IRI. They collect info on your shopping habits to help companies make smarter choices, like what products to roll out or improve.

Point Perks

Now, let’s talk rewards. You get points for sending in your shopping data every week. But wait, there’s more! You get birthday points and even loyalty points for sticking with them. Plus, they throw in bonuses if you’re consistent with your scanning.

So, what can you do with those points? Turn ’em into cash, gift cards, or cool gifts. Speaking from experience, I’ve snagged some pretty sweet stuff like a back massager, a slow cooker, blenders, and a ton of gift cards. So yeah, it’s a win-win.

Prolific Research

Prolific Research

Alright, shifting gears a bit. This is the one company I haven’t teamed up with yet. But don’t let that fool ya, I’ve heard some rave reviews about them.

I tried to jump on board and initially got put on a waiting list. But guess what? The very next day, I got the green light to apply. Managed to knock out a few surveys and, let me tell ya, the payouts are decent. Stay tuned, I’ll spill more tea as I get to know this group better.

Recent Earnings and Method of Payment

The amount listed only reflects funds that have been directly sent to me, not the total balance in my accounts. A lot of what you earn is deposited into your account and you simply request the funds when you are ready. 

Recent survey/projIncentives
Private Community$85
Special Project$100
Special Project$130
Special Community$20
Special Project$20 PayPal

Why You Should Complete Surveys

So, listen up. Surveys are a piece of cake and a quick way to snag some cash. Companies are always on the hunt for folks like you to answer their questions. Transitioning here, you don’t need any special skills or background. So, it’s a low-key way to add some bucks to your wallet when you’ve got a moment to spare.

Big Bucks & Freebies

Now, here’s the fun part. You can also score free stuff from companies who are dying to know what you think. They wanna make their products or services better, and your two cents can help ’em out.

And get this, if you’re looking for the big bucks, surveys can be your golden ticket. There are projects out there that can toss a couple hundred your way in a single day or even set you up with some sweet, sweet passive income. How’s that for awesome?

More Survey Companies

Survey Voices

Join Survey Voices for free, and you’ll get to take paid surveys that put money in your pocket. Plus, they’ll show you special offers you can grab just for sharing your thoughts. And if you’re up for more, they’ve got clinical trials and part-time gigs lined up for you too. No strings attached, join in only if you feel like it!

Your Survey

Your Survey is like the easy-going friend of survey panels. First off, they save your profile, so no annoying repeat questions. Privacy? They’ve got that locked down—no selling your info.


Teen Friendly

You’ve gotta be 13 to join, and don’t forget to peek at their privacy policy. To get paid, fully qualify and finish a survey; keep your answers legit to increase your odds. But don’t try to game the system—fake answers will get you kicked out and cost you your earnings. Keep it real, and you’re all set!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie’s been in the game for a while, so they know what they’re doing. First, you make a profile and they’ll hook you up with surveys that fit you. Fill ’em out, rack up some virtual points, and then cash those in for PayPal money or e-Gift cards. Easy peasy, right?

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is all about that cold, hard cash—no messing around with points. Sign up and boom, you get an instant $5. Then, you can make more money by taking surveys, shopping with cash back, trying out new apps and products, playing games, and more. Yep, you earn actual cash, not some virtual point system!


Wanna turn your free time into money and gift cards? With GrabPoints, just make an account, finish your profile, and you’ll score your first reward. From there, you can keep the good vibes going by taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, or even gaming. When you’re ready to cash out, pick from a ton of cash or gift card options. Simple as that!


With Zoombuck, making money is a breeze. Just take surveys, watch some TV, and check out special offers. Advertisers are looking for people like you to engage with their stuff, and in return, you get rewarded with gift cards and cash. It’s a win-win!


 GCLoot It’s super easy to make money. Just take some surveys, check out offers, or watch videos to rack up points. Then, cash those points in for Amazon, Paypal, VISA, Roblox, Steam, and more—all credited to you in just 5 minutes. 

Instant Gains

Each offer could net you up to $40.50! Just make sure to read the offer details and keep it real if you’re answering survey questions. Once you’ve got enough points, snag a reward and expect it within two business days. Keep at it, and you’ll even unlock instant payouts. How cool is that?

Opinion Inn

Got opinions? Get paid for ’em at OpinionInn! Just complete some surveys and you’ll earn cash that goes straight into your Opinion Inn account. Once you hit the $25 minimum, you can cash out via PayPal. Easy money, right?

ESurvey Box

eSurvey Box is a fresh face in the survey game. While it won’t replace your day job, you can snag some sweet discounts on big-name brands. The pay for their surveys might not make you rich, but stay consistent and you’ll start getting offers for better-paying surveys.


 FreeCryptoRewards  start making points by taking surveys, watching videos, or completing offers. Cash in those points for Amazon, PayPal, VISA, Roblox, Steam, and more—all credited in just 5 minutes. The deal’s sealed when you sign up and hit that 5000-point mark.

Survey Voices

Sign up with Survey Voices for free, no fuss. Just give your email and answer a few questions to get started. They’ll pair you with high-paying surveys that fit your profile. Gotta be 18 or older to join, though. Being part of their community means you’ll get to work with legit survey companies and researchers. Share your thoughts, and get cash and rewards for your time. Easy as pie!


Survey Soda get connected with survey companies. After you sign up and answer some profile questions, they’ll shoot you surveys that fit your interests. Finish a survey, and you get rewards like cash or prizes. The more companies you join and surveys you qualify for, the more money you can make. It’s that straightforward


Looking to make some extra dough in your free time? Check out PaidSurveyPro. With its easy-to-use interface and high payouts, it’s a go-to spot for anyone wanting to earn more cash. And hey, according to Pew Research, most Americans have a smartphone or computer, so pretty much everyone can jump in and start making money with surveys.

iSurvey GO

Want to earn cash without leaving the house? ISurvey Go is another one that you can earn money by taking some surveys! Just make sure you’re at least 16 to get started.


GiftCardQuiz will get you halfway to winning a gift card once you sign with them. They kickstart your earnings with an automatic $5 just for joining. Take a quick quiz, give some info, and earn an extra $4 to hit the $9 mark. Then, you’re good to cash out.


Want to make some extra cash from home? Check out SurveyLama. Take online surveys and you could pocket up to $20 each, maybe even raking in $350 a month. If you’re 18 or older and live in the US, this is for you—especially if you’ve got some free time, like online shopping, or just want a side hustle. You get paid for each completed survey, and you can keep taking more to add up the bucks!

Prime Insights

Got opinions? Make them pay with Prime Insights ! Businesses are ready to drop some cash for your thoughts. You could rake in up to $5 for each survey you take. Easy money!

Real Surveys That Pay

With Real Surveys That Pay, it’s not just surveys that fill your pockets. Watch videos or finish special offers from advertisers, and you’ll earn even more goodies. More ways to earn, more fun!


Wanna turn opinions into cash? MakeSurveyMoney is the spot for you. If you’re between 18-65 and like sharing your thoughts, you can make money just by taking their surveys. Your views are worth something here!

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“This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.”

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