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What is a Dollar General Clearance Event

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What Is A Dollar General Clearance Event?

A Dollar General Clearance event is a sale at their store that happens 4-5 times a year. 

What Happens at This Special Sale


Certain items at Dollar General will be marked down 50% or more. These items can be found in their clearance section, POG (orange tagged products), and sometimes seasonal products.  Items may be placed on a front table when you walk in, some items may be on end caps. During this sale, I have found Tide and other detergents that range from .45 cents to $2 after the 50% deduction.

What is a POG?

POG tag, Dollar general Clearance Event and remodels

The full term is plan-o-gram. You will see orange stickers on certain items in the store. They can be anywhere in the store. Some of these tags may have 10%, 25% etc. During a clearance event, this special tag will be additional 50% off. For example, if an item with 10% off  shown on this orange label and that item costs $1.00, the item will actually be .45 cents(1.00 -10%-50%) at the clearance event. 

What Items are Discounted?

It really depends. But I have purchased personal care items like razors, bath items and lotions. I have got detergent for dishes and clothes, toilet paper, hair products, even electronics. If your store still sell clothes, they can also be discounted. For example, if clothes are 50% off then this event will take off an additional 50%.  These items are very cheap. With high inflation, who wants to pay regular prices? What is good about these events is that you can get cheap items without trying to coupon. But, you can use coupons too and get an even greater deal! If you have the DG app, they have a section that you can click coupons on it. Once you go up to pay, use your phone # (or whatever you used to sign up for your account) to get the discount. 

When Is It?

Social media is a good way to keep up with the latest clearance events, such as those by Dollar General. There are specific Youtubers who discuss these topics.

Somehow, they get verification of the dates. This usually happens from Friday to Sunday. The best day for bargain shoppers is Friday because you have the best selection. Most stores run out of cheaper items by Sunday.

Another way to find out is to call or ask the manager in the store. The manager should have a list when one is about to occur. 

Update on current Dollar General Clearance event

The NEXT Dollar General Clearance event is March 3rd, 4th and 5th. This one includes the items in the clearance section and anywhere you see POG (orange stickers). 

How Can You Prepare for the Dollar General Clearance Event?

I would visit several stores in your area to see what type of items they have in the clearance section. Some stores have a lot of good, useful things. Some stores don’t have a clearance section at all or it’s very skimpy. You want to be prepared to go to the stores with the items you are most interested in.

Here are some more ways to prepare for the DG Clearance Event.

Step 1: Research the Products You Want Before the Sale Starts

You can research what products are available in your area by visiting your local store. Some Dollar General stores have more inventory than others. I know one store in my area barely has anything in their clearance section, so I want to avoid that store. You can also scope out items that you want to get a discount price on. This will help you to know which store to go to first and be able to purchase items that you really want before others do.

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Step 2: Get the Visuals

Watch many videos! Many people put out Youtube videos or pictures in Facebook groups. It’s very important so you can know what is a part of clearance. Some items are actually clearance, but it is on the regular shelf. For instance, I have purchased several body bath products really cheap because I saw visuals of this from social media. You can know exactly which items are part of clearance so it can save you from scanning every item. Some of the pog items are not labeled in every store so you need to know where to find those items too.

list, notebook

Step 3: Make a list

I like to make a list of the items that I am most interested in. This helps me so that when I get in the store, I am not overwhelmed. It helps me to stay focus as I look for what I want. You can also just take pictures from what you saw online and use that as a guide. If the store is not tagged or items are not in the clearance, a list of products written helps me to remember. You will be amazed at just how many discounted products are all over the store!

Step 4: Use Coupons

You can use coupons during the Dollar General Clearance Event. For example, in the clearance section if an item has a yellow tag marked $4.00, during the clearance event, it will be 50% off. If you had a coupon for that item, it will be less.  Dollar General has coupons that you and attach to your app. You simply go to coupons on the app and click to add.

Step 5: Watch Out for Errors

Make sure to keep an eye on the register when you are shopping during a clearance event as some items may not be marked with the 50% discount. Most cashiers will notice this and would be able to mark it down for you.

Generous Managers


In an effort to reduce the store’s inventory, some managers are offering up additional items as part of a clearance sale. This offers potential customers a great opportunity to benefit from discounts on their favorite items. I have been able to get huge savings on items like 8 rolls of paper towels for $1.50, kitchenware for under a dollar, and pots and pans super cheap. So you never know what other gems you will find!

Other Items that are Reduced in Price

How do I know the price of the item without doing all the math?

This is a good time to check out the [DG] stores around. Some of them have a great clearance selection, others not so much – so check them all and go first thing on Friday morning. That way you can get what you want before everyone else.

Save More Money: Use Dollar General 5/25 Coupon

This special coupon is offered for Saturday shoppers. You can get it from your Dollar General App by clicking on it in the coupon section or if you buy something prior to Saturday, it can be found on the receipt. When you buy $25 worth of items, $5 will come off after giving them the coupon or it will come off from your digital coupon from the DG app.

In addition, when you create your DG account, your phone number used to set up the account is the same one you will plug in at the counter when you purchase.

Click on Explore Digital Coupons.

Dollar general home page app dollar general clearance event

Explore coupons will take you to the coupon page on the app.

dollar general coupon page app DG clearance event

What if there are no orange tags or posters in the store?

Sometimes the store just will not put them up, so it may be harder to find. Other stores may not be aware of the sale or are just too busy. So going into a store and not knowing what is 50% off is frustrating, but also a blessing. I say blessing, because if you know what is on clearance and other people do not then you will score big!

Clearance items are often announced on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for announcements, and you’ll find yourself sifting through less items for the best deals!

One of my favorites is Alicia Savings on YouTube. 

Below are pictures of things I got from clearance events. This is a good time to stockpile. I rather buy lots of items for cheap than just a few and then have to buy at the regular price. I stock up on personal items and do not have to buy these items for 6 plus months. It’s also great for sharing with my family.

The yellow tags on the picture is the price before the 50% off. For example, the big bottle of Ajax dish detergent is $2 but at the clearance event, It will be $1.  If you have coupons and/or use the DG app, the price can be dropped lower. 

Yellow Stickers

These stickers are placed on items in the clearance section. On the day of the Clearance Event, the already discounted price will be an additional 50% off.

Sometimes products are located in the regular aisle. I have seen clearance items on the endcaps, regular aisles or put in the front of the store on a display table.

I remember one year, this store had on the endcap a huge amount of detergent with the yellow clearance tag. I scored a lot of detergent that day. Brands like Tide, All, and Gain products. Most of the items were marked on clearance $5-6 dollars making it on $2.50 -$3.

I got enough product to last for months

 Dollar General Clearance Visuals.  The huge bottles of detergent was just 4 bucks! We were also able to get a 9 pack of Sparkle paper towels for $3.

bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance
bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance
bleach and other cleaning products, tide, dollar general clearance

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Top Perfumes for Mature Women: Best Fragrances

bottle, perfume, roses-2812214.jpg

Top Perfumes for Mature Women: Best Fragrances

Perfume is more than just a beauty product; it’s a personal statement, a way to announce your presence without saying a word. For the mature woman, this statement resonates with her life’s experiences, sophistication, and a refined palate for the exquisite. As the saying goes, “Age is just a number,” but in the world of fragrances, age can be your secret weapon.

Scented Journey

Finding the right perfume is like picking a good friend who’s there for you all day. It’s about finding a smell that fits who you are and goes along with your life story. For women over 50, it’s more than just smelling nice; it’s about bringing back memories, sparking excitement, and showing the confidence that comes from all you’ve experienced.

Complex Elegance

Perfumes for older women are special because they are complex and deep. They are different from the lighter scents made for younger people. These perfumes for mature women have a rich mix of smells that slowly show themselves, layer by layer. This makes them as interesting and full of character as the women who choose to wear them.

Scentful Discoveries

In this guide, we dive into the world of perfumes, exploring the best scents that cater to the discerning tastes of mature women. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re searching for a new signature scent or looking to add to your fragrance wardrobe, prepare to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates your unique essence.

So, to all the wonderful women over 50, remember: your fragrance is a reflection of your journey, your personality, and your unparalleled elegance. Let’s find that perfect scent that not only smells incredible but also tells your story.

perfume, woman, girl-791698.jpg

Embrace Your Age with Confidence: Why Older Women Should Choose Wisely

In the world of perfumes, older women have a special advantage: they’ve lived rich lives that shape their tastes. They look for perfumes with deep and interesting smells, not just any ordinary scent. Now, it’s about finding a fragrance that really matches their life story, one that reflects their strength, grace, and the beauty of their years.

Expressive Selection

Choosing the right perfume is a journey to discover more about yourself. It lets you think about what really touches your heart, like a scent that brings back memories or the excitement of finding a new favorite. For a mature woman, a perfume is more than just an accessory; it’s a way to express who she is and show off her unique personality.

Aged Grace

Choosing a great perfume as you get older is like saying no to the old idea of ‘old lady perfume’. It’s a way to celebrate getting older, showing that with age comes a better taste for quality and elegance, rather than just following the latest trends.

Scented Identity

When an older woman picks a perfume, she’s showing the world who she is and how she wants others to see her. It’s more than just smelling nice; it’s about feeling strong, confident, and truly like herself.


So, to all the magnificent mature women out there, let your fragrance be a reflection of your incredible story. Embrace your age, embrace your choices, and most importantly, embrace the confidence that comes with finding the perfect scent that is uniquely, wonderfully you.

Signature Scents for the Sophisticated Lady: Detailed Descriptions

Chanel No. 5
  • Characteristics: Chanel No. 5 stands as a monumental achievement in perfume making. Created in 1921, this fragrance has become synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication. Its aroma is a complex blend of floral and aldehydic notes, making it instantly recognizable and eternally fashionable.
  • Key Notes: The perfume features a bouquet of ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine. Its unique use of aldehydes adds a layer of complexity, creating a powdery, floral elegance that’s both classic and modern.
  • Ideal For: Chanel No. 5 is perfect for the woman who appreciates classic beauty and a scent that has stood the test of time. It’s an embodiment of grace and femininity, much like its celebrity endorsers over the years.
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
  • Characteristics: Launched in 2014, Black Opium is a modern, youthful fragrance that’s both energizing and seductive. Its composition is a daring contrast of light and dark notes, creating a scent that’s irresistibly vibrant and addictive.
  • Key Notes: The fragrance opens with a hit of coffee and sweet vanilla, balanced with a heart of white flowers and base notes of patchouli and cedarwood. 
  • Ideal For: This perfume is suited for the bold, modern woman who’s not afraid to stand out. It’s a contemporary classic that’s perfect for evening wear or for when you want to add an extra touch of confidence to your day.
Lancome La Vie Est Belle
  • Characteristics: Introduced in 2012, La Vie Est Belle is a declaration to the beauty of life, an ode to joy and happiness. This fragrance is a unique take on a sweet perfume, with a complex profile that evolves beautifully on the skin.
  • Key Notes: It combines the sweetness of iris, jasmine, and orange blossom with the depth of patchouli and the warmth of a gourmand blend. The result is a multifaceted fragrance that’s both alluring and uplifting.
  • Ideal For: It’s perfect for the optimistic woman who enjoys a fragrance that’s both sweet and sophisticated. This scent is versatile enough for everyday wear but also special enough for occasions that require a memorable fragrance.
Tom Ford Black Orchid
  • Characteristics: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, launched in 2006, is a luxurious and sensual fragrance. It’s known for its rich, dark, and mysterious qualities, enveloped in an aura of opulence and luxury.
  • Key Notes: The fragrance features a potent blend of black truffle, ylang-ylang, and black orchid. This is paired with dark chocolate, incense, amber, vetiver, and vanilla, creating a rich and enveloping scent.
  • Ideal For: Ideal for the woman who desires a bold, statement fragrance. It’s a scent that’s as unique and daring as the personality it’s meant to complement. Perfect for evenings or events where making a striking impression is the goal.
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge
  • Characteristics: Baccarat Rouge is a masterpiece in the world of haute perfumery, introduced in 2014. This fragrance is renowned for its luxurious, radiant, and powerful scent profile.
  • Key Notes: It features an intoxicating blend of jasmine, saffron, cedarwood, and ambergris. The fragrance is known for its exceptional sillage and longevity, a true hallmark of luxury perfumery.
  • Ideal For: This scent is a match for the sophisticated connoisseur who values exclusivity and elegance. It’s an extravagant choice, perfect for special occasions or when you wish to indulge in a bit of opulence.
Guerlain Shalimar
  • Characteristics: Guerlain’s Shalimar is a legendary fragrance, often hailed as one of the world’s first oriental perfumes. Created in 1925, it’s a scent that combines opulence and sensuality, inspired by the legendary love story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
  • Key Notes: The perfume is known for its rich blend of bergamot, iris, vanilla, and exotic resins. The heart of the fragrance is a lush combination of florals like jasmine and rose, which then settles into a warm, powdery base of vanilla and opoponax.
  • Ideal For: Shalimar is perfect for the woman who appreciates the classics and enjoys a fragrance that tells a story. Its rich history and luxurious scent profile make it ideal for special occasions or evenings when a touch of romance and mystery is desired.

Each of these perfumes represents a different facet of femininity and sophistication, catering to the diverse tastes of mature, elegant women. Whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of Chanel No. 5 or the bold uniqueness of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, there’s a signature scent out there that’s perfect for highlighting your individuality and style.

flower, magnolia, watercolor-3350053.jpg

Floral, Fruity, or Fresh? Navigating the Notes

Understanding perfume notes is akin to appreciating a gourmet meal – it’s all about savoring the complexity and harmony of flavors. Similar to how a culinary masterpiece unfolds in stages from appetizer to entrée to dessert, a fragrance reveals itself through three distinct layers: top, middle, and base notes. Each layer contributes to the overall experience, just like each course of a meal complements the next, creating a memorable and satisfying journey for the senses.

Top Notes

These are the opening notes of a perfume, the first scents to hit the nose. They are usually lighter, more volatile aromas that make that crucial first impression. Think of them as the introduction to a book – they set the scene and invite you in. Citrus notes like lemon, bergamot, or the aforementioned mandarin orange, as well as herbal notes like lavender or rosemary, are common top notes. They’re like the first sip of a refreshing drink – bright, inviting, and often the deciding factor in whether you’ll take another sip (or, in this case, spritz).

Middle Notes

Also known as the heart notes, these make up the core of the perfume. After the top notes evaporate, which can be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, the middle notes take center stage. These are usually well-rounded, fuller aromas like floral scents (rose, jasmine, lily of the valley) or fruity scents (apple, berry, peach). They’re the main characters of the story, the ones you grow to love and remember. They give the perfume its distinctive scent and are typically more mellow and lasting than top notes.

Base Notes:

The base notes are the grand finale, the lasting impression. They emerge once the top notes have completely evaporated, providing depth and richness to the fragrance. These notes are often deep, rich scents like sandalwood, musk, amber, or vanilla. They’re the plot twist you didn’t see coming, the memorable ending that stays with you long after you’ve closed the book. Base notes are the anchor of the perfume, giving it longevity and ensuring that the scent lingers on your skin for hours.

Navigating these notes is essential in choosing the perfect fragrance. It’s about finding a balance that suits your personal style and preference. Whether you gravitate towards a light, floral scent for daywear or a deeper, more mysterious fragrance for the evening, each note plays a part in telling your story through scent. Remember, the best perfume for you is the one that resonates with your personal narrative and enhances your presence, not just a blend of random notes. So, take your time, smell the roses (or the jasmine, or the vanilla), and find the fragrance that truly speaks to you.

Dior J'adore
  • Characteristics: J’adore by Dior, introduced in 1999, is a symbol of sophistication and femininity. It’s a modern, luminous fragrance that captures the essence of luxury and simplicity.
  • Key Notes: This fragrance opens with fresh notes of mandarin and transitions into a floral heart featuring jasmine, orchid, and rose. The base is a subtle mix of amaranth, musk, and blackberry, creating a scent that is both elegant and inviting.
  • Ideal For: Suited for the confident and modern woman, J’adore is a versatile choice, perfect for both day and evening wear. It’s particularly appealing for those who prefer a sophisticated, yet not overwhelming, floral scent.
Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede
  • Characteristics: This offering from Jo Malone is a playful and flirtatious fragrance, introduced in 2013. It is known for its light, airy quality, making it a delightful choice for everyday wear.
  • Key Notes: The fragrance combines the fresh, lush scent of peonies with the luxurious feel of blush suede. Additional notes of red apple, jasmine, and rose contribute to its floral and fruity character.
  • Ideal For: Perfect for the woman who enjoys a light, feminine scent with a touch of luxury. It’s especially suitable for daytime wear, spring and summer months, or for occasions when a subtle, charming fragrance is desired.
Creed Aventus for Her
  • Characteristics: Launched in 2016 as a counterpart to the popular Aventus for men, Creed’s Aventus for Her is a bold, empowering fragrance. It’s a scent that combines tradition and innovation, reflecting the strength and spirit of the modern woman.
  • Key Notes: This fragrance features a vibrant blend of green apple, pink berries, and patchouli. The heart of the scent is a mix of roses, sandalwood, and styrax, grounded by a musky base with hints of peach, cassis, and amber.
  • Ideal For: Aventus for Her is for the dynamic, powerful woman who isn’t afraid to stand out. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a bold, fruity fragrance with a touch of floral elegance.
Givenchy L'Interdit
  • Characteristics: Originally created in 1957 for Audrey Hepburn, L’Interdit by Givenchy was reimagined and relaunched in 2018. It’s a tribute to bold femininity, a blend of elegance and edginess.
  • Key Notes: The modern version of L’Interdit combines white floral notes with darker, more mysterious undertones. It features top notes of orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose, contrasted with darker notes of vetiver and patchouli.
  • Ideal For: Ideal for the woman who embraces her individuality and isn’t afraid to defy convention. L’Interdit is a great fit for evening wear or for those moments when you want your fragrance to make a statement.
girl, model, dress-1141279.jpg

A Perfume for Every Occasion: From Daytime Wear to Special Nights Out

Just as you wouldn’t wear a ball gown to a brunch, the art of selecting the perfect perfume for an occasion is all about context. It’s a dance of scents, where each fragrance plays a role, suitable for different times and places.

Daytime Sophistication

For daytime wear, you want something that’s light and uplifting, a scent that can carry you through your day with a sense of freshness and energy. Eau de toilette versions, like those from Calvin Klein, are typically less concentrated, making them perfect for office wear or casual outings. They offer a subtle hint of fragrance that’s not overwhelming, ideal for close encounters like business meetings or coffee with friends. Scents with citrus notes, green notes, or light floral notes, such as lily of the valley or notes of orange blossom, are excellent choices for daytime. They’re like a gentle whisper, enough to make a statement without shouting.

Evening Elegance

As the sun sets, it’s time to transition into something more dramatic. Evening and special occasion fragrances can afford to be bolder, more seductive. This is where your intense fragrances come into play, like Viktor & Rolf’s spicy notes or the deep and sensual tones of Gucci Bloom. These perfumes often have a higher concentration of oils, making them more potent and long-lasting. Look for notes like warm vanilla, white musk, or exotic spices that add a touch of mystery and allure to your evening ensemble. They’re the equivalent of slipping into a stunning evening dress, adding depth and intrigue to your nighttime persona.

Special Occasions

For those moments that call for something truly special – anniversaries, weddings, or a night at the opera – you might reach for a fragrance that makes a lasting impression. This could be your bottle of luxury perfume, like Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge, known for its exquisite blend and outstanding sillage. Such scents are often rich with layers of complexity, unfolding throughout the evening, much like the event itself. They are the olfactory equivalent of a grand statement piece in your wardrobe – something that speaks volumes about your style and leaves a lasting impression.

In the end, choosing the right perfume for an occasion is about enhancing the experience. It’s about finding that perfect harmony between where you are, what you’re doing, and how you want to feel and be perceived. It’s another layer of your personal expression, a scent-driven narrative that complements your life’s moments. Whether it’s the light freshness of a daytime scent or the rich complexity of an evening fragrance, there’s a world of scents waiting to be explored, each with its own story to tell.

Beyond the Scent: The Importance of Personal Preferences

The journey of finding your signature perfume is deeply personal and subjective. It’s not just about following trends or choosing a fragrance because it’s popular or has rave reviews. Your perfume is an extension of yourself, a liquid portrayal of your personality, mood, and even your aspirations.

Personal Style and Scent

Just as your fashion choices reflect your personal style, your perfume should align with who you are. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, a fragrance with green notes or floral perfumes that evoke the freshness of nature might be your calling. If you’re drawn to classic elegance, a timeless scent like Chanel No. 5 or Lancome Tresor can become your olfactory signature. The key is to align your scent with your personal style, making it a seamless aspect of your overall presence.

Mood and Memory

Fragrances have the power to evoke memories and influence mood. A scent that reminds you of a happy memory can be a source of comfort and joy. This is why it’s important to choose a fragrance that resonates not just with your nose, but also with your heart. A perfume can be a reminder of a special moment, a loved one, or a cherished place, making it much more than just a pleasant aroma.

Experiment and Discover

The world of perfumes is vast and varied, and part of the fun is in the exploration. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and try new scents. You might be surprised at what you find appealing. Experimenting with different fragrances can be an adventure in itself, leading you to discover new aspects of your personality and taste. Sampling a new scent can be as exciting as adding a new piece to your wardrobe – it’s a way to reinvent and express yourself.

Embrace Your Unique Essence

Ultimately, the best perfume for you is the one that you feel most comfortable and confident wearing. It should be a scent that feels like a second skin, one that enhances your natural essence without overpowering it. Whether it’s the sweet scent of a floral fragrance, the boldness of a spicy note, or the freshness of citrus notes, your choice of perfume should make you feel uniquely you.


Choosing a perfume goes beyond just picking a pleasant scent. It’s about expressing your individuality, evoking emotions, and enhancing your personal style. So, take your time, explore, and most importantly, listen to your instincts. Your perfect fragrance is out there waiting for you – one that truly captures the essence of who you are.

Finding Your Perfect Fragrance

In the end, finding the perfect fragrance is an easy way to express yourself. It’s about finding that special place where memories, emotions, and scents intertwine. Whether it’s a new perfume for mature ladies or a classic for young women, remember, the best choice is the one that brings you joy. So, go ahead, take a stroll through the perfume shop, and find the scent that makes you feel like the best version of yourself – because you deserve to smell as fabulous as you are! 🌸👩‍🦳✨

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Women's Health and Wellness

How to Care for Thinning Hair After Menopause

woman has thinning hair after menopause

How to Care for Thinning Hair After Menopause

Menopause – a word that can evoke a sense of mystery, a hint of frustration, and occasionally, the urge to buy a very large, very stylish hat. For many women, this midlife transition brings about hormonal changes that can impact hair health. From hormonal imbalances affecting hair follicles to the onset of menopausal hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), the journey can be as unpredictable as mood swings during a hot flash. But here’s the good news: there are effective ways to care for thinning hair after menopause, and yes, they can even include enjoying your favorite foods!

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I take great pride in promoting tools and resources that I personally love,  tried or diligently researched. 

Understanding Menopausal Hair Changes

During menopause, it’s not just about hot flashes and mood swings; your hair also joins the party of change. The drop in estrogen and progesterone levels affects your hair follicles directly, potentially leading to hair thinning and even menopausal hair loss. You might notice that your hair doesn’t just change in density, but also in texture. For some, this means finding a few extra strands in the brush, while others might observe their hair becoming finer or coarser.

Another player in this scenario is androgens, the male hormones that all women have in small amounts. With the decrease in female hormones, the relative increase in androgens can cause hair follicles to shrink, reducing hair growth. This hormonal imbalance often leads to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia, which is a fancy way of saying ‘hormone-related hair thinning’.

Hair Shifts

Moreover, the changes in hair health during menopause aren’t just confined to your head. Many women experience changes in body hair as well. This might mean less hair on the legs and arms, but an increase in unwanted facial hair. It’s a bit like nature’s cruel joke – the hair you want sticks around less, and the hair you could do without shows up more.

Symptom Impact

It’s also worth noting that menopausal symptoms can indirectly impact hair health. For example, stress related to menopause can exacerbate hair thinning. Poor sleep and nutritional deficiencies, common issues during menopause, can also have a negative impact on hair health. It’s a complex interplay of factors, all stemming from the significant hormonal shifts happening in your body.

Nutrients for Body and Hair

I’m focused on maintaining my overall health by ensuring I get the right nutrients for both my body and hair. Along with taking multivitamins, D3, and probiotics, I also use some of the hair care products mentioned in this article.

Understanding these changes is the first step in developing a targeted approach to maintaining hair health during menopause. While it might seem like your hair has a mind of its own during this time, knowing the underlying causes can help in finding effective solutions to manage these changes.

Diet and Nutrition: A Tasty Solution

A healthy diet plays an important role in hair health. Think of it as feeding your hair from the inside out. Nutritional deficiencies can exacerbate hair loss, so focusing on a balanced diet rich in vitamins and fatty acids is key. Load up on foods high in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D, and don’t forget about iron – it’s not just for pumping at the gym

Dairy products, lean proteins like red meat, and plant-based options like lentils and spinach can all contribute to healthier hair growth. And yes, this might be the perfect excuse to indulge in that dark chocolate (in moderation, of course). Lately I’ve been drinking green smoothies mixed with frozen fruit. 

walnuts, dump, spill-1213008.jpg

Expanding your menu to include a variety of nutrient-rich foods can be a delicious way to boost hair health. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in abundance in fish like salmon and mackerel, not only promote a healthy scalp but also add luster and shine to your hair. Nuts and seeds, particularly flaxseeds and walnuts, are also excellent sources of these beneficial fats. I add both flaxseed and chia seeds to my smoothies.

sweet potato, fries, meal-7009882.jpg

Your hair also loves antioxidants, which help protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules. Berries, spinach, and sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants and other hair-friendly nutrients. Don’t forget about zinc – this mineral, found in oysters, beans, and pumpkin seeds, plays a vital role in hair growth and repair.


Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are essential for hair growth, and a lack of them can lead to hair loss. Make sure your diet includes ample protein from various sources, be it animal-based like chicken and eggs, or plant-based like quinoa and soy products.

Hydration is another key aspect of a hair-healthy diet. Keeping yourself well-hydrated ensures that your hair stays moisturized and resilient. While it might not be a direct nutrient for hair, water is essential for maintaining the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles. I bought a 32 oz water bottle to drink from all day, ensuring I stay well-hydrated.

In addition to these dietary tips, it’s important to consider that what works for one person might not work for another. Hormonal changes during menopause can affect nutrient absorption and overall metabolism. So, if you’re facing significant hair challenges, it might be worth discussing with a healthcare provider or a dietitian who can provide tailored advice based on your specific needs and health conditions. 

 A personalized approach to diet can ensure that you’re not just eating well, but you’re also eating right for your hair and overall health during menopause.

Stress Management: More Than Just Relaxation

Stress is like that uninvited guest at a party – it can wreak havoc unexpectedly. High levels of stress can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to hair shedding or thinning. Managing stress through lifestyle changes, regular exercise can help keep your hair on your head where it belongs. Plus, regular scalp massages not only feel amazing but can also improve blood circulation to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Hair Care Techniques: Be Gentle with Your Tresses

Your hair is as unique as your journey through menopause, and it deserves gentle care. Avoid harsh chemicals and opt for natural ingredients in your hair care products. Regular use of nourishing oils like argan oil can keep your scalp healthy and your hair shiny. And while hot showers might be great for contemplation, they’re not so great for your hair – lukewarm water is much kinder.

Medical Interventions

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we need a little extra help. If you notice significant hair loss, it might be time to chat with a healthcare provider. Blood tests can help determine if there’s an underlying cause like iron deficiency or a hormonal imbalance. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy or topical minoxidil, recommended.

Embracing Change

While menopause can bring about changes that feel as welcome as age spots on a perfect summer day, remember, it’s a natural phase of life. Your hair might be getting a bit thinner, but that doesn’t mean your sense of humor has to. Embrace the changes, explore treatment options, and remember – a bad hair day is just an opportunity to show off your fabulous collection of hats and scarves. Stay positive, nourish your body and mind, and let your hair shine through this new chapter of life. 

Choosing the Right Hair Care Products for Menopause-Related Thinning Hair

When it comes to thinning hair, especially in the context of menopause, choosing the right products can make a significant difference. Here’s a rundown of some types of products that can be beneficial:

Volumizing Shampoos and Conditioners

These products are designed to add volume to your hair, making it appear fuller. They usually contain ingredients that help to lift the hair at the root, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Thickening Serums and Sprays

Similar to volumizing products, thickening serums and sprays can add temporary volume to your hair. They coat the hair shaft, making each strand appear thicker.

Scalp Treatments

Products that are designed to stimulate the scalp can promote hair growth. Look for treatments containing ingredients like peppermint oil, caffeine, or niacinamide.

Topical Minoxidil

This is an over-the-counter treatment that’s been proven to help with hair growth and thickness. It also can be purchased online. It’s applied directly to the scalp and can be especially effective for female pattern hair loss.

Natural Oils

Natural oils like castor oil, argan oil, and rosemary oil can be beneficial. They nourish the scalp and can promote healthier hair growth over time.

Hair Growth Supplements

Supplements containing biotin, vitamin D, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids can support hair health from the inside out. However, it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

Anti-DHT Products

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone linked to hair loss, especially in androgenetic alopecia. Some shampoos and treatments are designed to block DHT and may be beneficial.

Protein Treatments

Hair is made up of protein, and treatments that add protein back into the hair can help strengthen it and reduce breakage.

Leave-in Conditioners

These can help keep your hair hydrated and protected throughout the day, which is crucial for preventing breakage in thinning hair. One of my favorite is Cantu.

Gentle Styling Products

Avoid heavy waxes and gels which can weigh hair down. Light mousses and sprays are better options for thinning hair.

When choosing products, it’s also important to consider your specific hair type and any other scalp or hair issues you might be facing. And remember, while these products can help with the appearance and health of your hair, they work best when combined with a healthy diet and proper hair care routine.

picture of me with thick hair and on menopause
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Money-Saving Adventures

How to Use Sam’s Club Scan & Go: To Skip Checkout

Lady using Sam's scan and go app on her phone.

How to Use Sam's Club Scan & Go: To Skip Checkout

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to use Sam’s Club Scan & Go, a game changer in your shopping trips! 🛒🚀 This new feature for Sam’s Club members is not just about bypassing those long checkout lines; it’s a journey into the future of shopping. Imagine strolling through aisles, your phone in hand, as you effortlessly scan and bag items. No more waiting, no more hassle – just a smooth, streamlined experience that feels like you’ve stepped into a shopper’s paradise. 🌟

For older shoppers, this app is a true blessing. As we age, our priorities and needs in a shopping experience evolve. Convenience, ease of use, and avoiding physically taxing activities become more important. Here’s why Sam’s Club Scan & Go is particularly advantageous for the senior community:

Ease of Use

 The app is designed with simplicity in mind. Large, clear buttons and an intuitive interface make it accessible, even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy

Physical Comfort

Long periods of standing, especially in checkout lines, can be uncomfortable or even painful. With Scan & Go, you can minimize the time on your feet, making your shopping trips physically easier. 🚶‍♂️💤


As we get older, we value our time more than ever. This app helps you save precious minutes, allowing you to spend more time on activities you love, rather than waiting in line. ⏰💖


There’s a sense of autonomy in handling your shopping digitally. You can shop at your own pace, make decisions independently, and manage your purchases without relying on others. 🛍️👵

Safety Considerations

 Especially in times when health concerns are paramount, minimizing contact in crowded places like checkout lines is a huge advantage. With Scan & Go, you limit your exposure to others, making your shopping experience safer. 😷🛡️


No need to reach for high shelves or bend down frequently. Scan items as you go and bag them in a way that’s most comfortable for you. 🧺👌

Staying Updated

Using modern technology like this keeps you connected with the latest advancements, promoting mental agility and a sense of being in tune with the current times. 🌐👀

Incorporating the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app into your shopping routine can revolutionize your experience, turning what might have been a chore into an enjoyable, stress-free outing. Embrace this new tool and discover how it can enhance your shopping experience, tailored to your needs and preferences. 🛒🌈

Effortless Mastery

In this guide, we’ll walk you through every step of using this revolutionary app. From setting it up to walking out with your purchases, we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn how to make the most of this incredible tool and discover tips and tricks to enhance your shopping trips. And who knows, you might even find yourself looking forward to your next visit to Sam’s Club – all thanks to this nifty app!

Shopping Revolution

So, first, equip yourself with your phone, then step into your comfortable shopping shoes, and let’s embark on an exciting journey into a world where long lines are merely echoes of the past. Here, efficiency seamlessly blends with enjoyment. 🚀🛒 Welcome aboard the Sam’s Club Scan & Go express – your next destination: an unparalleled shopping adventure! 🎉🛍️

Tech Ease

Once you’re signed in, the app will gently guide you through a quick setup. It’s like being on a first-name basis with technology – friendly, easy, and a little bit thrilling. You’ll be asked to add your preferred payment method. Whether it’s a credit card, debit card, or even an EBT card for eligible items, the app has got your back. 🏦💳

Shopping Simplified

And there you are, ready to start a new kind of shopping. With the app set up, your membership number in, and your payment way ready, you’re all set. The aisles of Sam’s Club are waiting for you, looking great. So, take a deep breath, smile, and let’s go. Shopping with Scan & Go is going to be fun and easy! 🌟🛒

Getting Started is a Piece of Cake: Are you a first-timer with the Sam’s Club app? Fear not! Embarking on this journey is as easy as pie – and who doesn’t love pie? 🥧 First, grab your smartphone – your trusty sidekick in this adventure. Head over to the App Store or Google Play, where the Sam’s Club app awaits you, shining like a beacon in the sea of apps. Hit ‘Download’, and watch as the app quickly installs – it’s your new superpower in the world of shopping. 📲💪

using app store or google play to download Sam's Club App
Simplified

Upon entering the store, first ensure you’re signed into your account. For new users, this means you’ll need to sign up initially and create a secure password. Conveniently, your membership number is readily available on your card. After signing in, you’ll gain full access to your account, which will be displayed like this.

At the bottom you will see scan and go. It works when you are in the store. 

Simply click on the scanner and you are good to go to start scanning everything you place in your basket.

Swipe Checkout

Once you’ve finished shopping, it’s time to check out, and you can do this right from your phone. The app will prompt you for payment details. Since your credit card information is securely stored in the app, all you need to do is confirm the payment with a simple slide on the screen. Quick and easy! 📱💳

After payment, a barcode will appear. You will show that to the employee as you exit the building. 

Scanner on phone when you scan at Sam’s Club.

scanner on phone for Sam's Club app scan & go
sam's club app on phone
Man using scan and go app at Sam's club

The Benefits of Scan & Go at Sam's Club

Scanning Made Fun

 Find your favorite products and scan their barcodes with the app’s super-easy barcode scanner. It’s like playing a real-life video game, but instead of points, you earn a faster shopping experience. Pew Pew! 🛍️🔫

Payment in a Snap

 Once your shopping cart is full, it’s time to pay. Choose your preferred payment option – credit card information, EBT card, gift cards – the app has them all. Just a few taps, and voilà, payment done! In addition you know exactly how much you are paying. 💳👍

Digital Receipts – Save the Trees

Say goodbye to paper receipts. The app generates a digital receipt, saving you from the clutter and helping save our trees. I opt to get my receipt sent to my email. 🌳📱

Skipping the Long Lines

 As you walk towards the exit, bypass the long checkout lines with a smug smile. Show your digital receipt to the exit greeter, and you’re out. Freedom! 🏃‍♀️💨

Exclusive Deals and Savings

 Use the app to access instant savings and great deals, exclusive to Sam’s Club members. You will pay less on some items than if you use the regular line. Who knew an app could be your ticket to the best-loved exclusives and lower prices? 🎉💰

More Than Just a Shopping Tool

The Sam’s Club Scan & Go app isn’t just for grocery stores. Use it at gas stations and even the food court for hot dog combos. It’s the Swiss Army knife of apps. 🌭⛽

Next time you’re gearing up for a shopping adventure, especially on hectic days like Black Friday or when you just need that last roll of toilet paper, remember the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app. It’s your secret weapon against long-haul flights through endless aisles and the dread of long checkout lines. So, download the app, step into your local Sam’s Club, and transform your shopping experience. Happy scanning! 🛍️🎯🎉

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Top 8 Tech Gadgets for Seniors: Christmas Gift Ideas

a happy senior enjoying 8 gadgets she got for Christmas

Top 8 Tech Gadgets for Seniors: Christmas Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for your beloved seniors can be a delightful yet daunting task. In an era brimming with technological advancement, why not consider some of the best tech gadgets that can enhance the quality of life for elderly people? From smart home devices that offer convenience to gadgets that ensure safety and entertainment, here’s a list of top 8 tech gadgets that are not only useful gifts for your aging parent or favorite senior but also a great way to show how much you care.

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I take great pride in promoting tools and resources that I personally love, tried or diligently researched. 

1. Amazon Echo or Google Home

These voice-activated devices are not just smart speakers; they are virtual assistants ready to help with a variety of daily tasks. With simple voice commands, older adults can make phone calls, set alarms, play their favorite tunes, or even control other smart home devices. The best part? They come with large buttons and easy-to-read displays, perfect for senior-friendly use.

Amazon Echo or Google Home These voice-activated devices are not just smart speakers; they are virtual assistants ready to help with a variety of daily tasks. With simple voice commands, older adults can make phone calls, set alarms, play their favorite tunes, or even control other smart home devices. 

They can also provide news updates, weather forecasts, and even answer general questions, making them a great companion for senior citizens. The best part? They come with large buttons and easy-to-read displays, perfect for senior-friendly use, ensuring that even those not tech-savvy can enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Plus, they offer a sense of security and connectivity, keeping elderly people in touch with their family members and the world around them, all with just a simple voice command.

2. Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is a heartwarming and thoughtful gift, especially for senior citizens who love to reminisce. These frames can display a rotating photo album of family memories, all with the press of a button. It’s a great addition to any bedside table, bringing joy and comfort of home to elderly parents.

Memory Showcase

Digital Picture Frame A digital picture frame is a heartwarming and thoughtful gift, especially for senior citizens who love to reminisce. These frames can display a rotating photo album of family memories, all with the press of a button. It’s a great addition to any bedside table, bringing joy and comfort of home to elderly parents. Additionally, many of these frames now come with the ability to update photos remotely via a smartphone or computer, making it easy for family members to share new moments and memories from afar. 

Distance Bridging

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who live far from their aging parents, allowing them to feel connected despite the distance. Some digital frames also offer features like calendar and clock functions, adding more practicality to their aesthetic appeal. The simplicity and intuitive design of these frames mean that older adults can enjoy the latest in technology without any of the complexity, making it a perfect gift to bridge the gap between generations.

3. Apple Watch or Similar Wearable Devices

For the tech lover who also values health, an Apple Watch is a good idea. It tracks heart rate, steps, and has a variety of apps that can remind them to take medication or alert family members in case of a fall. Its large buttons and simple interface make it a senior-friendly gadget.

Health Monitoring

Beyond these features, the Apple Watch also offers GPS tracking, which can be a boon for family members who want to ensure the safety of their elderly relatives. Additionally, the device can monitor sleep patterns, giving insights into the user’s overall health and wellbeing. For those with hearing aids, certain models of the Apple Watch can seamlessly connect, making it easier to take calls or listen to audio. 

Custom Comfort

 Furthermore, with its customizable watch faces, seniors can choose a display that suits their vision needs, and with water-resistant capabilities, it’s a worry-free accessory for everyday wear. The Apple Watch, or similar wearable devices, provide not just convenience but also a sense of security and independence for older adults, making it a thoughtful and practical gift.

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners For your favorite senior who could use some additional support with household tasks, a robotic vacuum cleaner is a great idea. These handy gadgets keep floors clean with the press of a button, giving peace of mind and reducing the strain of daily chores.

Automated Cleanliness

Many models can be programmed to run on a schedule, ensuring the home stays tidy without constant attention. They’re also equipped with sensors to navigate around furniture and avoid stairs, making them safe for homes with elderly residents. Some advanced models can even be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, allowing family members to assist in home cleaning from afar. 

Accessibility Enhancement

This feature is especially useful for seniors who may have mobility issues or for those who live alone. Furthermore, robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to be low maintenance with easy-to-empty dustbins, adding to their convenience. With their quiet operation and efficient cleaning, these devices are not just practical but also unobtrusive, making them a perfect addition to a senior’s home for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

5. Senior-Friendly Tablets or Smartphones

Senior-Friendly Tablets or Smartphones Senior-friendly tablets and cell phones with large buttons and simplified interfaces make great gifts for older people who want to stay connected. They can use these devices for video calls, social media, or just browsing the internet, all from the comfort of their home. Many of these devices also come with voice-assisted technology, allowing users to give commands or ask questions without needing to type.

This is particularly helpful for those with limited dexterity or vision impairments. Additionally, these tablets and smartphones often have options for enlarged text and high-contrast settings, making them more accessible for elderly users. Some models also offer health-related features, such as reminders for medications and appointments, or the ability to directly contact professional caregivers or family members in case of an emergency. With the inclusion of GPS functionality, they can also provide a sense of security for family members who want to ensure the safety of their aging loved ones.

Overall, these devices are not just about staying in touch; they’re about empowering older adults with technology that respects their needs and enhances their daily lives.

6. Noise-Canceling Headphones

These are perfect for seniors who love their quiet time or enjoy listening to music without external disturbances. With excellent sound quality and hours of battery life on a single charge, they can enjoy their favorite music or an audiobook without any distractions. Additionally, noise-canceling headphones can be a boon for those with hearing difficulties, as they can amplify sound and reduce background noise, making it easier to listen at lower volumes.

This feature is not only comfortable but also safer for the ears. Many models come with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the level of noise cancellation to suit their environment. Some even have built-in microphones, enabling clear phone calls and the ability to interact with voice assistants for added convenience. The comfort factor is also considered in their design, with many models featuring cushioned ear cups and adjustable headbands to fit different head sizes, ensuring they can be worn comfortably for extended periods.

For seniors who might be sensitive to prolonged wear of headphones, these ergonomic features are particularly important. Overall, noise-canceling headphones are a thoughtful gift that can significantly improve the listening experience for older adults, whether they’re relaxing at home or out for a walk.

7. GPS Tracker or Tile Mate

A GPS tracker or Tile Mate is a useful gift for elderly people with memory loss or for those who tend to misplace everyday items. These small devices can be attached to keys, wallets, or even pets, and can be tracked using a smartphone, offering a great help and peace of mind to both the senior and their family members. 

 In addition to helping locate lost items, some GPS trackers also include features like geofencing, which alerts caregivers if the senior goes beyond a predefined area, adding an extra layer of safety for those who may wander due to conditions like dementia. The user-friendly interface of the accompanying apps makes it easy for both seniors and their family members to monitor the whereabouts of these trackers. Moreover, the compact and discreet design of these devices ensures they can be easily attached without causing inconvenience or discomfort. For seniors who are not tech-savvy, setting up and maintaining these devices is straightforward, often requiring minimal input once they are operational. This makes them not just a gift of convenience, but also a significant contributor to the independence and confidence of elderly individuals in their daily lives.

8. Smart TV or Streaming Device

For the movie buff or occasional Netflix binger, a new TV equipped with a smart streaming device can be a good gift. It’s a great way for elderly people to watch their favorite shows or explore new content with ease and comfort. 

Modern smart TVs often come with user-friendly interfaces, large, clear icons, and voice-command capabilities, making them more accessible for seniors who might not be comfortable with traditional remote controls. With a smart TV, older adults can access a wide range of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, providing them with an extensive library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more at their fingertips.

Additionally, many smart TVs are equipped with features such as adjustable text size and screen readers, catering to those with vision impairments. The high-definition picture quality and adjustable sound settings also ensure a comfortable viewing experience, catering to varying hearing and sight needs. For seniors who enjoy family time, a smart TV can become a focal point for gatherings, where they can share their favorite shows or movies with grandchildren and other family members. It’s not just a gift of entertainment; it’s a gift that can bring generations together and keep elderly individuals engaged and connected with the wider world.

Final Words

Selecting the best gifts for senior citizens doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to find something that combines technology with ease of use, enhancing the quality of life while keeping them connected with their loved ones. Whether it’s a smart device for the home or a personal gadget, these tech gadgets are sure to bring a smile to your aging adult’s face this Christmas. Remember, the best part of any gift is the thought and love put into choosing it for your beloved seniors. Happy gifting!

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Tips to Fight and Combat Holiday Loneliness for Seniors

picture of lonely senior during the holidays

Tips to Fight and Combat Holiday Loneliness for Seniors

As the holiday season approaches, it’s painted as a joyous time of celebration, where the sheer volume of activities and holiday cheer is enough to fill every moment with warmth. However, for many seniors, this time can bring about feelings of loneliness and isolation, even amid the festive lights and carols. But here’s the good news: there are plenty of simple ways to combat these negative feelings and make the holidays a time of joy once more.

Older man looking out the window lonely during the holidays.

Understanding the Roots of Senior Loneliness During the Holidays

For older adults, the Christmas holidays can be lonely. On one hand, there’s the holiday spirit and traditions; on the other, the risk factors like physical health limitations, a lack of social interaction, and memories of past holidays can lead to a feeling of isolation. AARP Foundation survey points out that a significant number of adult respondents experience these holiday blues.

Good Company: The Heart of a Joyous Holiday Experience

The most effective ways to reduce feelings of sadness in seniors include increasing social connections. Spending time with family members is important, but what about those who are distant or unavailable? That’s when technology can lend a hand. A video call or even a regular phone call can go a long way in making an aging parent or friend feel less lonesome. Video chat is not just a substitute; it can be a new holiday tradition, allowing face-to-face interaction from miles away.

Older senior lady video chat with family during holidays

Furthermore, in recognizing the value of companionship during the holidays, why not schedule these calls as a recurring event? Regularly timed chats provide something special to look forward to and can establish a rhythm of anticipation and joy. It’s about creating a steady stream of connection that threads through the holiday season. Encouraging seniors to share stories of past holiday traditions or to show off their holiday decorations can be especially meaningful. These conversations can transform from simple check-ins into rich, tradition-honoring exchanges that celebrate the season and reinforce the bonds of family and friendship, no matter the distance.

Image of senior in living community and activities during lonely holiday

New Friends and Social Activities

It’s never too late to make new friends or start a new hobby. Senior living communities often have a dedicated team or activities director who understands the detrimental effects of social isolation. They can help by organizing holiday activities that cater to similar interests, helping seniors to become part of a community. From book clubs to virtual visit groups, being with like-minded people is a surefire way to uplift the holiday spirit.

Community Spirit

In addition to these community-organized activities, local churches and religious organizations often host a variety of social gatherings during the holiday season, which can be a heartwarming way for seniors to engage with their community. These organizations provide a sense of belonging and an opportunity to celebrate the season in the company of others. 

Holiday Connections

Whether it’s a holiday bake sale, a choir performance, or a communal dinner, these events can offer the perfect setting for older adults to forge new friendships and renew their holiday joy. Participating in these community-focused events not only helps seniors connect with new people but also allows them to contribute, share their wisdom, and feel valued — essential ingredients for a spirited and meaningful holiday experience.

The Small Gestures that Mean the Most

Sending holiday cards is a tradition that can make both the sender and receiver feel connected. A handwritten letter can sometimes do a better job of conveying holiday wishes than a loud music card. Also, for those on a fixed income, crafting homemade cards or gifts is not just economical but also a great way to spend extra time and share holiday cheer.

merry, christmas, merry christmas-4684006.jpg

Moreover, these personal touches add a layer of warmth and sincerity often missing in digital communications. Handmade gifts, whether they are knitted scarves, baked goods, or artfully assembled photo albums, carry a piece of the giver’s heart. For seniors, especially, these activities can be therapeutic, igniting creativity and offering a sense of accomplishment.


In the spirit of the season, simple acts like sharing a meal, offering a ride to a community event, or just spending time listening to someone’s stories can be incredibly impactful. These gestures, small in effort but large in meaning, build bridges across generations and reinforce the joy of human connection during the holiday season

group of seniors walking around during Christmas holiday

Keep the Body Moving and the Mind Engaged

Physical limitations don’t have to be the end of holiday fun. Engaging in gentle social activities like group walks can help maintain both physical and emotional health. For those who are homebound, a good book or engaging in holiday crafts can be a perfect pastime. And never underestimate the power of good food – cooking a meal together, either in person or via video, is a good time guaranteed.

Embrace Technology and Social Media

For tech-savvy seniors, social media can be a lifeline. Regular posts on Facebook or Instagram can keep seniors in touch with family and friends, sharing holiday plans and photos. And for those who are new to these platforms, this could be a great time to learn – many communities and religious organizations offer tutorials as part of their holiday offerings.

seniors using technology during holidays lonely seniors.
black senior engaging with others virtual brunch lonely seniors holidays

Start a New Chapter with Holiday Traditions

Creating a new holiday tradition can be one of the best ways to combat feelings of isolation. Whether it’s a Christmas morning brunch via a virtual visit or joining a holiday-themed online course, these new customs can turn a difficult time into a season to look forward to.

black lady invite senior to home during holidays lonely senior.

Final Thoughts: Reaching Out

The psychology today is clear: social connections can prevent the detrimental health effects of severe loneliness, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, and can even stave off early death. Therefore, if you notice signs of loneliness in a senior, reach out. Offer to spend quality time, whether it’s in person or through a screen. And remember, for seniors, sometimes the most important thing is to simply feel heard and remembered.


The holidays can be a great time, but also a difficult time for many. For senior populations, combating holiday loneliness is crucial. Whether through joining holiday parties, sharing a good meal, or just sitting down for a good chat, every gesture counts. This holiday season, let’s do a better job of including everyone in the warmth of our celebrations, making it a time of joy for all.

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Women's Health and Wellness

Menopause Specialist for Effective Treatment and Care

Black lady visit doctor menopause specialist

Menopause Specialist for Effective Treatment and Care

Menopause – a word that often brings to mind hot flashes, mood swings, and, let’s be honest, maybe a few extra trips to the freezer for ice cream. But this natural process, marking the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle, is more than just a series of symptoms; it’s a significant stage of life that affects overall health. It’s not just about surviving those night sweats or managing those unpredictable mood changes; it’s about thriving through this transition with quality care.

Menopause Symptoms and Health Risks

As women experience menopause, usually around the average age of 51 in the United States, they often encounter a range of symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and even bone loss. These changes are due to fluctuating hormone levels, particularly a decrease in estrogen. But it’s not all about physical changes; emotional changes are part of the package too. 

woman at dinner suffering with hot flashes

Imagine trying to enjoy a romantic evening only to be interrupted by a hot flash or dealing with the frustration of sleepless nights due to night sweats.

Menopause: Health Implications

But menopause isn’t just an inconvenience; it comes with real health risks. Women in menopause are at a higher risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and even urinary tract infections. The lining of the uterus and the vaginal changes can lead to painful sex or vaginal bleeding, making this a time that requires sensitive and comprehensive care.

Additional Menopause Challenges

In addition to the symptoms and health risks mentioned, women going through menopause may also experience other changes that impact their daily life and well-being. These include mood swings, which can range from irritability to episodes of anxiety or depression, often making emotional regulation a challenging task. Sleep disturbances, beyond just night sweats, can lead to chronic insomnia, affecting overall energy levels and cognitive function.

Metabolic Shifts

Furthermore, the hormonal fluctuations during menopause can also lead to changes in metabolism and weight gain, particularly around the abdomen. This weight gain is not just a cosmetic concern; it can increase the risk of developing diabetes and exacerbate existing health conditions like hypertension.

black lady sad due to weight gain during menopause

Bone Disease

Another significant concern during menopause is the increased risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition where bones become brittle and more prone to fractures. This is due to the decline in estrogen, which plays a crucial role in maintaining bone density. Regular exercise, calcium, and vitamin D intake become increasingly important during this time.

Metabolic Shifts

Additionally, menopause can affect a woman’s sexual health. Decreased estrogen levels can lead to vaginal changes such as dryness, making sexual activity uncomfortable or painful, known as dyspareunia. This can affect intimate relationships and overall quality of life. It’s important for women to discuss these issues openly with their healthcare providers to explore treatment options, including lubricants and estrogen creams.

Cognitive Effects

In terms of cognitive health, some women report experiencing a decline in memory and concentration during menopause, often referred to as “menopause brain fog.” While these cognitive changes are usually temporary, they can be disconcerting.

woman having a brain fog due to menopause.

Managing Menopause

It’s crucial to understand that menopause, while a natural process, can have a profound impact on a woman’s health beyond the cessation of the menstrual cycle. Regular check-ups with healthcare providers, a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, and open communication about symptoms can help manage these changes. Women should feel empowered to seek support and treatment to maintain their quality of life during this significant stage of life.

super hero black doctor menopause specialist

The Role of Menopause Specialists

Enter the superheroes of this story: certified menopause specialists. These health care providers, often NAMS (North American Menopause Society) certified, are the Gandalfs of the menopause journey, guiding women through this maze of hormonal changes. They’re not just any doctors; these specialists have undergone additional training and are up-to-date with the latest research in menopause management, from understanding the nuances of bioidentical hormone therapy to managing symptoms with lifestyle changes.

A good menopause specialist will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan. This might include hormone replacement therapy, which can be a game-changer for managing menopausal symptoms. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; each woman’s journey through menopause is unique, and so is her treatment plan.

Lifestyle Changes and Treatment Options

It’s not all about medication, though. Lifestyle changes can play a significant role in managing menopause symptoms and improving quality of life. This could mean dietary adjustments (yes, maybe less ice cream), regular exercise, and even stress management techniques. Think of it as an opportunity for a midlife health reboot.

Of course, there are other treatment options too, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for mood swings or complementary therapies for those who prefer a more holistic approach. The key is to find what works best for you, with the guidance of your menopause specialist.

Diet and Exercise

In addition to these approaches, staying well-hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D can be particularly beneficial for bone health, which is a major concern during menopause due to the increased risk of osteoporosis. Incorporating weight-bearing and strength-training exercises can also help in maintaining bone density and overall physical strength.

Mindfulness and Community

Furthermore, engaging in mindfulness practices such as guided relaxation and meditation can not only aid in stress management but also help in alleviating menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Building a supportive community, whether through menopause support groups or simply connecting with friends who are going through similar experiences, can provide emotional support and valuable shared wisdom.

Sleep hygiene also becomes increasingly important. Establishing a regular, relaxing bedtime routine and creating a comfortable sleep environment can help combat insomnia and improve sleep quality.

Complementary Therapies

For those who are open to exploring complementary therapies, acupuncture and herbal remedies might offer relief for some symptoms. However, it’s crucial to discuss these options with your menopause specialist to ensure they are safe and appropriate for your specific health needs.

Advancement Updates

Your menopause specialist can also provide information about the latest advancements in menopause treatment, such as new medications or therapies that have shown promise in clinical trials. Keeping abreast of these developments allows for an informed decision-making process regarding your menopause management plan.

Ultimately, the combination of lifestyle changes and treatment options forms a comprehensive approach to managing menopause, enabling a smoother transition and a better quality of life during this significant stage.

Where to Find a Menopause Specialist

This chart provides a clear overview of various resources available for finding a menopause specialist. ​

North American Menopause Society (NAMS)NAMS has a feature on their website where you can find a menopause practitioner. These professionals are typically healthcare providers who have demonstrated expertise in the field of menopausal health.
Referral from Your Primary Care PhysicianYour primary care doctor can be a great resource. They can refer you to a specialist who has experience and expertise in menopause management.
Local Hospitals and Medical CentersMany hospitals and medical centers have specialists in women’s health, including those focused on menopause. You can check their websites or contact them directly for information.
Online Health DirectoriesWebsites like Healthgrades or WebMD have directories of doctors where you can filter by specialty, including menopause management.
Professional OrganizationsOther professional bodies related to women’s health, like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), can also provide resources or referrals.
Insurance Provider DirectoryIf you have health insurance, check your provider’s directory for specialists covered under your plan. This can also help ensure that the services will be within your insurance network.
Online Forums and Support GroupsSometimes, recommendations from other women going through menopause can be helpful. Online forums and support groups can be a good place to ask for recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Menopause is more than just a list of symptoms; it’s a significant stage in a woman’s life that deserves quality care and attention. With the help of menopause practitioners, women can navigate this transition more comfortably and confidently. Remember, menopause is not an illness; it’s a natural process, and with the right support, women can continue to live vibrant, healthy lives.

In conclusion, if you’re approaching or going through menopause, seek out a menopause specialist. They’re the guides you didn’t know you needed for this adventure, equipped with the knowledge, compassion, and treatment options to help you not just survive but thrive during menopause. After all, menopause might mean the end of menstrual periods, but it’s also the start of a new and exciting chapter in life.

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Best Beginner’s Aerobic Step Workout Guide over 50

exercise, yoga, water-4004149.jpg

Best Beginner's Aerobic Step Workout Guide over 50

Are you ready to boost your cardiovascular health, tone your lower body, and strengthen your core while having a blast? Look no further! We’ve got the scoop on the best aerobic step exercises for those aged 50 and above. 🚀

Stepping Safely

👣 Taking the First Step: A Great Way to Start Step aerobics workouts are a fantastic choice for older adults looking to improve their fitness level without putting too much strain on joints and muscles. Using an aerobic step platform or step bench, you can perform a variety of low-impact exercises that get your heart pumping without the slip risk associated with high-intensity workouts. So, dust off your step box and get ready to groove!

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I take great pride in promoting tools and resources that I personally love, tried or diligently researched. 

1. Cardiovascular Health

Step aerobics are a fantastic way to get your heart pumping and improve your cardiovascular health. The rhythmic movements of stepping up and down on the step bench enhance blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and boost your heart’s endurance. It’s like giving your heart a loving workout hug!

2. Lower Body Transformation

Your lower body muscles are in for a treat! Step aerobics engage your legs, thighs, and glutes, helping you sculpt and tone these areas. The consistent stepping motion also contributes to better balance and stability, which becomes increasingly important as we age.

3. Targeted Muscle Strength

Don’t stop at just the lower body – step it up with added hand weights or resistance bands. By incorporating these into your routine, you’ll engage your upper body muscles, including your arms, shoulders, and back. This holistic approach results in improved muscle strength and definition, ensuring you feel stronger and more capable every day.

4. Weight Loss Acceleration

The combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training in step aerobics makes it a powerhouse for weight loss. Not only do you burn calories during your workout, but you also increase your metabolism, which means you’ll continue to burn calories even after stepping off the bench. It’s like turning your body into a calorie-burning furnace!

So, whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, improve your heart’s health, or simply enjoy a fun and effective full-body workout, step aerobics have you covered. Plus, with the option to customize your routine by adjusting the step’s height or adding extra risers, you can tailor your workout to your fitness level and goals. Step up to the challenge and discover how step aerobics can transform your body and boost your overall well-being.

Stepping It Up: Basic Steps to Advanced Patterns

Diving deeper into the world of step aerobics, you’ll find a treasure trove of versatility that caters to everyone, regardless of their fitness journey. Whether you’re just lacing up your exercise shoes or you’ve been grooving on the step for a while, there’s a place for you on the aerobic step platform:

Beginner-Friendly Basics

If you’re new to step aerobics, don’t fret! The fundamentals are easy to grasp. You’ll start with simple, repetitive movements that gradually build your confidence and coordination. These basic steps lay the foundation for your fitness journey and ensure you have a solid footing as you progress. There are some fun step classes you can watch for free on You Tube.

Intermediate Adventures

Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, it’s time to spice things up. Intermediate step classes introduce more complex choreography and combinations. You’ll start feeling like a dance maestro as you string together moves, engaging your mind and body in delightful synchronization.

High-Octane High-Intensity Interval Training

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, step aerobics can go from a graceful dance to a high-intensity workout. HIIT step classes incorporate quick bursts of intense activity followed by brief recovery periods. It’s like sprinting up a fitness hill, challenging your cardiovascular endurance and pushing your limits.

Adaptability at Its Finest

 The beauty of step aerobics is its adaptability. You can customize your workout by adjusting the height of your step and adding or removing risers. This means there’s always a suitable option, even if you have knee concerns, joint issues, or specific health conditions. Step aerobics can be tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences.

Variety Galore

Step aerobics classes come in all flavors, from slow and steady to fast and furious. You can even explore themed classes with different patterns and music styles, transforming your workout into a mini dance party in your living room. It’s exercise with a side of entertainment!


picture of legs in step class

In the world of fitness, variety keeps things exciting and helps you stay motivated. Whether you’re looking for a gentle, low-impact session or a high-energy challenge, step aerobics classes offer an array of choices to keep you engaged and moving toward your fitness goals. So, lace up your shoes, choose your level, and let the step bench be your stage for a fitness performance that suits your style and pace. 🎶👟

There are several excellent products for stepping at home that can enhance your step aerobics or cardio workouts. Here are some great options:

Aerobic Step Platform: The Foundation of Your Home Workouts

When it comes to home-based step workouts, the aerobic step platform is your trusty companion. It’s more than just a piece of equipment; it’s the foundation of your fitness journey. Here’s what you should consider when selecting the perfect platform for your at-home stepping sessions:


Your step platform should be rock-solid, ensuring stability and safety as you step, jump, and groove. Look for platforms made from durable materials that can withstand your energetic routines without wobbling.


Versatility is key in home fitness. Opt for a platform with adjustable height settings, allowing you to tailor the intensity of your workouts. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned stepper, having the flexibility to modify the height ensures you’re always challenged at the right level.

Non-Slip Surface

 A non-slip surface is a must-have feature to prevent accidents. Your step platform should offer a textured, grip-enhancing surface that keeps your feet firmly in place, even during the most energetic routines.

Height Options

Platforms typically come with multiple risers that can be added or removed to adjust the height. This versatility allows you to customize your workouts and target different muscle groups. It’s like having a multi-purpose fitness tool in your living room.

Transportability and Storage

Consider the size and portability of your step platform. If space is limited, choose a platform that’s easy to store when not in use. Some platforms are designed to be stackable, making them a convenient addition to any home gym

Brand Reliability

Trusted brands like The Step and Reebok have a reputation for producing high-quality aerobic step platforms. Investing in a reliable brand ensures durability and longevity, making your purchase an excellent value for your fitness journey.

Your aerobic step platform is not just a piece of equipment; it’s the stage for your fitness performance. It’s where you’ll challenge yourself, improve your cardiovascular health, and sculpt your body. So, choose wisely, step confidently, and let the platform be your partner in achieving your fitness goals right from the comfort of your home.

Additional Risers

To adjust the height of your step and customize your workout intensity, consider getting extra risers for your aerobic step platform. Many platforms come with the option to add or remove risers as needed.

Resistance Bands

 Incorporating resistance bands into your step workout can add an upper body component and provide resistance for strengthening exercises. Brands like TheraBand and Bodylastics offer durable resistance bands.

Hand Weights or Dumbbells: Elevate Your Step Aerobics with Upper Body Power

While step aerobics primarily engage your lower body, adding hand weights or dumbbells to the mix can transform your workout into a full-body powerhouse. Here’s why incorporating these weightlifting companions can take your fitness journey to the next level:

Upper Body Engagement

Hand weights or dumbbells introduce an upper body component to your step aerobics routine. This means you’ll not only be working your legs but also your arms, shoulders, and even your back. It’s like giving your upper body a VIP pass to the fitness party!

Increased Intensity

If you’re aiming to boost the intensity of your workout, hand weights are your secret weapon. By adding resistance, you’re effectively turning your step aerobics into a strength training session. This can lead to enhanced muscle tone, improved endurance, and better overall fitness.

Customized Challenge

The choice of hand weights is entirely yours. Start with weights that match your current fitness level and gradually progress to heavier ones as you get stronger. This adaptability ensures your workouts remain challenging yet achievable, regardless of your experience.

Variety of Exercises

Hand weights open the door to a world of exercise possibilities. Incorporate bicep curls, overhead presses, lateral raises, and more into your routine. These exercises not only strengthen your muscles but also improve joint stability and flexibility.

Calorie Burn

 Adding resistance to your step aerobics increases the calorie burn, helping you achieve your weight loss goals faster. It’s like supercharging your metabolism while having a blast on your step platform.

When choosing hand weights or dumbbells, look for ones that feel comfortable in your hands and match your fitness goals. Consider starting with a lighter set and gradually progressing to heavier weights as your strength increases. This ensures you’re challenging yourself appropriately without risking injury.

So, whether you’re reaching for lighter weights for a high-repetition, toned look or opting for heavier ones to build strength and power, hand weights or dumbbells are the ideal companions to elevate your step aerobics and sculpt your entire body. Embrace the power of resistance, and watch your fitness soar to new heights! 💪🏋️‍♀️

Exercise Mat

To protect your floor and provide cushioning during exercises that don’t involve the step platform, a comfortable exercise mat is essential. Brands like Gaiam and Manduka offer quality mats. I purchased this mat and it’s solid and works well. It’s long and it doesn’t slide. 

Workout DVDs or Online Classes

Many fitness instructors and platforms offer step aerobics workout videos and online classes. Les Mills, Beachbody, and YouTube have a variety of options to choose from.

Fitness Tracker

While not specific to step aerobics, a fitness tracker or smartwatch can help you monitor your heart rate, track your steps, and keep tabs on your overall fitness progress.

shoes, espadrilles, sports-3695750.jpg
Good Pair of Athletic Shoes

Invest in a pair of supportive athletic shoes with good arch support and cushioning to reduce the risk of injury during your workouts.

Water Bottles
Bluetooth Speaker

 To keep the energy high during your workouts, consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker to blast your favorite tunes or follow along with the beat of your workout videos.

Mirror or TV Setup

Setting up a mirror or a TV screen in your workout area can help you ensure proper form and follow along with online workouts effectively.

Remember to choose products that suit your fitness level, goals, and available space. With the right equipment and accessories, you can create a fantastic at-home stepping setup that keeps you motivated and on track with your fitness journey.

💡 Expert Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your aerobic step workout, remember to maintain good posture, stay hydrated with your trusty water bottle nearby, and wear a good pair of shoes for added support. Consult with a physical therapist if you have any concerns, and don’t forget to enjoy the upbeat, low-impact vibes right in your own living room!

In the world of fitness, step aerobics are a good choice, a great idea, and the best way to keep your heart healthy, your muscles toned, and your spirits high, especially if you’re over 50. So, why wait? Start your new exercise program today with the best aerobic steppers and see your cardiovascular fitness soar, one step at a time! 🌟

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It’s Never Too Late: Adoption Choices for Parents Over 50.

family, children, father-1466274.jpg

It's Never Too Late: Adoption Choices for Parents Over 50.

Hey, you over there! Yes, you, counting down to retirement while simultaneously dreaming of playdates and parent-teacher meetings. If you think the adoption journey is a young person’s game, think again! The “grey wave” is taking over the adoption scene, and spoiler alert: it’s a good thing!

family gathering

It's Never Too Late to Start a Family

Timeless Love

Absolutely, high-five right back at you! 🙌 Jumping into the adoption pool at this stage of the game is like saying, “Age is just a number, but love is timeless.” Look, if Hollywood stars can become parents in their 50s and even 60s, why should the rest of us hold back, right?

Society's Skeptics

So, where were we? Ah yes, society’s naysayers. They’re probably the same people who think a good bedtime is 8 p.m. and that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 

Seasoned Wisdom

As someone over 50, you’ve got a lot of good stuff going for you. Stability, check. Wisdom, check. A somewhat decent understanding of what kids these days are into? Well, that’s a work in progress, but hey, you’ve got YouTube tutorials for that.

Practical Matters

But let’s get real. There are some practical considerations. Make sure you’re up-to-date with the adoption requirements in your area because each state or country can have different rules. Some may have age limits, but many are increasingly open to older parents, recognizing that what a child needs most is love, stability, and a safe environment.

Also, your own health is crucial. Let’s not kid ourselves; raising kids is a workout, mentally and physically. So maybe now’s the time to swap out that afternoon coffee for a green smoothie? (Don’t worry, you can sneak in coffee when they go to college.)

In a nutshell, it’s never too late to start a family. Your “over 50” badge is not a “past expiry” stamp; it’s more like a “vintage, fine-wine” label. So go ahead, pop the cork and celebrate this new chapter! 🎉

dollar, money, cash-1362244.jpg

Financial Stability? Check!

So, if your wallet’s saying yes and your heart’s screaming, “Let’s do this!”—well, what are you waiting for? Get that adoption ball rolling! 🎉

Financial VIP

Oh, you hit the nail on the head! Financial stability is like the VIP ticket to the adoption concert—no need to camp out for good seats; you’ve already got ’em! 🎟️ By the time you’re cruising past 50, you’ve probably got a better handle on your finances than a teenager has on their TikTok followers. And that’s saying something!

Golden Opportunities

With the extra dollars in the bank, you’re not just prepped to cover the basics, you’re also in a position to offer “the good stuff.” We’re talking extracurriculars like music lessons or sports teams, maybe even family trips that double as educational experiences. You know, the kind of stuff that makes childhood memories extra golden. 🌟

Paradigm Shift

It’s like going shopping but instead of asking, “Can we afford this?” you’re asking, “Is this the best option for our family?” That’s a paradigm shift right there! Adoption agencies will look at your financial stability and see it as another form of love and care you can offer. Money can’t buy happiness, sure, but it can buy a sense of security and opportunities for a child’s future. 🎓

Resource Ready

Bottom line: your age and financial stability aren’t just line items on an adoption application. They’re indicators that you’ve got the resources—not just the emotional ones, but the material ones too—to give a child a life filled with love and opportunity.

adoption, love, mother and child-177427.jpg

All the Options, None of the Drama

Okay, so you’ve decided to adopt. Now, what type of adoption suits you? International adoption offers the chance to add some global flair to your family. Domestic adoption and intercountry adoption each have their own unique perks. Agencies have their own age requirements, but private adoption agency pros know age is but a number. And don’t even get me started on open adoption, foster care system, or adult adoption!

Let's Talk Red Tape

You’re not just navigating the emotional rollercoaster; you’re also dealing with social services, the home study process, and the possible upper age limit imposed by state law. You might even be interviewed by a social worker younger than your youngest child. 😂 But don’t worry, older adoptive parents often find the adoption laws more flexible.

Bureaucratic Gymnastics

Red Tape—the world’s least favorite Christmas decoration. 😂 But hey, it’s a necessary evil in the adoption process. You’ll be jumping through bureaucratic hoops like an Olympic gymnast, but remember, you’ve got the benefit of years of adulting under your belt.

Social Savvy

That fresh-out-of-college social worker interviewing you? You’ve got socks older than them! But don’t sweat it. They may be new to the game, but you’ve been a player for decades. Use this as an opportunity to flex those well-earned communication skills. 😉

Flexible Laws

Now, about those adoption laws. They’re not set in stone; think more like Play-Doh. Many jurisdictions are loosening the reins when it comes to age restrictions, and a lot of adoption agencies are more interested in your capacity to love and support a child than the date on your driver’s license.

Tax Perks

And let’s not forget the sweet, sweet cherry on top: the adoption tax credit. Oh yeah, Uncle Sam gives you a little pat on the back for your noble decision, and who doesn’t like a financial high-five from the government? It’s like the system is finally saying, “Good job! You’re adulting so hard right now!”

In summary, while the red tape can seem more tangled than a pair of earbuds in your pocket, you’ve got the savvy to navigate it. Your age and life experience aren’t hindrances; they’re your secret weapons. So go ahead, cut through that tape and make your dream of parenthood a reality. 🎉

stethoscope, hospital, doctor-840125.jpg

What About Health?

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room: health concerns. Nobody’s getting any younger, but if you’re in good health, age is a non-issue. Undergo a medical examination, maybe even join a support group for older parents, and you’re golden!

Health Elephant

Oh, the Health Elephant—sometimes it’s hard to ignore, stomping around the room reminding you that you’re not a spring chicken anymore. But hey, who says you can’t be a very fit and fabulous winter peacock? 🦚

Medical MOT

Let’s start with the medical exam. Think of it as your car’s MOT, but for your body. The doc’s gonna check under the hood, kick the tires, and maybe even give you a few tune-up suggestions. It’s all part and parcel of making sure you’re up to the task of running around after a little one, who, let’s face it, will have the energy of a caffeinated squirrel.

Health Metrics

Support groups for older parents? Stellar idea! They’re like the VIP lounges of parenting—plush, exclusive, and full of people who know exactly what you’re going through. You can swap stories about how to stay fit while keeping up with a youngster, how to manage sleep (or the lack thereof), and maybe even get some insights into the best ways to explain to your child why their parent might look more like a grandparent to their classmates.

Youthful Readiness

Bottom line, if you’re in good health, age really is just that number everyone keeps talking about. Besides, kids have a way of keeping you young at heart, which is the most important health metric you won’t find on any medical exam.

So, put on those running shoes, get that medical thumbs-up, and join that support group. You’re not just ready for this next chapter; you’re gonna rock it! 🌟

The Waiting Game

When it comes to placing children, older parents can offer a permanent home that’s just as loving as those provided by younger adoptive parents. Special needs, older children, and even older sibling adoptions? They’re often a perfect match for older folks with a hefty dose of emotional maturity.

smiley, emoticon, emoji-4832495.jpg

Convinced Yet?

Love Empire

Look, the main reason to adopt is love, regardless of age. Prospective parents with years of age on them, you’ve got this! While younger parents are still figuring life out, you’re ready to open your stable, loving arms to an adopted child. You’re not just making a family; you’re building an empire of love, wisdom, and a lifetime of experience

Why Not?

So, whether you’re single women, single parents, or older couples looking to adopt, the only question left is, why not? Dust off that dream of parenthood; it’s never too late. Start your adoption journey today because, let’s face it, 50 is the new fabulous!

And that’s the end of our whirlwind tour through the magical world of adopting after 50. Questions, comments, concerns? Remember, love knows no age—except maybe in the fine print of adoption paperwork, but that’s what magnifying glasses are for. 🤓

Friends, Family, and the Famous "Support System"

Okay, hold the phone. You’ve got friends who’ve known you since you rocked bell-bottoms, and family members who actually remember when gas was under a dollar a gallon. In short, you’ve got a support system that’s as strong as grandma’s meatloaf recipe. A robust network of family and friends isn’t just helpful for emotional support; they can also serve as potential caregivers and play a vital role in the child’s life.

All About the Extras

We’re talking classes, extracurriculars, and yes, the occasional lavish vacation (because you’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it). Older parents often have the resources to provide those extra educational and social opportunities. Think private school, music lessons, and hey, maybe even a semester abroad. Your child won’t just grow up; they’ll grow up enriched.

The Wisdom of Years

Alright, let’s spill the tea here. Younger parents are great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something to be said about the wisdom that comes with years of age. From changing diapers without causing a natural disaster to handling teenage angst like a pro, your years on Earth serve as a how-to manual for parenthood.

Bye-Bye, Biological Clock

Now, for the women among us, say goodbye to the pressure of the biological clock. Adoption offers the freedom to become parents without the health concerns associated with late pregnancies or the complexities of in-vitro fertilization. Your body, your rules. 🙌

The Perfect Fit: Older Child Adoption

Are you too cool to deal with the “Terrible Twos”? Older child adoption might be for you! Older children often have a harder time finding a permanent home, and they could benefit immensely from your life experience and emotional stability. Plus, no diapers. Need I say more?

We Have the Technology

Sure, you might not be a TikTok pro, but you’ve probably mastered the art of video calls with family across the states or oceans. In this digital age, keeping in touch with birth parents through open adoption is easier than ever. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to create a close-knit adoptive family.

Legal Eagles

Alright, folks, this is the real world, and adoption comes with its own set of legal requirements. But fret not! Adoption professionals and legal experts can help you navigate the specific state laws, agency adoptions, and even the adoption tax credit, which is like the happy hour of the adoption world.

Breaking the Age Stereotype

Last but not least, let’s shatter some age stereotypes, shall we? Older adoptive parents are here to show the world that love, compassion, and the willingness to turn your life upside down for a kiddo isn’t reserved for the young and restless. It’s a universal calling. And to that, we say, age schmage! Love knows no boundaries.

So, dear prospective parents, don’t let age restrictions or societal norms put you in a box. If you’ve got love to give and a home to share, age is just a three-letter word that has absolutely no say in your capability to provide a loving, forever home. Now, go get ’em, tiger! 🐯

Alright, that’s the extended cut! How’s that for covering all the bases? 🌟

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Empty Nesters’ Guide For Perfect Christmas Gifts

empty nester lady alone reading

Empty Nesters' Guide For Perfect Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas and a toast to the new year, dear empty nesters! It’s that time of year again, where the aroma of Christmas cookies fills the air, and the sound of our favorite songs of festive anthems becomes our daily soundtrack. But wait, before you pour yourself that well-deserved glass of eggnog and indulge in the newfound freedom of your quieter home, let’s talk gifts.

This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. I take great pride in promoting tools and resources that I personally love, tried or diligently researched. 

Empty Nesters' Guide

As new empty nesters, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for your young adult kids who are now navigating college life or their new careers can be as challenging as figuring out the three-line menu on the latest smartphone. Fret not! You’re in the right place. From heartfelt to hilarious, we’ve curated great gift ideas that promise extra time on the top of the home page of your family’s cherished memories. Say goodbye to feelings of sadness and hello to a labor of love that fills your empty nest with good times and merry laughter.

Empty Nest Holiday Gifts

The holiday season brings a flurry of emotions, especially when the nest has recently emptied. But there’s no better way to warm those quiet halls than with the thought of your college kids or young adult children unwrapping the perfect gift on Christmas Day. These are not just gifts; they are messages in a bottle, cast from the family home, across miles, landing on the shores of their new lives to deliver a very special ‘Merry Christmas‘.

When the family home feels a bit too silent, and the Christmas list seems shorter than you remember, it’s a sign: you’re part of the sandwich generation, now proud parents of adult children. But this season brings good news – you now have more time and energy to select a well-chosen gift that reflects the special bond you share with your not-so-little ones. Let’s explore some thoughtful gifts that echo the good old family traditions and will be treasured well into the new year.

For the College Kids

Your college students may be braving their first Christmas away from the family home. Send them a piece of heart with a family photo ornament for their dorm. It’s a simple gift, yet a tangible way to keep family close. And the best part? Most online stores offer free shipping, so your labor of love can reach them no matter the delivery times.

Additionally, why not toss in a little taste of holiday cheer with a care package filled with Christmas morning delights? Picture them, waking up on Christmas day, far from the family home, but not from its warmth. Include some homemade Christmas cookies, and maybe even a funny Christmas sweater for that optimal mix of embarrassment and nostalgia. 

These small comforts can make all the difference, reminding them that the spirit of the family is never more than a heartbeat away. It’s these little touches that will have them feeling merry and connected, despite the miles—a simple yet profound joy wrapped with a bow.

Young Adults Starting New Lives

Whether it’s their first Christmas in a new city or they’re celebrating with friends, a curated gift guide full of empty nest gifts could include an airline gift card for a surprise visit home or a Visa gift card for stocking their pantry. It’s a thoughtful way to support their independence while giving them the chance to create their own Christmas traditions.

Empty Nesters' Picks: Tailored Subscriptions for Grown-Up Kids

In this season of giving, consider also including something that caters to their personal interests or hobbies, which speaks volumes of your support for their individuality. How about an entertainment subscription or a meal kit service, ensuring they not only have the essentials but can also explore their culinary skills? Or perhaps a membership to a local museum or art gallery in their new city, encouraging them to embrace new experiences and create memories they’ll share with you throughout the year.

These gifts aren’t just items; they’re your way of saying, “I’m here with you, in spirit, cheering you on as you craft this exciting chapter of your life.” It’s these kinds of thoughtful gestures that reinforce the joy and connection of family, no matter where life takes them.

For the New Empty Nest Mom

Empty nest syndrome can tug at the heartstrings, especially during the holidays. If you’re a mother experiencing this, or you know one, consider a gift that celebrates this new chapter. How about a new book from the Empty Nest Blessed Amazon page, or an inscription of the family name on a bird nest necklace? These thoughtful gifts bring comfort and joy, echoing the message of ‘You are not alone.’

Embracing this new stage in life can also be a time for rediscovery and self-care. Why not add to that thoughtful book or necklace a spa day voucher or a subscription to an exercise class. It’s a wonderful way to encourage the new empty nest mom to indulge in some well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation.

After years of putting others first, this gift serves as a gentle nudge to put herself on top of her priority list. It’s a caring and supportive reminder that while the nest may be empty, the days can now be filled with activities that refuel her spirit and bring her peace—a beautiful affirmation of her worth and a celebration of her new journey.

For the Christmas Dinner Connoisseurs

For those who love hosting, a new set of elegant dinner glasses could be just the ticket to elevate their table setting. But let’s take it a step further for the caffeine enthusiasts. Pair those glasses with a gourmet coffee subscription service, offering them a world tour of premium blends and single-origin coffees. It’s like a coffee connoisseur’s advent calendar, but instead of counting down to Christmas, it counts throughout the year, warming their mornings with rich, freshly-brewed delights.

lady relaxing with coffee enjoying passive income
Coffee Memories

This thoughtful pairing guarantees a warm remembrance of your gesture with each steamy sip, securing not just a spot at their festive gatherings but a place in their daily routine of savoring life’s simple pleasures. With this gift, you’re not just bringing joy to their Christmas dinner, but also ensuring a daily dose of happiness with each cup they brew.

Mug Artistry

To further indulge their passion for coffee, why not include a set of unique, hand-crafted coffee mugs? Each one can be as individual as the members of their gatherings, doubling as conversation starters and personal touches to their hosting repertoire.

These aren’t just mugs; they’re little pieces of art that guests can cradle in their hands, feeling the warmth not just from the coffee but also from the thoughtfulness behind each chosen design. It’s a way to add character to their collection and an intimate touch to every sip—because after all, every host knows that the beauty is in the details.

Sweet Accents

Lastly, consider gifting an assortment of gourmet biscotti or chocolate spoons that melt lusciously into each cup, transforming their coffee into a decadent treat. The combination of fine coffee with a sweet companion is an invitation for guests to linger a little longer at the table, sharing stories and making memories. 

It’s these little luxuries that can turn their coffee break into a festive ritual, a moment of pure enjoyment amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. This isn’t just gifting; it’s crafting an experience that echoes the warmth and richness of the season in every detail.

For Those Cherishing Privacy

With the kids out forging their own paths, your empty nester friends might be reveling in their extra time and privacy. Consider a gift that acknowledges this season in life. Perhaps a “Do Not Disturb” sign with a humorous twist or a new decoration that signifies this new era. Only decorations for a good laugh, and good times.

Final Words

As the year winds down, let’s not forget the joy of giving. A well-selected Christmas gift can be a testament to the loving labor that went into raising your children. Whether you’re experiencing your first Christmas as empty nesters or your seasoned pros, remember that every gift, no matter how simple, is a gesture of love that will be cherished by your family member.

So, whether it’s through a stocking stuffer, a family event ticket, or a tangible piece of home, these gifts are sure to be a hit. Now, go ahead, deck the halls, check off that gift list, and let’s have a very Merry Christmas and a festive holiday season!

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Best Christmas Gifts to Give Grandparents

gifts for grandparents

Best Christmas Gifts to Give Grandparents

The holiday season! It’s the time of year when our hearts are full, and our wallets… well, a little less so. But don’t sweat it, because when it comes to finding the best Christmas gifts for the grandparents in your life, it’s the thought that counts. Grandparents play a special role in our lives, and what better way to show our appreciation than by giving them a thoughtful gift this Christmas season? With a little help from this guide, you’ll find the perfect gift that will make any grandparent smile from ear to ear. Let’s dive in!

Generational Gems

First off, let’s acknowledge that grandparents come in all shapes, sizes, and interests, just like ugly Christmas sweaters. From the techy grandparent who can out-tweet you to the one who still thinks ‘the Facebook’ is a newfangled invention, there’s a wide range to consider. And let’s be real, finding the perfect gift isn’t just about checking a box on your holiday to-do list; it’s a way to say, “Hey, you’re awesome and you’ve made a huge impact on my life. Also, thanks for all those cookies and life lessons.”

Gift Guide

Alright, here’s the plan: this guide is your one-stop-shop, your holiday gift headquarters, your… well, you get the idea. We’ve got everything from sentimental gifts that’ll make grandma tear up to practical gadgets that’ll have grandpa bragging to his buddies at the senior center. So get comfy, maybe grab a cup of cocoa—extra marshmallows, please—and let’s get this holiday gift-giving show on the road! 🎁🎄

Picture Frames: A Sentimental Gift They'll Cherish

Picture frames are always a great way to capture precious memories. Why not get a digital picture frame that rotates favorite family photos? They come in a variety of colors and designs and are incredibly easy to use. For the less tech-savvy grandparents, a traditional photo album filled with pictures will do just fine. And if you’ve got a bunch of siblings or cousins, maybe create a family tree photo book. Bonus points if you include a DIY Christmas gift like homemade ornaments!

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  I take great pride in promoting tools and resources that I personally love,  tried or diligently researched. 

Another creative idea is to use a multi-panel frame that allows for a storyline of sorts. Imagine the joy your grandparents will feel as they walk past a frame that chronologically displays your life milestones or family events they hold dear. From baby pictures to graduation moments, and even to snapshots of the newest grandkids or pets, it’s like a family saga right there on the living room wall. Plus, you can always add to it in the future, making it a gift that keeps on giving. Talk about capturing the essence of multiple generations in one neat package! 📸

photographs, lenses, photography-256888.jpg

A multi-panel frame is like the Netflix series of photo gifts—it’s binge-worthy but in a heartwarming, “look at how cute we all were” kind of way. And here’s a fun twist: why not make it interactive? Include some blank spaces in the frame or add a small pocket with additional photos and labels so they can update it themselves. 

Photo Evolution

This way, it becomes a living document—scratch that—a living piece of art that can change and grow just like your family does. You can even turn it into a holiday tradition where you bring new photos to add each year. It’s the visual equivalent of a family newsletter, but without the need to write long paragraphs bragging about your second cousin twice removed getting into a prestigious preschool. 🖼️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Gadgets and Gizmos: Not Just for the Young at Heart

Believe it or not, some grandparents are pretty hip when it comes to technology.

Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Kindles make for a great Christmas gift. They can be a fun activity and a good time for grandparents who love staying connected or diving into a new hobby. 

Smart Support

And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to shout, “Alexa, where are my glasses?” and get an answer? Customer service is usually great with these products, and ease of use is often a top priority. Plus, there’s often free shipping when you order online. It’s the next best thing to being tech-savvy.

social media, social media icons, icons-2083456.jpg

Digital Connect

 If your grandparents are the type who enjoy keeping up with the times, consider a digital format gift that involves the entire family. How about setting them up with a digital photo album accessible via cell phone or even helping them create their own Instagram or Facebook account to share their life experiences?

Memory Stream

 Think of it as a senior survey of their golden years, now in high-resolution digital format. This not only allows them to stay connected but also provides an avenue for them to share their own stories, recipes, or pearls of wisdom with future generations. Social media: it’s not just for millennials anymore! 📱😄

Practicality Meets Thoughtfulness: Useful Gifts

Sure, gadgets are fun, but sometimes a practical gift can be the most thoughtful gift. How about a robot vacuum? They’re not just for the Jetsons anymore. Or maybe an electric kettle for that perfect cup of tea. For grandparents who love to cook, a cast-iron skillet or a stainless steel set of kitchen tools could be just the right gift. The best part is these gifts will make their lives easier all year round. I love using my Eufy Robot Vacuum! It’s easy on my back and I enjoy sipping my cup of coffee while it does all the work for me!

food groceries 5 hacks to save

Let’s talk groceries, shall we? In an era where you can get almost anything delivered to your door, why not gift your grandparents a subscription to a grocery delivery service? It’s the epitome of a practical gift! They can select their favorite items online and have them conveniently delivered right to their front door. 

Grocery Goodness

For those who aren’t as digitally inclined, a pre-loaded gift card to their favorite grocery store is another stellar option. It’s a great way to lighten their load—literally—and make the weekly grocery haul a bit easier. Imagine the joy on their faces when they realize they won’t have to lug that heavy bag of cat food up the stairs next time. 🛒🎉

Health and Comfort: Gifts to Make Life Easier

Foot Massager-it can provide instant relief from aches and pains after a long day. Whether your grandparents have been chasing after the grandkids or simply running errands, the deep kneading action of a quality foot massager can help improve circulation and release tension. 

It’s like having a personal spa therapist at your beck and call, but without the need to make an appointment or leave a tip. So, not only does it feel like a slice of heaven for tired feet, but it also brings some legit health benefits to the table—or should I say, to the footrest? 🦶💆‍♀️

Cozy Blankets-In the winter, they’re your go-to for snuggling up with hot cocoa and binge-watching holiday movies. But they’re not just for colder months; they’re also perfect for those slightly chilly summer evenings when you want to sit on the porch and watch the sunset. 

Plus, they come in a ton of different colors, patterns, and materials, so you can easily find one that matches your grandparents’ decor or personal style. It’s the gift that says, “I care about your comfort year-round,” and who wouldn’t love that? It’s like giving a warm hug that lasts all year. 🤗🛋️

Grip Gliders

Rubber-outsole slippers-rubber-outsole slippers, my friend, are the unsung heroes of the indoor footwear game. Let’s talk about the major pro here: grip and stability. These bad boys are like the all-terrain vehicles of the slipper world. You can glide from hardwood to carpet to that mysterious patch of cold tile in the bathroom without breaking stride—or worse, slipping.

Knot Buster

Got a knot in your neck from looking down at your knitting or up at the TV? No problem! This gadget zones in on those hard-to-reach areas, turning them from “ow” to “wow” in minutes. It’s like having a personal masseuse on standby, but without having to book weeks in advance or listen to pan-flute music (unless you’re into that, no judgment).

Custom Comfort

These massagers often come with various settings, so your grandparents can customize their massage experience, whether they’re in the mood for a gentle rub or a more intense kneading. It’s not just a gift, it’s a mini-vacation for your muscles! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️🌴

I purchased a couple of these because it’s a big relief to my back pain and so very relaxing. Check out my You Tube video.

How about gifting a set of essential oils along with a diffuser? It’s like a mini-spa experience in the comfort of their own home. Different oils offer various health benefits, from stress relief to improved sleep, and can be a lovely complement to a cozy blanket or a foot massager. And hey, essential oils smell pretty great, too!


Trust me, after a day of wrangling energetic grandkids, a little aromatherapy can go a long way. 🌿💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

While we’re focused on Christmas gifts, let’s not forget other special occasions. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day are also perfect times for giving. Keepsake books or gift cards to their favorite grocery store or restaurant make for a memorable gift. Have a specific budget? No worries! Gift guides often have a range of options, making it easy to find something that fits.

For the Whole Family: Gifts That Include Everyone

Board games are a great way to include everyone in the family for some fun, especially when they’re kid-friendly recipes for laughter and competition. Speaking of recipes, how about a cookbook that the whole family can use? It can create a fun way to spend time together, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year.


Consider a simple but fun backyard game set like cornhole, horseshoes, or a badminton set. These games are usually easy to set up and are great for kids of all ages, not to mention the adults who are still kids at heart. This way, family gatherings can extend beyond the living room and into the great outdoors—or at least the backyard. It’s a fantastic way to get everyone moving, laughing, and creating memories. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy some fresh air and work off those holiday cookies. Game on! 🏸🌞

family gathering

The Gift of Time: Sometimes the Best Gift of All

We live in a digital world where sometimes the most precious thing you can give is your time. Take this holiday season to sit down, make some phone calls, or better yet, visit the grandparents you haven’t seen in a while. Sometimes the gift of quality time is better than any material item you could give.

Experience Gifts

Here’s the deal: if you really want to take the gift of time to the next level, plan a day out with your grandparents doing something they love. Whether it’s going to see a matinee, trying out a new restaurant they’ve been curious about, or visiting a local museum or art gallery, the experience itself becomes the gift. 

Memory Voucher

You can even create a little “Day Out” voucher and package it up all cute-like for them to “redeem” when they choose. It’s the perfect way to show them that they’re still young at heart, and so are you! Plus, the memories you make during this special outing will be something you both cherish far more than any wrapped present under the Christmas tree. 🎟️❤️

Generational Joy

 You’ve got a treasure trove of great gift ideas now. Whether it’s a sentimental gift like picture frames, a new hobby like an Amazon Kindle, or a practical gift like a robot vacuum, you’ve got options. And remember, the holiday season isn’t just about gift-giving; it’s also a perfect time to spend with family members, especially those devoted grandparents who’ve always been there for you. So here’s to finding the right gift, at the right time, for the right type of grandparent. Let’s make this Christmas season one to remember!

Gifts Galore

You got it! So to wrap it all up—pun intended—you’re now armed and ready to sleigh this holiday season. 🛷 Get it? Sleigh, slay? Okay, moving on. From gadgets and gizmos to the simple but oh-so-precious gift of quality time, there’s a little something for every grandparent out there. Whether they’re tech-savvy, sentimental, or just love a cozy blanket, the key is to tailor the gift to their unique interests and needs. After all, the best part of the season is seeing the joy on the faces of those you love when they unwrap that perfect gift.

By the way, if you’re in a time crunch or on a specific budget, remember: free shipping is a lifesaver and last-minute DIY gifts can sometimes be the most meaningful of all. So here’s to a festive and family-filled holiday season that even the Grinch couldn’t resist! 🎅🎉.