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How I Scored Big at Dollar General's Clearance Event

As someone who’s over 50 and always looking for smart ways to stretch a dollar, especially after retirement, I’ve learned that bargain hunting isn’t just about saving money—it’s about making the most of your budget in a fun and engaging way. 

When I discovered the Dollar General Clearance Event, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to stock up on necessities without breaking the bank. The thrill of finding great deals not only helps keep my finances in check, but also adds a playful twist to what could be just another mundane shopping trip. Here’s a rundown of how I navigated the savings with a mix of excitement and strategy, ensuring that each purchase was as cost-effective as it was satisfying.

Dollar General app to scan to find pennies at Dollar General

Preparation is key, and the Dollar General app became my trusty sidekick. Using the app will help you to see what the cost is of the clearance items. It will also allow you to see if a price isn’t half off, you can let the cashier know so they can adjust the price. 

tide clearance tag dollar general

An example of this is the Tide sticker that says $4.45. During a clearance event this should be half off making it $2.23. But say you check the DG App and it is still showing $4.45, you can let the cashier know so they can reduce it to the right price. 

Dollar General hosts these special clearance events multiple times throughout the year, typically running from Friday to Sunday. At the time of writing, the most recent event lasted an entire week. During these events, items in the clearance section, which are already reduced, receive an additional 50% off. Moreover, many stores also bring out items from the back to sell at half price. For more information see my detailed article here. 

The DG App is also great for finding surprise pennies. The cashiers are clearing out what’s in their inventory and often there are pennies! 

Some stores may not have the best connection so feel free to have them scan the price for you on clearance items.

Storewide Savings Extravaganza

clearance items at dollar general deodorant, toothbrush, maxi pads , soap.

Once at the store, I immersed myself in the clearance sections, which are typically teeming with deals that don’t compromise on quality. From household staples to a few luxury items, the variety was impressive. I focused on stocking up on personal items and toys for my grandkids this time. In this photo the Kotex maxi pads were only $1.13,  the deodorant was a couple of dollars and some change. I had coupons for the toothbushes making one free with overage. 

coupon example at DG using the app

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to use the app to snag a deal.  This photo shows a scan of the Febreze product to reveal a $5 coupon. You’ll see an option to add this coupon directly to your DG account by clicking a button.

When you’re ready to check out, simply enter the phone number associated with your account at the register. This will automatically apply the $5 coupon to your purchase.

Coupon Mastery

Some people take frugality to the next level by clipping coupons and loading digital coupons onto the DG app. I confess, I haven’t fully embraced this approach. Instead, I mainly stick to using the DG app to select coupons before checking out. It’s pretty straightforward—just scan the item, and if there’s a coupon available, it pops up right there. For instance, I once found toothbrushes on clearance, and when I scanned them, a $3.00 coupon appeared. I applied it, making the toothbrushes even cheaper than their clearance price.

This time my goal was to stock up on personal care items. I mainly scanned items that was in that category to check to see can I attach any coupons from the DG app. 

At checkout, the anticipation of seeing the total savings tally up was exhilarating. Each beep of the scanner was a reminder of the smart choices made along the way, from selecting substitute items to applying the right combination of coupons. The final amount saved was a testament to the effectiveness of combining old-school couponing with modern digital tools.

Why pay $8 bucks when you can pay .70 for Kotex pads? Or buy your grandkids some neat toys for a couple of bucks instead of $5-6 per toy? 

Triumphant Shopping Experience

Kid toys clearance dollar general clearance event

After such a successful haul, the journey home felt like a victory lap. The experience was not just about the items in my bags but about the satisfaction of securing them at unbeatable prices. This approach to shopping, especially important in retirement, turns every dollar spent into an investment in both financial well-being and personal happiness. It’s a reminder that being frugal doesn’t mean skimping on quality of life—it means enhancing it, one deal at a time.  This item was about $2.45. It was a toy in the clearance section.

Preparing with the Dollar General App

When using the Dollar General App,  make sure you have the correct location in the app. Sometimes the app will ask you to update store. Once you click yes, then you will have the right store location. See my DG Dollar General App and how to use here

crates of dollar general event clearaance items

The Thrill of the Clearance Section

Arriving early, I made a beeline for the clearance section. Dollar General’s clearance events are well-known for offering substantial markdowns on everything from household items to seasonal goods.  Some stores will have big crates full of clearance items in the front of the store or a dedicated section.

Clearance Event Variations

The items you’ll find can differ greatly depending on the store. While some stores might not even realize there’s a clearance event going on, others might have special displays at the front of the store showcasing the discounted items.  Some stores will add additional items in the clearance to get it out of their store. 

The Thrill of the Hunt

I take my time, carefully examining each section to ensure I don’t overlook any potential savings. It’s thrilling to piece together the discounts, stacking my finds with coupons and special offers from the DG app, which often turns these already low prices into unbelievable bargains. 

Be Informed

Besides leveraging manufacturer coupons and hunting for the best discounts, many people excel at sharing deals with others. Kristie’s Connections on YouTube is a fantastic resource for comparing different coupons. However, if you’re not able to review or keep track of all the deals, just use the app to scan your items. If a coupon is available, it will show up.  Simply click on it to add it to your account.

Furthermore, I take advantage of the Dollar General’s unique coupon policies, which sometimes allow for overages—where the coupon value exceeds the product price, resulting in extra savings that can be applied to other items in your cart. 

How does this work? Say you buy toothpaste that is on clearance for $2. If there is a $3 coupon, there will be a $1 overage. That $1 will be used for your other purchases. 

This not only stretches each dollar further but also adds a layer of satisfaction to the shopping experience, knowing you’ve maximized every potential discount available. It’s a proactive approach that rewards preparation and a keen eye for combining deals, turning an ordinary shopping trip into a strategic money-saving mission.

surprise pennies gray and blue dot dollar general

Enjoying Surprise Pennies

Sometimes when looking in the clearance section, it is easy to find penny items! Keep handy the general penny list that you have accumulated the weeks before. Most Dollar General clearance will start on Friday mornings. On my recent clearance event, I was able to find gray and blue dot pennies. I was also able to find some beautiful wall art surprise pennies. 

Read about penny shopping here.

What I Scored at the Recent Clearance

Here’s a chart that shows some of the things that I purchased at one store.

ItemQuantityClearance PriceCoupon UsedPrice Paid
KOTEX 26 Count1$3.70$3.00$0.70
KOTEXU BLNC U/T REG 361$3.70None$3.70
OLAY SOAP ULT MOIST-23$1.90 eachNone$1.90 each
SEC OL AP/DEO ARGAN OIL1$2.80None$2.80
OS AP/DEODORANT2$2.70 eachNone$2.70 each
IVORY DEO HINT/LAV-2.42$2.70 eachNone$2.70 each
SEC OL AP/DEO GEL PWD-2.61$2.80None$2.80
SEC OL AP/DEO ARGAN OIL1$2.80None$2.80
ORAL-B INDICATOR TB-S 2PK3$1.50 each$2.00 each$-0.50 each
RX A/BAC DARK STRIPS1$0.90None$0.90
TL LIQ DSH GRN APPLE 56OZ1$2.02None$2.02
GE LED 40W CLR FAN BLB1$1.80None$1.80

Diverse Savings Galore

At the recent Dollar General clearance event, I was thrilled to find an array of products that spanned several categories—all at deeply discounted prices. I was able to purchase feminine care products, toys, and other personal items for a fraction of their usual cost. The feminine care items, which are essentials for many, were available at prices that made stocking up an easy decision

Kid toy, book and penny item at dollar general clearance event

Additionally, the toys section was a goldmine, offering various items perfect for gifting or for keeping little ones entertained at home.

Beyond these, I also found great deals on household essentials like cleaning supplies and toiletries. Each aisle presented a new opportunity to save on products that make everyday life a little easier and more enjoyable. It’s amazing how much you can save when you time your shopping around such events, turning necessary expenditures into savvy purchases. Some items are way cheaper than Walmart.

Final Reflections

For those of us over 50, looking to cut costs without sacrificing quality, events like the Dollar General Clearance Event are a goldmine. They offer a fun, engaging way to shop while ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent. Regular visits can lead to incredible finds, from kitchen essentials to unexpected treasures like seasonal decor.

So if you’re in retirement or simply aiming to reduce your spending, keep an eye out for these clearance events. With a little preparation and the right tools, you can turn shopping into an enjoyable and fruitful adventure, proving that being budget-conscious doesn’t mean missing out on the good stuff!

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6 thoughts on “How I Scored Big at Dollar General’s Clearance Event”

  1. The dollar general clearance event sounds like a great way to save money while stocking up on essentials! I’m going to check and see when the next one will be. I’m also going to take a look at their app! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. When I didn’t have to work on Tuesdays, I used to hit all of our local Dollar General stores for all their penny deals. It became such a fun experience for the kids and me. I loved it with a passion.
    Now I’m like you and do my best to take advantage of coupons and catch penny deals as I can.

  3. As someone who used to work at Dollar General, I LOVED the clerence sales! My favorite discounts were when the holiday stuff would go 90% off! I got most of my holiday decor from those sales! We wouldn’t know until the day of when the signs would be printed, but we would always do some secret shopping before the signs went out and put our stuff behind the register to buy on our breaks. 😉

    1. That is awesome! You fully understand the joy and fun of getting great deals. DG has me spoiled. I also got a lot of itmes at 90% off for this coming christmas. You can’t beat their deals!

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